Books of Wonder

The first New York City event for Extras is coming up soon! And it’s a doozy.

I will be part of an all-Aussie line up, including Justine, the Printz-nominated queen of YA short stories Margo Lanagan, editor Jonathan Strahan, and author of the Sabriel and Keys series Garth Nix!


Here are the details . . .

Saturday, October 27
Books of Wonder
18 West 18th St.
New York, NY

See you there!

Update: It’s a SATURDAY! I got it wrong the first time.

And for those of you in Connecticut, don’t forget my event next Thursday:

Fairfield Public Library
Thursday, October 25
1080 Old Post Road
Fairfield, CT
Books will be sold there by the local Borders.

48 thoughts on “Books of Wonder

  1. cool. red spikes has a freeeeeaaaaky U.S. cover.
    first comment? the advantage of obsessively checking while at school.

  2. Second comment? Whoah…Anyways. Books of Wonder. I like that place. In fact, they were just in Philadelphia! Way fun.

  3. cool!! second?!?!? never been this early….
    sorry….sorta hyper….
    -Riderchild-wa 😀

  4. i’m bored today and i’ve run out of things to rave about. i can’t wait for city of ashes. (158 days!) when is levithain showing up? or is it too early to know yet? will you write a fourth midnighters with darkling werewolves? it would be awesome. think about it. Darkling. Werewolves.
    like, people that turn into darklings during the secret hour? and then have no memory of it? and like attack midnighters? and have a new protag like in extras who’s a werewolf and then the old gang has to come and save the other midnighters and the werewolf person. pleeeeeeeease. it would be SO COOL!!! like, nine kinds of kick. and it’d be a FOURTH MIDNIGHTERS!!!!!!!!! i’d buy multiple copies if it helped…..

  5. oh….third….must’ve taken too long 2 type…hmmm not that slow a typer….sigh…..
    oh, ya…id by that book, 2!!!
    -Riderchild-wa 😀

  6. Now all I have to do is get my mom to drive me there. I’ll tell her it’s my birthday present.

  7. This is awsome, i got out of school early, yeah me, but not so yeah when it was because i had to go tot he dentist, o well, at least my teeth are clean! O and that is totally bubbly, and guess what im almost done with Midnighters, i no it beesn a long time that ive been reading but i have been so busy with homework and getting distracted (im good at that) so,(SPOILER WARNING: MIDNIGHTERS!) and i love Johnathon, he is so sweet, like Zane, but Zane’s better, sorry, Johnathon, o and i am really mad at Mellisa, what in the owrld did she give Jess’s parents, urg!But its cool that her mom is not mean, but i hate wat she did, rudeness!

  8. ugh i wish i lived closer to NY. *sigh* o well. at least i got to see u in naperville. speaking of which my school bookfair is sponsored by Andersons. but they dont hav any of ur books!!!! actually, correction, they hav ONE of ur books. Pretties. how random is that??o well. hav fun!!

  9. that’s pretty sweet, sorry i haven’t been commenting as much as i usually do =[
    kinda stuff going on in my life…so u know.

    ps come to ohio

  10. i think darkling werewolves should b just like that!! and they should b people who were born at 11:59pm so not true midnighters. and they didnt exsist until jess destroyed all the other darklings and spread Midnight all over the world. and the main characters best friend is a werewolf. and werewolves suck at math (and hate the number 13). and of course the main character is a midnighter. what should be his/her… ugh… whats the word… power? ugh. o well u know wat i mean right? i think it should be something new. maybe have something to do with the werewolves…. this is gonna be so FAWESOME!

  11. cool i like all those authors (except that ones thats not justine or garth nix or you) lol so

    i guess its not realy all…

  12. darn it darn it darn it! can’t go that weekend–school,dance, and my friends are already set to sleep over. and while scott’s certainly worth it, i can’t kick them out to go to the city…darn it.

    have fun! 8)

  13. ok majore rephrasing: “…weekend — school dance, and my…” there ya go. i thought i fixed that, but i guess not.

    yeah i’m like obsessive compulsive when it comes to correcting myself

  14. ok major rephrasing: “…weekend — school dance, and my…” there ya go. i thought i fixed that, but i guess not.

    yeah i’m like obsessive compulsive when it comes to correcting myself…

  15. whoa what’s up w/ that…double comment. usually it gets mad at me when that happens!

    ok i’ll stop commenting now—at least until someone else does!

  16. well i am commenting now adn by the way, Bri-la, next time put a spiler alert on your comment, i an reading midnighter and i started to read ur post, gosh! You ruined it! AHHHHHHHHH! I hate it when ppl do that!!! AHHHHHH!

  17. Mr. Westerfeld! Please come to Houston, Texas sometime. A good number of us here would love to meet you. 🙂

    My copy of Extras came in, but I am refraining from indulging myself just now (read: college apps are taking over my life). I can’t wait to start reading it though! I’m hoping that Extras will be made into a movie, and that Aya is an Asian. Cough, cough.

    Anyway, have a great day! Congratulations on all of your success!

  18. Hey, Susan Xie, im in Houston 2! Awesome, please Scott-la, i you say me right now i would be giving u the puppy dog eyes!

  19. very foolio. i wish i lived in nyc. but i dont. owell. i got to be on Scott-la’s blog! WOOOOOOOOOOOOO! and yes. that shood be how CHASING MIDNIGHT should go. hey, maybe it cood even be called CHASING MIDNIGHT WEREWOLVES. maybe…that wood bo fawesome. but it wouldn’t fit the “theme” of his titles. well then, he can change it! WOOOOOOOOOO! GO CHANGE!!!! hehe. that sounds kinda wierd.

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 😛

  20. ohh i have a question
    I was on maureen johnsons site and i like cant post stuff i have a google accont thingy but it doesnt work help!!!

    oh adn a fourth midnighters would be awesome but im fine with three

  21. if ur gonna be a special, i vote don’t want to hurt u but i will if i have to.

    it scared me, i was writing today and i actually typed the phrase “logic-missing”. not on purpose. i was just describing something a character was doing. it scared me.

    i think that the main character should be a werewolf, because i heart clueless narrators. and it should be in Broken Arrow so they can get stalked by all the midnighters. maybe you become a darkling werewolf when you get attacked by a darkling when you’re a ‘stiff’. and then you can see midnight. and maybe that would include a way to get jess out of midnight. *forgive blue noon spoilers* and like they attack people and have nightmares but they’re real and they have no memory and…..
    oh, it would just be so awesome. think about it, scott-la, think about it.

  22. a fourth midnighters book about midnight werewolves would be completely awesome!!!! and scott, why don’t you ever come to michigan???? no authors ever come here. and in my school there’s alot of kids who read your books and would be totally psyched to meet you!!! and we just got a new high school this year, so everything’s fancy-schmancy!!! brand new auditorium, perfect for a certain author’s visit!!

  23. Finally u’re back in the city. I’m so going to Books of Wonder the 27th. I’ll see u there Scott and Justine!!!

  24. OMG I can’t believed that I missed that post !!!!!

    ( I have to admit that I didn’t come here this summer that often )

    so sad

  25. Aww, I want to be on Mr. Westerfeld’s blog. Lucky people.

    Anyway, Garth Nix came to our school one time. I’ve never read any of his works, so I didn’t go meet him. Now I wish I did – I would’ve asked him if he knew Scott Westerfeld. (And plus, any author that can be grouped with Scott should be pretty amazing).

    It’s fitting that the fourth book is in Japan. Lots of plastic surgery, shallow minds, and excessive materialism there. Good call, Mr. W.

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