Server Issues

Site News: As a result of your enthusiastic, intense, highly interactive, and generally wonderful fannishness, my server has started to blow up, explode, and generally disintegrate.

Just yesterday my hosting company informed me that we’ve managed to outstrip the capacity of the server that lives on. (I think it was the Pullman debate overheating the CPU.) This excess of activity started to affect the other sites hosted there—sorry, dudes.

My company has been nice about it, and moved me to a temporary server. As many of you have already noticed, this move has caused technical problems of various kinds, including the loss of dozens of astute and important comments! I’m extremely sorry about this, and we just called the company to get things moved to a bigger, dedicated server.

Like all technology solutions, of course, this means MORE upsets in the near term. (Like when you seriously clean up your room, emptying the closets and beating the rugs, and it gets messier for a while before it gets cleaner.) So look forward to explosions and general bizzareness for the rest of the week, and then a bright shiny new look with many new bells and whistles. Maybe some polls!

So this is a good thing, really. It just means our little community is growing, and I have you—my hardcore, word-spreading fans—to thank for that.

Watch this space for more news.

41 thoughts on “Server Issues

  1. Whoa–the server overloaded? Man, that is intense!! 🙂 The bright shiny new look sounds like it’ll be great. Too bad about the missing comments though.

  2. oh. at least there’s a reason for the missing comments.

    At first I thought you were deleting them for some unkown reason, then my comment came back.

    And I knew things were getting weird.

  3. whoa. creeeepy. shiny is good. i hope there arent too many painful explosians. that would be bad. good luck. we must win this constant struggle between man and machine!! the robots wont take over the world!!!! *cough* ehem excuse that. really random. im copying this comment just in case it doesnt make it.

  4. Ah. So the server is to blame for my comments going to purgatory. I knew they didn’t deserve it!
    Well, it’s nice to know what’s going on. And it’s good that it will be all fixed up soon, even if it gets worse first.
    It’s exactly like Tally says; “Two weeks of killer sunburn is worth a lifetime of being gorgeous!”
    Except without the downside of getting your brain all mushied.

  5. lol

    when you said “Two weeks of killer sunburn…” I was like all like yeah except for the lesions.

    and then I read on to where you mentioned the brain-mushing.

    And I’m listening to song w/ these lyrics…*Such an ugly way that something so beautiful…*

    …lives. except that isn’t part of the song. It’s “Naive” by The Kooks. Well actually I was listening to Lily Allen’s version.

  6. haha. Yeah, the lesions are very imprtant to take note of.
    We wouldn’t want poor Scott’s blog to go all bubbleheaded on us!!

  7. *snickers*

    I’m listening to Every Breath You Take by the Police >.>

    That’s a stalker song!
    But I’m not a stalker… it’s just on my playlist…

  8. omg, i just read like 10 comments and they were not the same i read when i first came on. you PEEPs are hoaunting you now scott for writng about them.

  9. I am not usually the band person but i gat a mized CD and i loved the some missery buissness by Paramore, i listen to it eveyday now, im in love.

  10. I’m listening to Mary Jane Shoes by Fergie.

    It’s a song about smokin. isn’t that lovely? Like being a Pretty w/ brain lesions…

  11. You know, the missing comments shouldn’t surprise me. Check out the date (not here…look at your calenders.).

    And today really did suck. From running Cross Country course (in 80 degree weather) in PE this morning to ELA today, where…well, it just sucked cause of alot of things.

  12. OMG! it hate fergie. i hate her songs, shes not pretty, i hate her album. i hate it hate it. i got her CD, and now im giving it to my mom, hope she likes it, which reminds me, my friend still has it……

  13. I don’t like her either. Except for that one song. It hold precious memories of my terrific summer and sometimes I need memories of good things to remind me that, in this dark time, there WILL be more happy times…starting June 2013 (lucky number. hehe.) aka GRADUATION DAY!!!

    Speakin of which, SERAFINA YOUR STORY F*CKIN ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG YOU WRITE AS GOOD AS SCOTT-LA HIMSELF!!!!!!!

  14. lol oops I don’t know what exact day my graduation will be. I meant month, not day. cause June isn’t a day.

  15. finally it worked, and wow where did all the comments go! im like, not in universe A im in B, theres is like nothinh here. Only 25 comments, in the other on e there was 75!

  16. wow…i finally made it back to westerverse A, maybe. i started out here. then i think i got switched to B and i guess i’m back to A now. hmmm…interesting

  17. the other westerverse is kewler. when i left it there were about 290 comments maybe. idk, somewhere from 260 to 290.

    am i all alone? hello?

    yep. so alone. wish i could cross back over. o ll i guess wei’ll go to bed.

  18. wow i guess i really am tired…i made like a bunch of errors in that last comment. it should be o well i guess i’ll go to be. not wei’ll. lol. i just realized that shoulds pretty bad.

  19. This is like really weird…
    Cause on this page it says post #355 in the address box…

    …but in the other one it says post #356 in the address box. And when I try to type in post 355 from post 356 it says it doesn’t exist. And vice versa.

  20. hmmm…okay, so this is Westerverse A, i think. most of the time yesterday i was in Westerverse B. but where’s scott-la? was he in A or B or Flying Mongooses? b/c there was one where i wrote out my parallel universes theory, and then he replied, but that’s not either.

    it’s official. there are at least three Westerverses. A, B (One) and Flying Mongooses.
    wow, that makes no sense to people who haven’t seen Futurama. The Farnsworth Parabox, Season Four. look it up, uninitiated.

  21. whoa like yesterday i saw like 100 messages!! whoa messages really qare disappearing! pand omg i finished Blue Noon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its sooooooooooooooooooooooooo good!! I dont know why, but the ending made me sad. it was so good though!! But like Beth like crying bcuz Jessica wasnt and omg i shouldnt be sying this because ppl havent read it. i will go to the spoiler page or something. hope i didnt say too much to ruin it for some people if anyones reading it or am i just a stupid loner not caught up with all of Scott’s amazing books.

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