Finally home.

Before I pass out, I’d like to thank everyone who made the trip so awesome: all the librarians, booksellers, sales reps, and teachers who we met along the way. And also the folks who drove us around, kept us fed, and got me to every single event on time.

But most of all thanks to all of you who showed up full of enthusiasm, comments, and unexpected questions. Plus fan art.

Finally, thanks to my publicist Lila who organized the whole trip, made key improvisations along the way, and put up with a steady stream of emails from me. Not to mention putting me in this hotel in Seattle that had these really cool bathtubs . . .

You see, the bath fills up from the ceiling! Now maybe that’s not so different from a bathrub with a shower, but this isn’t a shower: It’s a bathtub that fills up from the ceiling!

For some reason it made me very happy.

And if bathtub-filling footage isn’t exciting enough, here’s a mother/daughter dialog about the Uglies series from a North Carolina magazine called Relish. Check it out.

Update: As promised, I’ll be doing a few events around NYC. The first is next Thursday:

Fairfield Public Library
Thursday, October 25
1080 Old Post Road
Fairfield, CT
Books will be sold there by the local Borders.

Click here to register.

Okay, I’m going to bed now for, like, a year.

67 thoughts on “Home

  1. Bran-la, i love your rambles. i ramble a lot. that gets strange looks and then their like “Lizzy, s…l…o…w…d…o…w…n……..” and then i’m like. ‘how on earth to you guys talk so slow?!” and then they jsut shake theyr head and ignor me and i go back to talking. only my friend Amy (not Amy-la) can understand each other. everybody else loses us after abuot the first three words or so.

    we also sing the backwards alphabet everyday after lunch. me, amy (not Amy-la), and aubretia. yepyepyep. now THAT gets us some strange looks. we count. our record is 37 in one song!

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 😛

  2. ya, i guess i can ramble, ok, i now i can ramble, sometimes i say something, that reminds me of something else, so then i stop and tell my other story but cant remember the story i was jut telling. O and today it rained again, i was like yes!, we dont have to play flag football but my pe teacher was like okay lets go outside and so we had to go outside when it was all muddy and nasty, and then i sweated and then my sweet, sweet crush proubly thought i stunk (although he didn’t smell that great) but any who, ya my friends sometimes there like wat did u say, o and this one girl shes kinda scared of me and i asked my friend wy and she was like o because u like the same guys and she doesnt want u to get made at her and im like o well i bet i doesnt help that im kinda loud, i mean i just tend to be a louder person, no biggy, but i guess that scares some ppl, ok i im gonna go be on later to ramble more!

  3. I wish I could have gone! *sob*

    Anyway, I finally finished Extras! So good.

    Awesome bathtub. Mine is an ordinary lame bathtub that doesn’t fill from the ceiling. My life is so. pathetically. dull.

  4. so that tub is soooooo icy
    im still sad that Scott-la never came to texas it rocks!!!!!
    we r the best state ever

  5. i tend to ramble a lot. but it’s not so much the rambling itself as the fact that i’m rambling about lightning/werewolves/zombies/references to single episodes in doctor who season one/books only i have read.
    no one ever seems to understand what i’m saying. yet i proudly ramble on nonetheless. i’m persistant like that.

    GO READ MORGANVILLE VAMPIRES!! i was thinking about them today, because someone mentioned blood type, and there’s this HILARIOUS part in Dead Girl’s Dance (the second book) where the good vampire dude is freaking out these idiot frat boys, and he starts calling them by thier blood types……trust me, it’s hilarious.

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