I Think This Works Now

But this is just a test. Let’s see if another vast swath of comments disappears.

And, hey, here’s the French cover for The Last Days:


Peeps is called V-Virus in French, so TLD is called A-Apocalypse.

Sorry about all this mess with the server. Maybe it will work now . . .

33 thoughts on “I Think This Works Now

  1. wayy fawesomer than our cover, thats for sure.
    hmmm..i wonder how many westerverses there are now??

    Wheres the whole new layout? the polls? i’ve been waiting for them..

  2. the cover looks very fawsome!

    um on a different note i have had way way to much time on my hands and well…

    & To all that it may be concerned to!!!!

    I have a problem with the uglies trilogy heights… ya I read into things a little much but I have facts

    Uglies page 23 paragraph 3:
    The reality jerked at her shoulders and thighs, the webbing of the jacket cutting viciously into her. She was taller than pretty standard, she knew; the jacket probably wasn’t expecting this much weight.

    In this paragraph it states that tally is taller than pretty standards

    Uglies page 279 paragraph 3:
    Tally stepped onto a fist-sized stone on the path and found an uneasy balance on it. They were eye to eye now.

    In this paragraph it states that David is taller than Tally because she had to stand on a fist sized stone to be eye to eye with him (so I’m assuming that he is also taller than pretty standards)

    Pretties page 26 paragraph 1:
    “What would you give the view?” it was Zane, suddenly next to her, looking all of his two-meter maximum pretty height in the ancient black uniform.

    In this paragraph it stated that the maximum height was two-meters which is 6’5″ (just a fact I thought I would add to this … observation)

    Pretties page 75 paragraph 5
    She tore her gaze from the wall in front of her and looked up. The edge of the roof was just out of reach. “Hey this isn’t fair. Your taller than me.”

    Zane is taller than Tally (okay that’s a duh moment but ya need the facts…) Tally is shorter than 6’5”

    Pretties page 325 paragraph 5 (or the first real one… half way down page)
    They rode his board. Tally was taller than David now, so she stood behind him, hands around his waist.

    So here is the confusion… Tally was made taller than David … even though she was already taller then the standard when she was ugly… why would they make her even taller than usual wouldn’t she be like a freak in the pretty world okay I don’t really know that but I’m guessing that she should have been made shorter….

    Okay the parts I took out of the book are word for word, grammar and all should be correct to the books.

    see what i mean with too much time… i actually went through the books finding this and i noticed it seemed off…

  3. Cool! Westerblog is back! It went away completely yesterday.

    A-Apocalypse? Post-Apocalypse? I haven’t read The Last Days so…well, I don’t know what it means.

  4. Cool cover, its very moody-looking, it’ fawsome. kheidi-la I noticed the same thing, but I thought maybe I read to much my brain was desinergratin! Or maybe I was up to late, and needed to go to bed, because I know Scott-la is a fawsome reader!

  5. that is singlehandedly the best cover ever. to fit with the best title ever.

    anyone know what the subtitle is? something about a band and the end????

    yeah, yesterday all Westerverses were totally AWOL, i couldn’t even get here. and more comment disappearing. *sigh*
    here’s hoping this time’s the charm.

    still love the cover. i should buy it, b/c then i could add to my miniscule french vocabulary, most of which already revolves around the apocalypse, vampires, rock stars, zombies and snowmen. also, la licorn, aka that unicorn thing.
    funny that both apocalypse and zombie are cognates, so my sample sentance
    “Apres les apocalypse, il y a eu beacoup de zombies”
    is almost gramattically correct. yes, i know it still isn’t, because it is massively screwed up. like all my french.
    i still tottally want that book.

  6. what’s the french cover for peeps? i don’t remember ever seeing it.

    now i go to the last thread to see if the Westerverses have been integrated, or which Westerverse this computer accesses.

  7. hmmm…Bande Pour Fin Du Monde.
    band? for? (the) end? of the world?
    like the “soundtrack to the end of the world” line for our edition?
    hey, google translator.
    band to the end of the world. yeah, that’s about what my French 2 level mind said.
    very cool tagline. very cool title. very cool book.
    you should talk about the Last Days more. it’s so awesome, but it’s like the book that time forgot. like, there’s no mention of it at all on the website, and you never did a name post (which you should, it would be fawesome) and wouldn’t everyone love Last Days faux-concert Ts on Wearable Extras?
    srry. i have vampire rock star issues.

  8. wow, kheidi-la, that is true about all the height things. see, that right there is why i’m afraid to get published, because my stuff is full of small inconsistancies like that. i’m working on editing them out though.

  9. That is one really cool title and cover. Unfortunately, it looks really similar to my ‘The Last Days’ band t-shirt I am designing. Three cheers for the Westerblog being back!

  10. The french translation is basically:
    Bande Son: Soundtrack
    pour: for
    fin: end
    du monde: of the world.

    It looks awesome! Sometimes French covers can be horrible.

  11. woah kheidi-la your right that is weird
    oh well i still love uglies to death!!!
    hopefully this comment doenst disappear!!!

  12. kheidi-la: I noticed that too! I always notice these tiny details and I thought I was looking too far into it, so I didn’t bother asking, but I’m curious about the answer to that as well. =]

  13. i totally and completely agree with you kheidi-la. of course, i didnt notice this and sit there thinking about it when i read the books. but when i first read
    “Uglies page 23 paragraph 3:
    The reality jerked at her shoulders and thighs, the webbing of the jacket cutting viciously into her. She was taller than pretty standard,” ya no, what you rote, i was like: ohmygosh shes rite! cuz i like, totally new what you were gonna say after that…spooky-making…

    as for the cover. sotally fawesome. sotally. hehe. V-virus. hehe.

    -Co-Prez OUT! 😀

  14. WOAH!!!!!!!!!!! i just pushed refresh…and…WOAH!!!!!!! new layout is totally KICK! love Aya! and…WOAH!!!!! ok. i’ll be back to scream some more after i check out the rest of the site…

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 😯

  15. I’m staring at this page. just staring at it. in awe. such newness and fawesomeness. But I think I have to explore it now…I love it!!! omg it’s sooo fawesome. Did I say that already? lol biggest cliche in the world.

  16. I hope the comments work now too!!! And that’s a freakin SWEET cover, I’m not gonna lie. I saw I Am Legend today, ad I’m like, “yeah, totally PEEPS”
    Except those are more of zombies than vampires

  17. Haha, Kheidi-chan, you’re RIGHT! That’s really funny….I was rereading Extras today and it talks about how Tally was “the tallest of [the 3 Cutters]”….Why would she be made taller than the Shay and Fausto??

  18. Oh my gosh! I feel like a terrible fan. I totally forgot about milli-helens untill just now :[[
    I guess that just shows how I’m not a Zane girl, But I know like every quote David ever says. Whatever, I’m gonna go read Pretties and refresh this stinky memory!

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