Had a great appearance last night in Shoreline, WA, just outside of Seattle. While signing, I was visited by STAB (the Shoreline Teen Advisory Board), Lizzy-wa, Captain Cockatiel, and many other frequent commenters, enthusiastic librarians, and old pals.

Thanks to everyone for coming!

Lizzy-wa was wearing this cool T-Shirt:


photo by Justine

There were lots of other words on the shirt. The entire pretty-talk vocabulary, plus a bunch of other catch phrases from the books.

(A quick message to Laura: Your “I am not a surge-monkey” shirt was cool too! Please send me a photo for posting, if you want. And sorry I messed up your name. It happens at least once at every signing.)

So, it’s onto one more appearance this afternoon. . .

Friday, Oct 12
Edmonds Branch Library
650 Main St.
Edmonds, WA 98020
Books will be sold onsite by Barnes & Noble

. . . then off to Lexington on Monday:

Monday, Oct 15
Joseph-Beth Booksellers
161 Lexington Green Circle
Lexington, KY 40503

See you Kentuckians soon!

133 thoughts on “Seattle

  1. I shall now butt in to the conversation. I apologize.
    1. Do 14 year olds act a certain way? Because I’m fourteen. I wasn’t aware that there was a specific way that I act. I mean, I’m a mature person but I kow plenty of people my age who are not. Anyway.
    2. My birthday is in April.
    Okay. I’m done being weird and coming into the middle of stuff now.

  2. i know they’re not emo. stupid bogus internet ate my long explination posts. but, by the standards of the annoying person i was having that argument i mentioned that day, they were, which is why it was funny.

    my town has horrible taste in music. and they’re ignorant. lots of suburban white kids who love chamillionaire. *shiver, focus on strawberry fields forever playing from downstairs on authentic vinyl*

    and i don’t actually like them that much. and even odder, i do not actually own a copy of under the cork tree, so it is mysterious why the liner notes were in my kitchen.

    i don’t think MCR is emo. well, sort of. but they’re not what i’d call an emo band. sort of goth maybe. they’re more goth-emo than traditional emo.

    my bday’s in july. i’ll be fifteen. all my friends are older than me…..

    and (random fact i noticed) the two bands i like the best are The Raconteurs and the Arctic Monkeys. both of which have 13 letters in thier names. awesomely fawesome.

  3. and none of the schools in my district have air conditioning. do yours? they’re like eighty million degrees at all times.

    they don’t even have screens in the windows. so the high school is full of flies. arrrg.

    wow, all of this has so little to do with the books. here’s what i want to know….WAT UP WITH LEVITHIAN????? must. know. more. please.


    now off to finishing my pile of library books before this rare low-homework weekend ends.

  4. im bored so i am going to comment and like capt. cockatiel i am butting in too..hope thats okay.

    i am also 14 and will be 15 on April 28th. can’t wait because i get to drive..w/ a parent but still i can’t wait to drive. its gonna be awesome.

  5. butting in is fun. it’s what i do when i disapear to go read a book for six hours and find eighty more comments.


  6. my school is in nyc and we are the total oppisite of suburban… no offense to anyone but… we laugh at all the suburban/long island(for those of u who might line in ny) ppl… mi cuz is one of them… shes 12 and has the worst taste in music i’ve ever seen… really really bad…random note: topaz, i remember u from a while back wen i was on the blog all the time, in like April-june

  7. i don’t take offense.
    suburbs suck.
    well, i’m not *exactly* in a suburb. i call it one, but i think we’re technically too far. i’m in the hell that is upper-middle-class northern new jersey. almost as bad.

    i have cousins who live in long island, and they scare me even more than the people in my own town.

    i create my small haven in hell with headphones and refusals to talk to my friend who has nick lachey on her iPod.

    the discovery of that went something like this.
    me (scrolling through her iPod on boring school trip)–gives her odd look, indicating said horrible music.
    friend who shall remain nameless—what? what’s the problem?
    me, voice dripping with sarcastic disdain–Nick. Lachey. wtf??????
    oblivious friend—what’s wrong with nick lachey?
    me—gives up hope for humanity.

    i hijacked the stereo at her birthday party once and blared all my music. i think it scared all her other friends. i love scaring people…..

  8. the city seems like it would b a good place for u… not that i kno u… but from wat u say….srry if that sounds “stalker-ish”

  9. AWESOME SHIRT LIZZY-WA!!!! I love it!!!

    Ok, and I feel the need to stick up for the people on Long Island, since I do in fact live there. We’re not all crazy trust me. And we don’t ALL have bad taste in music.

  10. i ttly agree on the city thing. i’m a city person. i heart new york. especially a new york with a magical underworld….like in city of bones, wereling 2, peeps, valiant, ironside or almost all the other books i read.

    and i’ve got nothing against long island. Taking Back Sunday is from long island. so is my mom came from. i’m just sorta glad she moved away. but most of the awesomest people come from the worst places. lameness inspires revolution in the form of awesomeness.

    prime example of why it scares me—going to see uncle who lives in house he grew up in to visit his newborn third child, discover he has gone to football game with other two children. football game a block away at the high school. the same high school he, all his siblings, and his children have or will atttend.
    be afraid.
    my town’s like that too—some of my friends have the same teachers thier parents did.

  11. i dont hate long island at all, one of my best friends lives there. and i no its not ALL people, just a lot that i have met. plus, if ur reading books like these, u have to be different then the steriotype ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. your right about going to the same school as your entire family Serafina, and is it totally creepy, that’s why when I graduate I am so out of here, lol

  13. ok just so u no, whoever said thaey were unique because of their February bday, there not, mine is to, i wish ppl didnt say there age, now i feel like a little nut in a bowl of potatoes, not that ur fat, but i guess now i feel like one in a million, AHHHH, i wish my bday would hurry up so i can turn 13, i want February to come, i want to be a teen! And i am mature!

  14. you have to believe me on this although it might be hard. o.k.? At my high school every year the graduating class pictures are hung on the wall since like 1923 or something and walking through the halls u will find my great grandma and grandpa, my grandpa and his brother and sister, my mom her brother and sister, my sister, and like 5 of my cousins, and in 4 long years me. All of this found in SweetHome, Or. population 8,000. omg I am totally serious, Iรขโ‚ฌโ„ขll probably move to ny, because it is like the farthest possible place from Sweet Home. What makes it worse is the biggest social event is Friday night football games(I actually walked down the street to go to one last week, what have I become?)

  15. forgot to tell u that i have 3 teacher right now that my mom had and the same vice principle(everyone is wondering when he’s going to die) it’s true small towns like this really so exist.

  16. oh my god…that’s scary. one time me and my friends found all the vintage yearbooks in the middle school, going back to 73 and we found people’s parents. *sigh, shiver*

    and not really. well, sometimes. he does have his own clothing line. and some of the adds are a little….. (that’s post 129 i’m talking to)

    my mom used to work in livingston. i’m in northern new jersey….and i crack up whenever i read tithe or ironside because they mention places i know.

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