Oh, there is much to write about Z-Day. (No, not z as in Zombies, z as in Zeppelin!)

I have many pix from the Zeppelin Museum, and from our flight today. But posting it all will take a while.

So let me take you back to yesterday, when we arrived in Friedrichshafen, the home of all things Zeppelin. As I’d hoped, it is a very themed town—they know what we Z-geek tourists want to see!

Like, here’s the big fountain in town . . .


Um, what is that cherub holding? Could it be a . . .

Yes! First Zeppelin sighting! But there were many more to come. A Zeppelin Hotel, a Zeppelin restaurant (very cool inside), and even “Graf Zeppelin” coffee. But my favorite Z-object was this awesome playground toy:


I wish I had the bandwidth to upload all my pictures from around town. But it is almost sleep-time here in Germany, and the hotel internets are slow. (Worst. Aspect. Of. Traveling.)

Next I’ll post some pictures from the Zeppelin Museum, and then many pictures and movies from our flight today.

But just to whet your appetites, here’s one of me in the rear window of the actual airship. Just click on the picture to see my terribly smug face in full size.


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  1. Uh, even if the change between high school and middle school is no diffrent i still want to leave this place (referring to school).

    OMG!! Ok, today, we have a soccer feild and i dont play soccer but i stand around and just talk to people. Only like 3 people actually play soccer there but anyways. Someone kicked the ball over the fence and hit a car but they just drove on. So when the ball goes over we wave people down and they get out and get the ball. so we were all out there waving and a blue mini van passed us and we waved and then out of no where the wondow just breaks! Its just pops and all the glass came off and the lady stopped and got out. so she like “what did you throw?” and we all arguing with her saying that we didnt throw anything and that we were waiting for our ball back. but the person kept yelling and so one of the teacher came over. she was saying that it wasnt us and that she was sorry it happened and helped her pick up the glass. So I, being gullible, still believe that no one threw anything. It turns out this guy got mad at a girl he liked and when we were waving down the car he chunked the rock at the ladys car and broke it. so im so scared right now that the teachers are gonna find out and im gonna be balmed for it cause the lady wasnt retarded, i mean she knew windows didnt just explode. so yep….. but the weird part was the glass was on the outside so i found that odd.

    Oh yeah, and today i bent down to get my book of the floor and my hair got caught in the desk. the teacher had to cut some stands so i could be free.

  2. wow Bran-la. sounds like an eventful day. at my school the guys p.e. class was outside playing soccer and everyone was fed up with the teacher so like 30 guys mooned him! lol. and now there all in BiG trouble. haha.

  3. Hahaha, thats funny. while the guys at my school play soccer, they pick one guy to hold the soccer ball while the others kneal down and face forward. then the guy with the ball kicks it at them in the……spot. Its funny to watch though. And sometimes theres this girl who is, well you know what they call girls who are a little wild around guys and not so modest. she goes up and she bend down so her butts in the air while the guys take turns aiming. Again, funny, but not somthing i personally like to do!

  4. sure kim-la, i’ll pray 4 him. hope he gets better!
    i hate focusing on schoolwork/homework. my eyes always waaaaaaander to something much more interesting than numbers or words, like a crack on the wall, or a lightbulb that flickers every 6 seconds. and then someone calls my name and i’m like “what did u say?” and they get annoyed with me. we go to this science club thingey and i brought a book (surprise surprise. my friend always bugs be bout that. grr i think i’m building a reputation. o well not a bad reputations :mrgreen: ) anyways so they just took my book and ran around the room and i was like chasing them and they wouldn’t give it back until my karate skills came back (jk i only was a orange belt. o well tho i learned some cool things…..which i’ve forgotten.) so ya noone wants to get on my bad side when concerning books.

    at flowerchild-wa’s school they’re gonna teach ballroom dancing! how creepy is that? //shudders inwardly//

    yearbook sounds fun. i luv taking pictures! :mrgreen:

  5. Oooh, the guys at your school sound really retarded! HaHa, LoL! Not that mine are much better…except for-NEVERMIND! I wasnt gonna say anything*cough* Yeah so….*starts whistling innocently*….Wow,um…softball wuz sooooooooooooooooo fun today! I hit two, count em, TWO homeruns, outta the park baby! Very exciting!

  6. Haha! TZ-la, you are way more talented than me
    that’s an understatement
    I can’t hit a ball at all
    It normally just hits me in the face

  7. just got home from a manicure and pedicure. it was fawesome. my grandma took me for my birthday. and my nails are like soo uber soft! and pretty! 😀

  8. Its ur birthday? Happy Birthday, if so. I loooooove getting my nails done. But i hate when they pull at your skin and dig that thing under you nail…..uh.

    They are pretty retarded but again, funny. And i like one of the guys that does that….. Hes not hot though, its what on the inside!

    I need to write my story soooo bad!! Gosh im behind!!! I havent written a chapter in a month or more!!!

    Crap my computer is restarting itself.

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  10. lol. nope. not my birthday. not until the 28th anyway. my grandparents are going on vaca so my grandma wanted to do it before she left.

  11. That is so cool! I didn’t know they had a whole themed town! My first thought was Led Zeppelin lol! I remember learning that in high school I think, what a zeppeling actually was and how the name ‘led zeppelin’ is actually an oxymoron. 🙂

    I hadn’t posted a reply in a while. Thought I’d leave that thought with all of you.

  12. getting braces 2morrow. 8:30 AM! srsly if it’s the day i’m getting braces on, can’t they give me the courtesy of making it so i can SLEEP LATE?!?!?! gosh what kinda people r they? 🙄

  13. No, its better to get them in the morning cause youll be sleepy so u wont be freaking out as much and you will be use to them by the end of the day.

    Spas are soooooo relaxing, i wish i lived in one.

  14. that looks like a cool slide.! and it definitely sounds like scotts been havingg fun.!

    okay somebody.. help me!! i’ve run out of Westerfeld books.!
    and now i dont know what to read!! i was thinking about eclipse or twilight.. w/e the first book is in that series, but idk.!

    whats some good westerfeld-ish books?!
    or just any good book!

  15. Private series! read those. very good!

    i got my dance outfit today! 😀 it’s so freaking fawesome. i’se gonna go try it on right now! 😀

  16. -Ok well i no there is Vampire Diaries are really good.
    -Right now im reading the Pretty Little Liar series and it Rocks!!!! I finished the first one yesterday!!!
    -There is the Private Series.
    -Umm……I like a lot of girlie books so im kind of better for that listing but if you want just some normal books i cant help you. I like romance mushy gushy lovey dovey novels.
    -Theres Elsewhere and Memoirs of a Teenage amnesiac.
    -Uhh o heres a GREAT one its called 13 Reasons Why. Its not romance. Ita bout a girl who comits suicide. Sound creepy? You have to read it, its not what you think its about.
    -I really want to read this book i think its called Luxe. It like teenage drama and outrageous party’s but in the 1800’s its awesome.
    -kate brian has a lot of great books.
    -Janette Rallison does too.

    So check some of those out!

  17. to Bran-la (this is a few posts ago but i had to leave when it was newer)
    yes, retarded guys like that make life very interesting. and you’re not alone, my boyfriend is one of those kind of people who leave you shaking your head and walking away. he doesn’t do things quite as bad as the soccer ball thing, but is weird nonetheless.

  18. Wow, I feel like crap. I got hit in the face with a basketball like really really hard by one of those stupid egomaniac-loves themselves-guys. And I’ve broken my nose already before, and almost died cuz of it(eesh!) seriously, the bone came really close to my brain which is like totally not good! Yeah so it whacks me right in the face, and I cant get nosebleeds anymore ever since I broke it so yeah, but it really really hurts like an extremely bad migrane. Owwwwwww…pain.

  19. Scott-sama! you are so well-traveled.

    teehee, i just thought of what a zeppelin- AND zombie-themed town would look like…

    i can’t wait for Leviathan!

  20. Hahaha, yes go crazy weird people. Im not afraid to admit that i am in fact a crazy weird person! But i dont hit myself with soccer balls.

    Ok, so what would you do if you found out your friend might be moving? You dont no for sure but your sure they will. My friend told me today that her dad got a job promotion offer to go to another state were they will get way more money than here. Im so sad!! Im pretty sure he’ll take the offer because everyone needs money! I dont want her to move!!!

  21. omg. i know exactly how you feel. that EXACT same thing happened to me. like my very best friend (the one i’ve been bffs with since 1st grade. the one who was my very FIRST best friend) might be moving to California (VERY far away) because her dad got this really great promotion to start up this company and he’s probably gonna take it. my friend didn’t really wanna tell everyone yet because she’s not for sure. and her mom and my mom are best friends so they talked and she told my mom all about it. and then my mom told me and my friend doesn’t even know i know. it’s majorly sucky. because i can’t even talk to her about it. and she’s the one i talk to about everything. so yeah. it majorly sucks! and i really don’t want her to move… cuz these were the last three years we had left together before college tears us apart and we move to opposite sides of the country. (her dad is required to be there for three years to start things up and make sure it all goes good.) so lets just hope our friends parents change there minds and decide NOT to move. …i can’t even imagine what it would be like without her here.

  22. I hope her dad decided not to but at the smae time i no it would be better for them. I knew me and my friend were gonna be separated with high school and all but so far every year i have had something happened that required me to get a new best friend and im tired of doing that! For one time i just wanted to have the smae friend. O and my friends dad was offered to go to California too!

    Haha, who isnt weird and crazy! Uh like weird people!

  23. yeah. that stinks that every year you have to find a new best friend. i would hate that. i’m lucky in that sense. nine years and i still have the same best friend.

    it’s funny how similar our situations are. like 2 weeks ago or so i wrote a very similar comment to the one you wrote earlier. lol. i started reading it and i’m like huh? is she talking about when i said that my friend might be moving and is replying to it? lol. i was confuzzed. …but after i read through it all i was like wooooo… that’s like exactly what’s happening to my best friend. kinda crazy.

    tons of homework that i should probably go do. 🙁 no school Friday though! …it’s our spring-break-day. lol. 😀 and tomorrow my c/a teacher is buying us doughnuts!

  24. OMG, if anyone can tell you how that feels its me. Three years ago my BEST friend since I was four years old and I were seperated by six states,yeah. So we still kept in contact. Every day.(Much to our parents displeasure at the long distance phone bill) But we stayed really close. And after a while, we eventually moved back and now we’re inseperable again. Thank goodness we moved back though! Gosh, I hated it there! No offense to anyone who lives there though, it was in Arkansas, but really, I’m a city girl and that kinda conflicted with living in a town with like 1000 people. Dude, my school has more people than that now. But yeah, like I said no offense. Just not my kinda place, not that I dont appreciate nature and stuff, I really do.Except for freaking locust that are bigger than my freaking fist!Scary much! Okay I’m done with babbling but stay close, you never know what could happen.

  25. something similar happened to me. the friend that moved just happened to be my best friend at my homeschool program thingy (as well as the only girl i got along with well there) and she moved to las vegas. and she’s moved again already since she’s been there! we keep in touch but it sucks not being able to see her for the past 2 years. rawr. and it was all cause her dad got a new job there.
    exactly, Bran-la, who isn’t weird? the world would be boring without randomness.

  26. i love love love those photos, absolutely AMAZING. i had no idea that Germany, or ANY country for that matter, had a Z-Day, now I wanna visit Germany, it looks soooooo awesome (especially the Z-geek place)!

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