Extras Spoiler Page

October 2 has come. Extras is in stores now. So that means it’s time for me to post the . . .

Extras Spoiler Page!

Now, those of you who haven’t read the book, and think it will be okay to dip in for a tiny glimpse, consider this woeful comment from the Specials Spoiler Page:

“oh god, i read the spoiler section before i read the book. i would have read the book by now but the bookstore doesn’t have it in yet! i got the first two before the sale date. why can’t i do that now!? crap i can’t believe i read the spoiler section…crap

Don’t let this be you! Read the book first.

And let the spoilage begin!

1,935 thoughts on “Extras Spoiler Page

  1. Hey Peeps!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    How is everyone doing. Scott u totally need to write another Uglies or midnighters book cause Ive got like nothing left 2 read. Ive completly devoured all the books in my schools library.
    Let me see if I can get the link 2 da Uglies movie trailer

  2. OMG!!!! ok so i rented the book from the librarry and it has to be back soon, but i was afraid to finish it because i don’t know what to read next. lol So i was taking forever to finish it(still havn’t) And then i go to my grandpas for a visit and it turns out my aunt me me the book as a gift!!! i’am so happy!!!! i’am about half ways done with. also by the way i think you will have a lot of mobs after you if u don’t write another to uglies!lol please for me!!!

  3. OMD!!!!I flipin luvvvd Extras!!Aya was amazin Frizz was awesome! Tally came bak as incredbly amazinly awesome!!I was excited wen Shay was there to! I almost started screamin!I would die to hav a brother like Hiro and him hav a best friend like Ren! I actually did scream when i found out David was in Extras!!But you never did tell us who the Extras kidnapped!Soo who got kidnapped??You have to write how Tally felt in Extras!! I would like to know some of the stuff she was thinkin when Aya and Frizz kissed!!Cause she said “The last time i kissed someone i ended up watchin him die”…I almost started cryin! Cause everyone know that Zane-la dies in Specials….(i rreally did cry readin Specials….) But anyway Extras is an amazin extra-ordinary but book!! But would you please please please please make another Uglies book with Tally as the main charecter!!!!Please!!!

  4. okay i like read this months ago but i just just just realized something!!!!! Fausto doesnt really say much in extras….
    like really! And if he was a real person he would be mine!<3
    hehehe i love Fausto and he’s done more than you’d think in specials and pretties and what not.

  5. ok i just finished extras in like 4 days, and i thought that it was pretty boring. its like, yeah she mag-lev surfs, then sdhe finds the “City killer” , and then FINALLY the cutters come along and it gets interesting. but i thought it was hilarious how Shay and Tally interacted! like, Shay was saying stuff like: Dont call David ugly, or Tally might eat you. it was hilarious and i was like Finally, scott-la put Tally in a bad light! that has been what ive been waiting for throught the whole series! ok im done now

  6. oh and here is the order for the books:
    i liked them in this order:
    1. Specials
    4.Extrasoh yea so i was re reading Specials last night and i was like, oh this is awesome, and then i got to the part where they start interacting with Zane, and Tally becomes a whole lot less special, you know? that was when I REALLY started hating her,…..

  7. I love the books, they are awesome. You so have to make a 5th book to the uglies series. THAT include tally, david, shay, fausto ,aya , and frizz….I love tally and david…PLEASE MAKE A 5TH BOOK!!!!!PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!!!!1

  8. I absolutely adore these books! I love all the bubbly technology they have. I would love to be an Ugly! It would be so fun! I like to call myself Aya-chan-sensei-sama-la, its so fun! I can’t believe it but i’ve actually fallen in love with Ren! I cant believe you were going to name her Panzericrappitastica Bonechomper. That’s a bubbly name anyways though.

    p.s. I dont know what it is exactly, maybe it was “Pansicrappitastica”?


    Thank you Scott! We’re all going to name our kid’s Tally and Shay! Seriously….

  9. i would only name my kids shay..and zane. i made a bead lizard and named it zane in his memorial

  10. Did the title name come from the extras as in the people extras. Or did it come from the extras as in the weird alien monkey extras. Jw. it’s been bugging me. maybe it came from both…

  11. i don’t know.. i tried tyo figure it out. but what i realized is that in all of the other books(Uglies, pretties, specials) Tally WAS what the title was. But in extras, I guess that she was an extra(as in a nobody) for part of the book, but she never became an Extraterrestrial.

  12. Okay, so I agree with some of you. The book wasn’t what I expected it to be. When I read the first three I was in love! We all got to know Tally so well and got used to mainly her and the few people around her from her POV. When I was reading I was like, “who’s this kid who’s so worried about ‘pretty’ stuff. She’s such a bubblehead! I want TALLY!” I didn’t really get into it until I saw Tally’s name after I was flipping through the book to see if she was in it. TEAM TALLY!
    Ever since Zane’s death, tally is changed, she seems more cold and special minded and impulsive. Which wasn’t the tally I pictured. BUT! Zane’s death did freak her out, and three years is a lot of time to grow up and seem different.
    If I were tally I would have killed Frizz as soon as he opened his mouth… and I probably would’ve knocked out aya, ren, and hiro when they got too annoying. Lol, they we so brain-missing.
    I thought the ending was okay even though I wanted tally to be with zane. *tear* But it was nice that after three years she could move on. I feel like stuff is unfinished! What about what she’s been doing in the past years? What’s up with tally and shay? Are they finally on the same page? I don’t like them being enemies… I have soo many questions!

    P.S. I really do love the series Scott-la. Sorry if I was a little too icy.

  13. OMG the extras was the worst book in the series idk y u changed the view piont, and you made tally seem so… ANOING im not even kidding i almost returned the book as soon as tally started talking. i mean at first the book was ok, but how everything is a misunderstanding, and tally never says anything about herself, so they almost know nothing about her. plus when she was the main character, you made her seem understanding, even when she was special. in this book she was totally rude, and idk y you made them in the book do nothing, there is no action, in the uglies the specials come, and shay is changed, then tally is changed agenst her will, same thing in the pretties. and in the specials, tally atleast had some action with the war, i didnt like how zane died, but it made the book WAY more interesting. and in the extras, they spend most of the time hidding, and tally in a specials or pretties book, or some other book where she was the main character , would have been going out there to do something way sooner, and you would have made her go undercover, or something cool, plus she would have let the other ppl tag along or atleast aya. but in this book tally is annoying, and boring, and so are aya and the other ppl, ecept in the beginning, there the book was good.
    the book was also to confusing, you should have had tally tell SOMETHING about where she was, and what she was doing the whole time, and somethimes it seemed there was no language barrier, but later there was. it was just the worst book in the series, in my opinion, you should have made it about something more like dr. cable trying to restart the lesions, or you could have made the in humans, really trying to destroy the world, or something.
    another thing, y were the kids such bubble heads, they only cared about them selves.
    over all, every one in the book was either a selfish bubble head, or just plain anoying, ecapt for shay, frizz, and david, they were hilarious!
    the only thing i liked, was shay,frizz and david, and how tally finaly got over zane to be with david ( Y did zane die! he was my fav character!)

    sorry if i was a little to truthful, but i really loved the series, just not the extras
    btw, what happened with tally and david, did he just forgive her? and y r they all on the other side of the world?

  14. I wanna read this book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    my best friend, Jessie-wa loves these books too, but she lives in norway and her english is quite bad (she can talk to me, in french) so she longs for it to come in her language.

    me and some of my friends have an “uglies club”. i’m dr Cable, and a girl named Sophie is tally. We meet and talk, trying to imitate our characters personality,
    It is great fun!

  15. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! i just finished specials & i cant wait 2 read Extras!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Scott-ur awesome! write more books!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. i love this whole series but im not done with specials im on chapter like 13 somthing like that but i dont totaly think that it follows the rest of the series but everyone thats read it says it will start to follow it so ill take their advise and finish it!!!!! i love the rest of his books so it cant be bad hes the best witter eva so i cant be bad
    thank you for writting the best books eva!!!!!

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  20. Okay, so this book Extras was wonderfull I really enjoyed it! Now i have to do an essay report on it for english class. eh?

  21. Ok I have a major problem and I need to know if it’s just my copy of the book or if it’s part of the book style. My book skips pages! page 1-56 are fine then it skips to page 152-158 and then back to like page 89. It’s very confusing when sentences stop and start in the middle of a new sentence and can’t understand what’s going on. Is this just my copy or is this some new style scott created for the EXtras. I loved all the other books but I’m so very confused about extras ! help please!

  22. I think you should write a book about david and tally in the wild and tell us what happens between them.

  23. I know its LATE, but I litarally read Extras a couple days ago… I thought it was Tally’s city but realized very quickly that it wasn’t. The weird thing is: an odd coincidence happened the first day I realized it was a “city in Japan”. I heard about the tsunami that VERY day, kinda freaky if you think about it. Not that it has anything to do with the book.

    In all honesty: I love all the gadgets put into these books. The eye screens and skintennas would be AWESOME to have. And for a person who doesn’t enjoy recording EVERYTHING, I would LOVE a Moggle! But my personal favorite: the hoverboard. I bought the guide the other day, and you have no idea how many times I’ve read the hoverboard manual. I would love to try to build one!

    Okay. Onto the book: It wasn’t my favorite. I love Frizz and Aya, and Hiro and Ren… But I read the first three books a couple days before Extras, and I didn’t enjoy switching characters. It wasn’t the best thing in the world for me. But lemmi tell you: I screamed when David came back into the book.

    Even if the characters weren’t my favorite, I wish the book would have stayed with the Sly Girls a little more. It could have been WAY cooler (not that it already wasn’t) The Extras were NOT what I thought they were, though that’s a good thing. That’s what I wanted, a slight mystery. I wish we could’ve known more about them though, after the book ended. Maybe “Cake” could be written in Lai’s point of view from the space expasion. (Not that I expect another one written, it would just be cool.)

    But still: GREAT BOOK.

  24. Awwwwww, i cant get hold of the book but i really want to read the spoilers!
    *takes really deep breath*
    ok im going… *takes another deep breath*
    bye, c u when i finish the book!

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