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  1. omg. That is so stupid. I already put my Amazon review wisdom on the Peeps reviews page but I guess I’ll put it here…

    Never read the low-starred reviews because usually the people don’t know what they’re talking about. Like that for instance. And on Extras. If you want to talk yourself out of buying something, read low-starred reviews on Amazon (at least they’re good for something…:P)

    Which is what I do. hehe.

  2. okay, have read all comments. layout is still cool.
    scott la, you should post the new midnighters covers, i want to see them big!!! is that rex and melissa?

    ahhh, and links to spoiler pages have been restored.

    So Yesterday + Peeps + TLD are probably all together b/c they were sold as a trilogy and all take place in NYC.

    this layout is more like Justine’s blog.

    whoa, Scott-la, when you comment, there’s a little box around it.

    i likes the new colors.

    comments without numbers bother me….like on the HQ.

    layout so very cool *goes exploring*

  3. ahhhh….amazon foils me with it’s uber-lameness search inside this book feature that does not allow me to look at big pic of new covers. also, Touching Darkness is strangely AWOL.

    hey scott-la….i bet you have the covers….post em….
    have i mentioned that there’re 38 midnighters tagged posts? one more, and to unveil fawesome new covers? good idea…..

  4. I had an idea: maybe you could make the “home” link at the top of the page be a link back to your main site. Otherwise, you have to scroll all the way down to “Rest of the Site” to find a link back. It’s not really a huge concern, b/c I can easily just type in the address if I want to go back to the main site, but it might help connect the blog with the main site. πŸ™‚

  5. hmmm….didn’t the old link go to the blog homepage too?
    still think you should post those midnighters covers. us rabid fangrrls are curious. is that melissa and rex? dess and jonathan? ummm…i’m gonna say it’s melissa and rex. or melissa and…rex.
    i likes the recent comment feature.

  6. I Think it’s Melissa and Rex b/c

    The symbol on Touching Darkness is the Mindcaster symbol

    And I think Jonathan is Hispanic, right?

  7. hehe. you kinda scared me there Co-Prez-la. you no, on that first comment. hehe. explosions.

    ok…how to do the polls…

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! πŸ˜•

  8. Wow, the new lay out is amazing! So, totally random, but I had a dream last night that I was watching So Yesterday, the movie. It was pretty fawsome. πŸ™‚

  9. WOWEEE! loves it. great. fawesome. bubbly.

    oh, yh does anyone have and news about the westerboard?
    i think i may be having withdrawal symptoms.
    *throws shoe at the computer*

  10. I keep blinking. My eyes are messed up.

    When I was doin makeup this morning, idk, I guess I was tired, I put eye liner on, but then I put this weird black blush on my eyes instead of my black eye shadow. I didn’t even know I had black blush. since when did they make black blush? omg – this is really getting annoying. I feel like I’m about to cry b/c it’s all powdery and in my eyes. I should wash it off but I don’t feel like it. So I’ll continue blinking like crazy.

    crap…i don’t know where my black eye shadow is!!!! I can’t live w/o it. I just wouldn’t be me w/o it. must…go…find…eye shadow. Plus I lost my black eye liner. had to settle for brown today. πŸ˜›

  11. It’s going to take me a while to get used to this. I knew the other way so well, hopefully I’ll figure this out soon…..lol. Can everyone tell that I’m not technologically savvy at all?

  12. why is it that I feel like a secretary/assistant/desk-job person today?

    Because I don’t like feeling like a secretary/assistant/desk job person. It’s creepy.

  13. Every time I read your your books my family has to threaten me with grouding!!!!!!
    But, I usualy sneek my book back into my room with it. I can’t wait til i get my allowence cause im buying more of ur books!!!!!!!!!!! Talk 2 ya’ll lata

  14. Sorry u guys havent heard from me in awhile but i goot a new bf and i have been in credibly bizzy and and i totalyy agree with you Mari~la but i am in cuoraged 2 read

    Kisses 2 all of ya

  15. have you read the Bogus to Bubbly book? it explains soo much stuff!! did you know that hoverboards are not too far off in the future? all we need is a superconducter magnet that will operate at room temp and there we go! also, research Ò€œBuckyballsÒ€,ugg classic tall stripe boots there might be a cure for cancer if we could injuct a cancer-killing toxin into the buckyball

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