Ciao, Seattle

Had a great time in Edmunds last night. We got up at 4:55AM to catch our plane to Lexington and I AM SO TIRED.

But before I pass out, check out Cyndy (and friend!) in her Special Circumstances tats:

Picture by me.

And the cool shoelaces from So Yesterday actually walked in! I never got this to work, myself. And I’m so sorry I can’t remember your name, Shugrrl, but my brain is totally Swiss cheese.

Picture by Justine Signature by moi.

And Laura sent me a picture of her shirt from the Shoreline appearance:


The quote isn’t from the books, but from a dream she had. That’s so kewl.

Thanks to all you guys for making my signings full of surprises and vast ego boosts.

One more before we head back to NYC:

Monday, Oct 15
Joseph-Beth Booksellers
161 Lexington Green Circle
Lexington, KY 40503

94 thoughts on “Ciao, Seattle

  1. goth ppl r cool
    sometimes they scare me becaus thay r sooo negative and talk about death and other stuff

  2. It’s me! Shugrrl!

    I read So Yesterday in 7th grade {3 years ago} and thought that those laces were so fawesome. I’ve always wanted to do them. In 8th grade I used the blue laces that came with my shoes to do it…but it wasn’t the same. Just this past year I was able to get some red laces, and voila! I know they’re not fuzzy, like it says in the book, but at least they’re red. And it was hard enough getting the laces through only 2 holes {I cut myself a few times}, I can’t imagine shoving them in 1!

    I encourage everyone who can to try this out. Jammers represent! Yea-ah!

  3. Buahah!
    Its shugrrl’s bestest friend.
    Who was also there.
    YEAH you spelled something wrong on my book. and then fixed it! yayy

    Shugrrl’s real name is Maggie.
    Andd she can send you proof cos she has pictures with the shoes. haha.

    so yeahh 😀

  4. oh, my, gosh!!! you traveled from san fran to kt, and u rnt coming 2 new england?!?!?!?!?!? i’m ashamed of u, scott-la…….u shoud be ashamed of urself, 2….hmmph. U DONT UNDERSTAND!!!! I NEED U TO COME HERE!!!! JUST 1 BOOK SIGNING!!!! JUST ONE!!!! CAN I NOT EMPHASIZE THAT ENOUGH???? I NEED U HERE! RI, NH, MA, CT, NJ, VT, ME (is that maine??? i always get confused) NEWHERE!!!! U CHOOSE!!! NEWHERE IN NEW ENGLAND, AND YOU’LL SEE ME THERE!!!! U NAME THE STATE!!!!!
    totally kick tatoos!!!! i mean, that is SO bubbly!!!
    oh my gosh….i had the most happy-making idea for a shirt……”i’m not a surge monkey, i was just born this way…” now, tell me if this is totally random or not…..just an idea……
    -Riderchild-wa 😀
    ps: i hear that berlin, ma is a VERY nice place, and has an AMAZING, small library where u’d definitly have a MILLION fans (well, at least my sis’ and me) *HINT, HINT*

  5. oh, ya….i hate the idea that the movie will be made by the people who made eragon….i never read the book but i saw the movie 1 night…my sis’ like the book, but they say the book was really icey but the movie was incredibly BRAIN-MISSING…..B-R-A-I-N–M-I-S-S-I-N-G compared 2 the book……NNNNOOOOOO!!! don’t do this to me!!! i cant have uglies ruined for me!!!!! please, say it isn’t so!!!
    -Riderchild-wa 😀
    ps: NEW ENGLAND!!!!!! (hint, hint!!!)

  6. im tired of oll these posts about scott’s trip. we get it. there are a lot of fans out there with stuff from the books. i made crash braceletts, but i didnt get to see scott, so scott didnt see them. lizzy-wa, i still think you are so0o0o0o0o0o lucky!

  7. Uhhh……Steph-la, i say crap sometimes, u have never heard me say that, its not a bad word, i use it when i need to discribe how someone or something can be, it seemed like an appopriate fitting, o ya and i am going tot he bazar at St.John V, acculy u saw me there, lol, there were alot of ppl from my school there (our school) just so u guys no the bazar is a festival at my church, St. John Vianny (or however u spell it) and alot of cute boys go (lol) but its fun, hopefully u agree steph-la, and i dont just go for the boys (or do i?).

  8. u no scott-la, u say u want to promote ur book, i guess u forgot about us Texans or further more us Houstonians (Houston,Texas). Yeah, dont be afraid, we dont have bulls and horses and stuff (well we do but we dont ride them, at least not in Houston), so u no its really ok, and u say u want to prmote ur new book, yeah i read it, yeah its fantabulous, and yeah i want to make a cool shirt so i can be on ur website, but i also want u to sign my books, and make other ppl read them because there great, and i want u to say u no me from ur comments, so plz, plz, come to my city, plz!

  9. o ya and the horses and weird stuff r in the country, im more of a city person, i mean, come on, MALLS!

  10. So, I have to questions really.
    alright. here it goes..

    1. How do you determine if someone is a “-la” or a “-wa” ? haha, it’s been driving me CRAZY. is it random or what?

    2. Is there anywhere I can find a list of the slang used? aka: Kicker, Bubblehead, Dizzy-making, Icy, etc… or do I just have to reread and jot it all down? XD

    please!!! let me know! ^_^

  11. kick flash tattoos cyndy. and the tshirt and laces are pretty fawesome 2. im comin up with some coolio fan art of my own. like many of u no, im gonna be a special for halloween and i just finished makin my fawsome top. it was a black longsleeved shirt but i ripped off the sleeves and the i wrote “SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES” on the front and “i don’t want to hurt you, BUT I WILL IF I HAVE TO” on the back. and don’t worry i also wrote “Inspired by “Specials” by Scott Westerfeld” at the bottom. and im gonna wear my all black adidas sweats and i made these super kick crash bracelets out of magnetix and tin foil. and i got this body marker thing to draw flash tattoos on, long black fake nails (which i will be clipping to points) and black hair spray stuff. am i missing anything. plz tell me if i am! check my blog later for some pics! (but not yet becuase i havent taken the pics yet) 😛

  12. bri-la your costume sounds so FEXCELLENTLY FAWESOMELY FOOL!

    and to riderchild-wa, hey once i got lost in berlin MA! but it wasn’t really my fault my bf’s dad doesn’t trust mapquest so he tried to find his way there w/o it and it didn’t work out too well…but yeah i’ve been through there!

  13. ok Jessica, answers:
    #1 its just random wat ever fits u best
    #2 they really is no list, just memory, i mean u read uglies. pretties, specials, and extras right?
    there u go hope i was useful!

  14. Listen up, Westerfeld.
    I demand to know if there is going to be another book after this, now. I can’t take the torture. If you’re going to say that this is the last book(but how can I believe you, that’s what you said last time) then just let me know now. That way i can stop torturing myself, becuase every minute i hear no news I get more and more hopeful. Its just not cool man.

  15. Jessica-la…the la/wa thing depends on your name. if there is a “l” at the middle or end, or if theres a “y” at the end with a “l” in the beginning, its wa. everything else is la, unless it sounds better with wa. but most things sound better with la. youd be Jessica-la. as you can see.

    and Bri-la…totally icy stare in that first pic. its like woah, return of Tally Youngblood. i’m going as Dess the SPECIAL myself. i coudnt decide between Dess or Shay, so i’m doing Dess the SPECIAL. yepyepyep. its a work i progress. i’ll be sure to post photos.

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 😛

  16. hi bran-la
    well i didnt mean that crap was a bad word like that i meant that i NEVER see u say that
    i say crap all the time well not all the time but whenever
    wow did not mean for that to be that long

    i have 1 question for all of yall

  17. i’m still not positive the movie is even being made. and i’m hoping it isn’t.

    i will somehow post pics of my melissa costume after halloween, possibly.

    wow, i didn’t miss much being gone all day. i wish for more booky posting…….when is tourness over?

    and eragon the book wasn’t icy at all. sort of bogus, really. so the movie really accomplished something by making it worse. congrats.

  18. hey! it’s an actual book-related questioning post for our actual scott-la! marvel at the rareness! (if, that is, anyone bothers reading through this many comments)

    okay, assuming that the tale of quasi-woe previously discussed on said blog was Extras, who was the original narrator????????
    were they deleted from the finished book or are they still there? who were they? was it Ren? for some reason i suspected him? was the tale of quasi-woe even Extras? if the person wasn’t in the book, what name/relation/who were they? is this too many questions? is this long post i sign i should be going to sleep?

    (okay, the last one’s yes, i know that, and i’d prefer no one anserw the second to last one.)
    whatever it was, i think the finished extras was nine kinds of kick.

  19. Random exciting {although probably not that original} fact:

    During this appearance, someone asked Mr. Westerfeld how he came up with the names. He talked about how he made sure they weren’t too unfamiliar, etc. Then I found out that my little sister plays soccer with a girl named Tally!

    Who else knows a {real} Tally?

  20. i don’t know anyone named tally! that’s awesome! i don’t really know anyone with any of the cool names like in the books….all my friends have boring names

  21. I do the shoelace thing. So kick.
    I knew a real Tally.
    And her husband’s name was David. They moved before I read Uglies, but their niece Maddie and I keep in touch.

  22. omg i found out who the person with the cool shoes is. i found it from the seattle article about scott. the pic at the top had him signing someone’s shoe. Maggie Laush, 15, of Lynnwood. lol!!!!!!!!!!

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