Inside the Golden Compass

As you may remember, I spent most of this summer editing an anthology about Phillip Pullman’s His Dark Materials series. All the contributors were other YA authors, and we had a great time geeking out on daemons, amoured bears, and dark matter.

So I’m happy to announce that The World of the Golden Compass is out now! It’s available only at Borders bookstores (because they are the publishers) and is chock full of 19 silvertongued essays.

Here’s an interview with me about the anthology.


And here’s the list of essays and contributors:

“Pants on Fire” Carole Wilkinson
“Bushido Bear” Linda Gerber
“The Dangerous Worlds of Pullman’s His Dark Materials”
– Cinda Williams Chima
“Lord Asriel: Dad from Hell or Heroic Rebel?” Sophie Masson
“Hot Sex and Horrific Parenting in His Dark Materials” Maureen Johnson
“The Mysterious Mrs. Coulter” Ellen Steiber
“Shedding Light on Dark Matter” Ellen Hopkins
“Dæmons and the Hunt for the Human Soul” Susan Vaught
“Ghost in the Machine” Diana Peterfreund
“Where You Lead, I Will Follow” Deb Caletti
“Dear Soul” Juliet Marillier
“Tempest in a British Tea Cup” O.R. Melling
“Pullman’s Dark Materials” Alison Croggon
“God is in the Stories” Ned Vizzini
“Dancing with the Dust” James A. Owen
“Losing My Religion” Nancy Holder
“Unreal City” Elizabeth E. Wein
“A Short History of Hell and the Crabby Old God Who Sends You There”
– Herbie Brennan
“Philip Pullman and the Loss of Joy” Kathleen Jeffrie Johnson

Pretty awesome line up, huh?

Click here to read an excerpt from my introduction and here’s where you can buy it online.

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