Extras at #2

Hey, I got a little homecoming prezzie from you guys:



Being at number 2 is totally awesome! (But, I have to say, seeing who’s at number 1 kind of makes me wonder if all the sales were counted, or whether a certain Supreme Court stepped in. I’m just saying . . . )

And wait, look at the paperback list, where Uglies bursts forth after a long absence. Can you feel the power of the series! And the dump bins! And the word of mouthiness!


Thanks to all of you who’ve been talking it up to your friends.

54 thoughts on “Extras at #2

  1. Though a lot of people have said this, but I still wish to say “Congratulations Mr Westerfeld!”. It’s very very bubbly-making to see that EXTRAS is at number 2 of the list!(Though being at Number 1 would be better of course!) Sadly, I don’t know who’s Jenna Bush until I did a Wikipedia search on her.(I didn’t notice her family name.)

    “I’ve noticed somthing funny. Before Scott had this book out, there were maybe…15 main people on here. And now there’s like 30-50 people. Scott’s face rank suuure went up!” Kadie-Wa is sure right about this! I noticed that there used not to have many people posting replies here. I actually do a search on Scott Westerfeld after reading UGLIES trilogy and found his blog. So that’s why I am here.

    “and everytime I read another one of your books, I always tell my friends, “you should really read his booksss. pleeeasee.” I always want someone to talk to about them.” I am glad to see that heather has the same view as me! I have been persuading my friends to read it as I wanted someone to talk to about the books. One of my friends said she will buy it when she have the money…let’s hope so!

    speaking of money, I just went down to Borders yesterday with the intention of buying EXTRAS. But *gasped* it cost S$30.90!! Of course I don’t have that much money after buying USA&local Seventeen and becoming a member of Borders…guess that I have to save more money first!!

  2. ummmm…….if other people admit it i will second not figuring out who jenna bush was until reading some of the comments. *shame-blushing* and i’m actually unusually well-informed about current events, at least compared to most people i know.

    i force all my friends to read good books. like you people! read city of bones! and all those books i listed in that post i think it was above and on this thread!

  3. Many thanks to R.J. Carter for posting that review! I finally know about EXTRAS story without having to read any spoilers! After all I do intend to buy EXTRAS when I have money that is.

    Hi to Serafina Zane—FOURTH MIDNIGHTERS DARKLING WEREWOLVES!! . I though that I was the only one who didn’t make the connection on who’s Jenna Bush…:p

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