Japanese Midnighters = Fawesome

Okay, it’s officially International Editions Week here at Casa Larbfeld.
Look what came through the transom today:

This is definitely the most literal cover out of all the Midnighters editions. It’s a scene right out of the book, with all kinds of elements you can’t point to right in the text.

There’s something really sweet about that, almost like a kid’s book cover.

For a truly huge file that reveals all nine kinds of fawsomeness in this cover, click here.

And like most Japanese editions, there’s a dramatis personae page at the beginning. I really like these interpretations of the five midnighters, although I’m sure you guys will find errors in detail.

Click here to read and translate the fine print, or to steal the line art for your own nefarious and illegal purposes. Like making shirts!

48 thoughts on “Japanese Midnighters = Fawesome

  1. COOL. i just found out my science teacher said i didnt turn in an assignment, but i turned it in a day early.

  2. Aw why don’t you have any women’s fit “Team Zane” shirts? Meh.

    Love the Japanese cover. Wish there was a Midnighters manga. Scott–if Tokyopop ever contacts you with a proposition for it ACCEPT. Please.

  3. No way!! AHHH!! That’s SO COOL SCOTT!! Congrats!!

    Geesh, is there a new language every week? I wonder what language will be next week…hmmm maybe Scottish?! That would be coooooool!!


  4. Wait…why does Rex have long hair? I never knew that Rex had long hair. I thought it was like…past his ears, not down to his shoulders.


  5. I WANT SPANISH MIDNIGHTERS! whether it’s for spain or mexico or even cuba i want to read it! but i don’t know if any of those countries—especially cuba—likes us enough for that.

  6. Coolio. Although I highly doubt Melissa would ever wear shorts. Wait are those even shorts? Are they jeans tucked into boots? Confuzled.

  7. i can’t tell either, emzie, but i think it’s jeans-tucked-into-boots unless her legs get wider past the knee!

    i’m watchin the karate kid…that’s like my fave movie idk why…and i just realized: i was the 3rd person to comment! well, technically the 2nd, but i was the 3rd comment. that’s the closest i’ve ever gotten to #1! not that it matters anymore, but WHOA!

  8. my friend in going to have her b-day party @ 4! this year there was a new middle school open, and i stayed at the one that opened in 2000, and she went to the new one. her school has the initials vmms. its kind of hard to say, so i dont say V.M.M.S, i say the letters as if it were a word. it sort of sounds like vooms

  9. it fully took me a minute to realize they were raindrops.
    I was like, “are those spheres suppose to be darklings???”

    japan looks like a fun place…

    i’m watching west side story right now (a romeo and juliet musical) and I was thinking, how cool would it be if Midnighters was a musical??? Or anyother one of Scott’s books for that matter…
    Jus imagine a midnighter song with 13 letter words. HAHA!

  10. I have to say, I like the new English trade covers much more than this.

    I’m sort of wondering if the artist for the cover has any idea what Oklahoma looks like. Mountains and an evergreen forest? Washington, maybe. Oklahoma? Never. Plus the raindrops (if that’s what they are) look more like glass balls than diamonds. I’m sorry, but this is annoying me a lot, as what I’ve seen of Oklahoma was desert and fields and not much else, which is also how it’s described in the books. There’s still something I like about it though. Kind of cool.

  11. I love the Midnighter’s cover! Whenever I read a book with those kinds of covers, after I finish I’ll go back and stare at it for awhile trying to figure out what picture means what.
    At first I didn’t understand what those giant floaty orb things were, but I’m pretty sure it’s rain! =]


  12. Kailyx, I didnt notice that before. There are not mountains and evergreens in Oklahoma. Just lots of desert.

  13. I understand that there are evergreens and mountains in Japan, but the location of the town is important and is mentioned/stressed a lot. I just kind of think they could have been more thorough checking out what Oklahoma looks like, since the location plays a pretty big role in the book.

    Then again, I get really picky when it comes to book covers. Ones that I don’t feel properly reflect the book tend to really annoy me.

  14. I like the cover, it would probably be a little less impressive without the mountains and evergreens… so I really don’t have anything against them.

    What annoys me, though is how the symbols aren’t next to the right people on that page with drawings of them. Plus, I think Dess usually wears long skirts-I’m pretty sure, at least.

    But yea… it’s still nine kinds of exciting!

  15. i just started the first book this morning. im about halfway. that cover is like right on clock…icy…

  16. That’s fawesome! Btw, is there gonna be a movie? And if so, is the director or whoever still gonna make the Midnighters, like, older?

  17. oh a midnighters movie would be cool! it seems like it would be easier to make than the Uglies movie.

  18. love the cover…fawesome!!

    and speaking of cover inconsistancies, it’s always bothered me, on the back pics of the US original midnighters, there’s the five people and all, very cool, but there’s……the wrong number of boys and girls!!!

    there’s like, four boys and one girl, as far as i can tell. but really, there should be three girls (melissa, dess, jessica) and two guys (rex and jonathan). so seriously, what’s up with that? sorry, that’s always bothered me.

  19. haha serafina, i thought you were talking about the jap cover. (i only skimmed the comment)
    and i was like, um, can’t you see.. they are clearly girls, with their dresses, long hair, etc.

  20. I M SOOOOOOOOO with ya on that one Serafina-la. that was totally bugging me. and then they have jess on the cover too. but shes also different than the girl on the back. in the first one at least. unhappy-making. (thats 13 letters. just sayin. =P )

  21. i like the cover……much more literal than our covers……dunno…..is it just me, or in the lower picture, is rex put down as a girl??? it looks like he has long hair and a skirt….correct me if im wrong….
    -riderchild-wa =)

  22. o, yea….PLEASE COME TO MASSACHUSSETS (urgh! did i spell that right??)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    -riderchild-wa 🙂

  23. It is so WIERD !!!!

    — that is exactly how I pictured Bixby and Jess’ neighborhood.

    That pic has some fawesomeness—- Definately

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