All About Maglevs

As those of you who’ve read it know, the action in Extras is kick-started by a secret clique called the Sly Girls. The Girls have invented a highly illegal pastime called “maglev surfing,” which basically consists of riding on top of a magnetic levitation train, trying not to die.

Maglev surfing is not something I’ve done, for obvious reasons. But I did check out a few YouTube offerings to get some sense of what riding an ultra-high-speed train might be like. So I thought you guys might want to see them.


First, this video offers an educational look at how they work, with some pretty cool footage.

For the best shots of travel at speeds of 575kph (357mph), check out this video of a French TGV. The TGV is not actually maglev, because it runs on tires instead of levitating, but it’s still wicked fast. (Faster, in fact, than the trains in Aya’s world, whose engineers are more about energy efficiency than speed.)

And finally, this is the funniest of the videos. It’s just a bunch of kids hanging out near a maglev trial track, waiting for a train to go past. It gives you a really clear idea of how shockingly fast maglevs are as they bolt past, resulting in mild profanity.


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  31. Hell, i’d so try Maglev surfing. i’mma kinda girl who’d take risks. i’ve been ziplining b4… i want to go skydiving. and i want to bungeejump. Maglev surfing would be kick-a$$!

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