Last Day of Tour!

One more day of the tour tomorrow. Yay, my bed!

A few random notes . . .

On the way down to Seattle we saw a bunch of amazing mountains. They seemed to be too close to Seattle to be the Rockies, which we also saw. I’m too sleepy to look up what they were, but this is what they looked like from the plane:

Back in CA, we met this awesome trio of girls who’ve started a YA review site called!

And finally, the Joseph Beth Bookstore has a great big sign up for my appearance tomorrow. I mean, it’s really big. Too bad I can’t get it into my luggage, because I bet they would totally let me take it home.


I’m looking forward to seeing everyone who can make it!

Monday, Oct 15
Joseph-Beth Booksellers
161 Lexington Green Circle
Lexington, KY 40503

Reminder: There will be more appearances after these, mostly in the NYC area (as far away as Fairfield, CT). Watch this space for details!

91 thoughts on “Last Day of Tour!

  1. Ha Clique freaks,, yeah “good” book bu like so many better. Lets list them Scott’s (duh), maureen johnson, erin hunter, michael hoeye, philip pullman, anthony horrowitz, yay!!!!

  2. Justine Larbalestier, J K Rowling, jack heath.. ermm theres wayy more. no time
    ive still got a paper to write on egypt..ohhh yess. youre jelous.

  3. oh my gosh!! someone would rather read something OTHER than uglies?!?!?!! i can only think of 7 others: pretties, specials, extras, midnighters the secret hour, midnighters touching darkness, and midnighters blue noon. that is SO RANDOM that she would rather read some other book!!!!!
    -Riderchild-wa 😀
    ps: i like anthony horowitz, too!!!!! 🙂

  4. oh yea: im working on egypt too!! somwat intresting; right now im behind; im supposed to record all of these historical landmarks or something on a map….im totally lost on that one……
    -Riderchild-wa 😀

  5. *shiver*
    Taylor, you are evil! you’re gonna give me nightmares! CLIQUE!!! uggh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so many better things to read! like great expectations! jk…actually, even that is probably better than the clique.

    books that are awesomer? oh, tithe, ironside, midnighters, CITY OF BONES, the morganville vampires series, the water mirror, a great and terrible beauty, homefree, beautiful city of the dead, the last days, peeps, sabriel, lirael, the supernaturalist, the haunting of alazibel cray, wicked lovely, powers, nick and norah’s infinite playlist, maximum ride, uglies, ummmm….ANYTHING!!!!!

    and if u haven’t read any of those books (i may be the only person in this country to have read them all—i’ve got obscure tastes) GO READ THEM!!! they’re all fawesome.

  6. Goodness gracious. From a Seattle-area fan (that regrettably couldn’t make it to either appearance in the area), that is Mt. Rainier, the big beastie of the Cascades. There’s also Mt. Baker and like Mt. Adams (I think) and Mt. St. Helens. Hood Mountain down in Oregon is also a Cascade mountain, I think. Anyway, yeah. Mt. Rainier. You can see it everywhere, but the view is especially lovely from a plane. You might have passed over Mt. St. Helens too… but maybe not, since it’s pretty hard to miss, what with the giant (occasionally smoking) crater and all.

  7. wow that made me feel very sad. like the sign was saying “Ha! You can’t go, Addie. nana nana boo boo.” hmph my mind can be so annoying.

    Have fun.

  8. Scott,
    I have it on good authority that you can take that giant poster if you want. How do I know? Well, I asked for it for my daughter, Gret, and they said we could have it IF you didn’t want it. Hmph! 😉

    Thank you so much for a wonderful evening at Joseph-Beth. You were all that my daughter hoped for, and more. Listening to you talk about writing, your characters talking in your head, how it feels to finish a story, those were all things I’ve discussed with my daughter, since I’m currently working on a women’s fiction book. Hearing you say them had us both smiling.

    You were well worth the 502 mile drive. If we have to, we’ll gladly do it again for your next book.

    Thanks again!

  9. no, i never read that book. almost did once, but then i didn’t. i know, that’s the BEST. STORY. EVER.

    i can’t wait for city of ashes. 160 days. everyone should go read city of bones because it’s the awesomest book ever.

  10. here it is. you people are all at school and not posting, so i am writing my full epic Twilight = Book Crack metaphor.

    you see, the first book (twilight), you read it the first time and you’re like, Oh my god, this is awesome. It’s the BEST. THING. EVER. you start it and suddenly it’s been six hours and hundreds of pages.

    then you read the second book (new moon) and you start to wonder. this is good, but it’s not as good as i remember it being the first time. it’s depressing and bella is starting to annoy me. but you still wait with baited breath…

    for eclipse. you start it with high expectations, but you feel this empty place inside you. you stay there for hours, unable to leave, but you gradually come to the conclusion that THIS SUCKS. it’s bad! they’re whiny! bella has NO PERSONALITY! edward is quasi-abusive!
    by the time you finish eclipse, you’ve gotten to the point where you hate yourself for ever liking them in the first place.

    which is why twilight is crack in book form. it’s great when you’re reading it, yet you go back and analyze it and have no idea what’s good about it. it’s a sad, sad, growing addiction sweeping the nation.

  11. that happens with a lot of series though serafina zane. it almost happened to me with Extras, but i caught myself just in time. sadly though, i myself have never read twilight series. all my friends keep telling me how good it is, but i just cant bring myself to read it- i always seem to find a better book to read and tell myself i’ll read twilight after. but then dont. i found the inkheart books to be crack. and some of the harry potter books. and has anybody read charlie bones series? or spiderwick? i tried to read them but after the first 2 books the crack got so bad i had to stop.

  12. Serafina Zane- i luuuuv twilight! i totaly agree with you… well with most of it. i’ve read twilight twice (i’m working on the 3rd time right now), and i still luv it! but new moon IS depressing… i didnt really like it too much. and eclipse rawked, too, almost as much as twilight. but the whole jake issue made it seem almost 1/3 depressing… (i feel sooo bad 4 jake *sob*) hmmm well actualy, i kind of do agree with all that you said… i luuuv it (any of the twilight books)while i’m reading it, but when i haven’t read it for awhile, i cant really remember why i luved it so much…
    but twilight is DEFINATALY book crack! lol.

  13. Twilight looks really hard to read.
    and im just lazy!

    mhau. Also, i have a life, and i have bowling practice in like 2 hours.

    p.s. Scott i got a strike for u…i said right after i got it *i dedicate that strike to scott westefeld*
    you should feel specail.

  14. serafina zane, don’t blame me! it was my friend! i tried to save her, but alas, it was too late. she’d already finished the first page of clique #1 and was hooked on its shameless name-dropping that long time ago………well last february 😉

  15. WHAT??? IT DIDN’T POST MY COMMENT! oh well i will try again.
    these are my test smilies that i’ve never used before so i want to see if they work:

    these are the ones that i KNOW work just take out the spaces to use them steph-la:
    : )
    ; )
    : (

    yeah as you can see i don’t know that many lol

  16. wow 3 out of 4 of my tests worked! ok to make those three do this minus the spaces:
    : P smiley w/ tongue out
    : D really happy smiley
    8 ) cool smiley with sunglasses (favorite!)

  17. its cold rite now. and i came home just now and this bike was in the front yard and i was like “whos bike is that?! AH! STALKER!” and i walked into the house and these gigantic shooz were sitting on the floor. and i was like “WHOS IN MY HOUSE?!” and then this guy goes “broderick” and i was like…”ok…” and now hes standing here talking to my dad about some book report and some football practice thingy. spooky-making. STALKER!

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 8)

  18. am i’m not blaming you for the clique-ness, Taylor. some people simply cannot be saved. but such tales of ignorance haunt my dreams. okay, maybe not really, but that sounds poetic.

    and lizzy-wa…what? stalking? huh? incoherency!

    and the scary thing is that, like crack, twilight is pretty easy to read. it goes like really fast.
    and i DON’T reccomend twilight. there are so many less-cracky things to read (see my post above)
    twilight is the bad kind of crack. the kind that hollows you out and causes lasting health problems and drug overdoses.
    then there’s good “book crack” that’s just addictive. more like book caffine maybe. jumpy but mostly harmless and far less likely to give you AIDS

    i read spiderwick—they’re fawesome! i liked the new one with emo jared. i love emo jared!
    never read charlie bones because they struck me as a harry potter ripoff (which they might not be) but the book was double-spaced and that scared me.

    though in the lesser of three evils field, i gotta say new moon is my favorite twilight book, possibly because of the absence of edward and insertion of hot werewolves. and i always love depressing things…..

    everyone go read City of Bones by Cassie Clare!!!!! BEST. BOOK. EVER.

    in fact, go read all those books i recc’d above. they’re all my favorites, or all the ones that’ve made a big impression on me. no book crack in sight—book GOLD i tell you, BOOK GOLD!!!!

  19. I updated my blog! CHECK IT OUT!
    o man! Twilight is book crack??? CRAP! i just bought that book for $10 at my school’s book fair! NO! see i got it cuz this girl randomly walked up to me in barnes and noble when i was lookin at it and was like “That is the best book ever! you should totally read it!” so im like “ok” and i just spent TEN BUCKS on it. and now your telling me it’s like a crazy drug?!? CRAP!!! i guess i’ll just go read some of the books you listed above. like city of bones… (i feel like a retard)

  20. o and i also feel like i retard cuz i’ve READ all the clique books and i… well… i kinda… u know… liked them. *fliches in anticipation of a smack from Serafina Zane* i mean cum on they hav a rotten theme and kinda shallow plot but… its like that book crack thing i just start and CANT STOP! hav u ever even read the clique Serafina Zane? u no the saying dont judge a book by its cover (like literally). But seiously wait-a Whack down my self esteem. jk. but i still feel like a retard.

  21. Twilight isn’t book crack!
    well, i liked twilight more the 1st 6 or 7 times i read it, but new moon, when i first read it i loved Edward, as i continued to reread it, i began to dislike Edward and love Jacob. so i went into eclipse a total dog lover, i had no expectations for Edward to do anything right so i wasn’t upset.
    and as i read and reread the uglies series, i don’t find them losing their fawesome at all, though i do get different perspectives each time around.

  22. i have somehow become the divine book justice arbitrater. amusing. yet scary.

    i’m not condeming the clique completely…mainly cuz i haven’t read them. but if you’re on here, you obviously read like uglies/midnighters/peeps too, which means you are okay, so i’m not too worried.
    it’s people who are like, books are stupid! all i read is the clique and gossip girl! stupid giggle! ha ha! hey, why are you reading some wierd goth book? you’re so wierd. you should read the clique instead. they’re not all depressing like that book. and not so long and full of multi-syllable words. why are you so smart? stupid giggle.
    okay, annoying popular girl imitation over. i promise to never do it again.

    and don’t feel like a retard. i’m not trying to put anyone down. unless you insult zane. then personal insults are coming.

    and i may add i’m mostly alone. many many people are drawn into the shininess of book crack. my condemnation doesn’t mean i don’t own all three books or i haven’t read them multiple times. worthy spending of money. but read city of bones too….it’s fawesome!

  23. and i already had low expectations for edward. it’s bella and her lack of a personality that bothered me in eclipse.
    think about it….name one thing about bella. what does she DO? how does she dress? who are her non-romatically entangled friends? why do any of these people like her in the first place?

    all she does is occasionally read old romance novels….and cook. hamburgers. or lasagna. not even like creative efforty caring things. she has no hobbies.
    what is she going to college FOR? what does she want to be when she grows up?
    why is she so unnaturally mature and disconnected?
    think of characters who are real….they have a goal…or even with no ambition, a personality…or some hobby…or SOMETHING.
    i’m not entirely sure bella even has a SPINE. the only thing she’s ever truly stood up to edward about is having sex with him. which SO does not count. i want bella to just disagree with him ONCE! or better yet, slap HIM across the face! hard! and repeatedly! then dump his sorry immortal boring ass and jump on that motorcycle! only to have jacob say, dude, why do i even like you? you’re soulless enough already! good-bye!
    and then jacob rides off into a lycanthropic sunset with his personality-bearing friends and leave edward and bella seperately alone in the cold, cold rain.

  24. ok thnx serafina, i feel better now. and dont worry im not like that (but i still hav to read peeps). but my friend allie kinda is…. *shudders*

  25. Just to chime in (around post #90): The mountain is almost certainly Mt. Rainier, the namesake behind Rainier Beer, among other things. Your flight from Sea-Tac to New York wouldn’t take you near any of the other mountains mentioned earlier (especially not Mt. Everest, which is in Nepal).

    Due to the distance from the areas along Puget Sound, Mt. Rainier often looks like a ghost image, and most of the features you can make out are the rocky vertical faces that are free of ice and snow. But from the air looking down you get a better view of the many glaciers on the mountain. That would account for it not looking as snow-covered as it appears in the photo above.

  26. unfortunately i really do know people like that. i just try to avoid them. by getting in honors classes. lol.

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