The Last Days in Paperback + DragonCon!

As mentioned earlier, Justine and I are headed to Atlanta next weekend for DragonCon. The schedule is below, but first something that I forgot to announce a few weeks ago . . .

The Last Days is at long last available in paperback! (And Amazon has a sweet two-for-one-price deal on Peeps and TLD. Own the whole duology for $17.98!)

Okay, here’s the schedule with Labor Day weekend. We’re not making any appearances outside DragonCon, because we’re lazy, plus I have tons of National Book Award reading still to do. But for those attending the con, either Justine or I are on the following panels:

Blood and Fur

From Stephenie Meyer to Cassandra Clare, books about vampires and werewolves are enjoying a hair-raising resurgence in popularity. Join us as we discuss why they are resonating with readers and learn about some of the new blood in this growing genre.
Scott Westerfeld, Heidi Heiner, Cassandra Clare, Diana Gallagher, Diana Herald
Hilton, Gwinett

New Voices in YA

Each year, new voices are emerging in YA literature. Join some of our most popular YA authors–Holly Black, Cassandra Clare, Maureen Johnson, Scott Westerfeld, and Justine Larbalestier–as they discuss their books and lives as YA authors.
Hanover CDE

Chicks Rule

Some of the strongest female role models are today’s YA heroines; we have Hermione’s book-smarts, Lyra’s cunning, and Arya’s toughness. Let’s talk about our favorite heroines and how these characters guide us to persevere in extraordinary situations.
Josepha Sherman, Diana Gallagher, Maureen Johnson, Justine Larbalestier
Hilton, Gwinett

Utopias and Dystopias

In books like Scott Westerfeld’s Uglies series, societies tightly governed by rules can create a perfect place–unless you break them. We’ll look at what makes the best possible worlds for YA authors—and how to function when all bets are off.
Scott Westerfeld, Diana Herald, Susan Fictelberg, Bonnie Kunzel, Tracy Akers
Hilton, Gwinett

I’ll try to do some blogging from the con, especially about the trip down there. We’re going down by train with Cassie Clare, Theo and Holly Black, and Maureen Johnson! DragonTrain!

Thanks for all your orders at Wearable Extras! Let me know how everything fits.

32 thoughts on “The Last Days in Paperback + DragonCon!

  1. Oh good! Ive been waiting for The Last Days to come out in paperback for forever now so that I can actually afford it.

  2. oh god. i wish i could go. i live like an hour away from atlanta, but i don’t have 75$ to get in to dragoncon…:(

  3. fawesome! i think i’ll go for that amazon deal, i want both books and it’s a good price.

    but alas, i live five or six states away from georgia, so i’ll just have to read the blog posts next weekend.

    and note about the shirts: they fit great! i don’t know exactly what scott meant when he said to tell how everything fits…but like i measured one of my own shirts for size before i ordered, and neither shirt is too small, nor too big. um so yeah…the lettering is also really, well, perfect! i know it was done digitally, so there’s like never mistakes with it, but it was perfect, nonetheless.

  4. I cant go to dragoncon 🙁 (but I will be in chicago 🙂 Can you please please please please please take some pictures of maureen and post them?

  5. How much longer do you think until the winners’ shirts get here?? I can’t wait!!

    Have fun at the con!! (What is it? I’ve never heard of it before)

    Kadie-Wa 37 days until EXTRAS!!
    or 1 month 6 days OR
    3,196,800 seconds or
    53,280 minutes or
    888 hours or
    5 weeks

  6. I want to go to dragoncon so bad. not only are amazingly wicked authors going to be there *cough*you*cough* but you get to dress up like a character from a book or something and people actually recognize you! it’s like halloween only minus the candy and add some fawesome authors. and *ehm* the wesley twins will be there.

  7. Wow Extra’s shirts are expensive.

    I still haven’t gotten mine in the mail from winning at

    I keep having funny dreams that i’m going to recieve it in the mail and it’s not going to fit, because you see they never asked for a size. lol.

  8. ah, that sounds awesome. will there be low-quality pirate videos on utube to watch like for comic-con? probably not, but one can hope

    and i had this idea, how about, to honor the paperback last days, like a contest to design a the last days band logo, and make the winning one into a wearable extras t-shirt? and like, samplers as prizes or something? just an overly ambitious idea to ponder…

  9. ooh, serafina, i like that idea! i know i’d never win b/c i’m not good enough with computers to make one, but still i’d love to see the entries for that! i just love contests i guess. seriously that’d be really fool.

  10. and sorry i always call you serafina instead of serafina zane i guess i’m just too lazy to hit the extra keys. if you rather i put the “zane” in just say so! lol

  11. i made a basic last days logo when i made the button, it was just green with black letters saying the name of the band…..
    and ditto on that, i probably would be too lazy to enter, but i’d love to see what people came up with

  12. and i don’t care…..i torment people with having a really long ha ha ha ha. now to play with japanese midnighters covers…

  13. I’d love to be there, but I can’t.

    Although, if you get any tapes of the event’s, I’d watch those…


  14. oh yeah. forgot to say: are you on some posting spree? seriously. its nearly everyday!
    and right when i have exams.

  15. I agree with Jess, since when do you post so much? I like it! Its probally not something to get used to though. I just ordered my Smoke Lives tee yesterday. I cant wait for it to get here! Have fun at Dragoncon!

  16. HAVE FUN!
    hehehe. i saw the chicks rule thing and i was thinking like “Uh scott…… ur a GUY. u no that right?” hehehe.

  17. Yay! Finally, a con-schedule! I’m hoping to make it to the “Utopias and Dystopias” panel – it’s such a fascinating topic! I’m really looking forward to it. I’m sure you and the other speakers will be great.

    Folks who might be interested in going to the *Con next year: get your memberships in January. They’re half as expensive, plus you don’t have to wait in a megaline once you get there. Win-win!

  18. Hey I love ur books. I have a wuestion though…is there goning to be another peeps book? I know there’s Peeps and Last Days, is there going to be more than two or what? Haha my friend says there’s only going to be 2 but i think theres goning to be more since they are such good books

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