Starry Rift

More about my Zeppelin ride soon-ish. But in the meantime, I have an important announcement. Although there are no novels by me out this year (for the first time since 2002!) I will have many stories published in 2008. Yes, old-fashioned short stories, the backbone of literature!

This is weird for me, because when I was young, I could never write short stories. Just as some people can run marathons in record time but suck at sprinting, I thought I was designed only for the long haul of novels. And yet over the course of writing fifteen novels, I have somehow learned how to construct a decent story.

So 2008 is the Year of the Short Story, as far as I’m concerned.

The first of these stories is in an anthology called The Starry Rift, which just came out today. This book is mighty star-studded. It has stories by Garth Nix, Margo Lanagan, Cory Doctorow, Neil Gaiman, Gwyneth Jones, and many others. It’s such a vasty book that it has its own blog! You’ll find free samples and downloads aplenty there, along with interviews from several of the authors.

My story in this collection has the unlikely title “Ass-Hat Magic Spider.” I won’t tell you much about it except that the title makes perfect sense, and it’s a real tear-jerker.

Here’s the lovely cover of The Starry Rift . . .

And here are many places to buy it.

I hope some of you get a chance to check it out, either by buying it yourself or prompting your librarians to get a copy.

More on Zeppelins soon!

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  1. What’s up? Oh and if that does happen in Twilight I will need to call up some of my friends to start an angry mob. Pitchforks, torches and all. Anyone care to join?

  2. Uh…I’ve got no problem with werewolves,they freakin rock. I just HATE Jacob. Always did.Always will.Can’t help it. It’s just his personality…but you have to admit that vampires are pretty awesome too…so are zombies and evil little leprachauns that suck out your brains through bendy straws(oh, wait a sec. that was my little brother)….*shrugs* I haven’t got a favorite.

  3. OMG my friend was like “sorry rosie i like tiwlight better than uglies” and i EXPLODED i wouldnt talk to her…they know how obsessed i am and to NEVER say anything negative about anything Scott related around me…i was so mad -_-…i mean i did forgive her but i was just like RAWR!

  4. Brianna-la, I applied to ALPHA, too, but didn’t get accepted. I’ve been wait-listed, which has apparenty never happened before. If I’m lucky (and someone else is not) one of the participants will be unable or unwilling to go. What sort of story did you submit? Horror, fantasy, sci-fi, or a mixture? Mine was fantasy, but it had a healthy dose of horror, too. I had started a better one, definitely sci-fi, but it was getting too long and had no ending by March 1st, so I’m left wondering whether or not I’ll be able to actually go. I guess I’ll know by May 1st.
    I loved your short story, Scott. I rode my bike the eight miles to Barnes and Noble today especially to pick up Starry Rift and Maureen Johnson’s new book (which I finished when I should have been doing schoolwork).

  5. hi guys. so i feel like talking about my brilliant plan that turned out to back fire. kinda long though so read it if ya want. so this weekend me, my mom, 2 aunts, and 3 cousins went to this city that’s close by and stayed at this really nice hotel and went swimming and hung out for a girls night and my moms b-day is today. so we went to bed at like 1 after a movie and at 3 my little cousin (she’s 5) who was sleepin inbetween the beds had somehow managed to get really far under my bed and woke up and was freaked out crying and screaming so everyone jumped up and we found her and so she wanted to sleep with her mom so my other little cousin was put in the bed with me and my mom and so it was really smushy and then these drunken idiots above us started screaming and were kicking stuff and were breaking beer bottles on the floor that was directly above us. it was such a pain. so we called the front desk to complain and they got quiet for like a few minutes and then would get louder than they were the first time. so we called and complained 3 times and finally they started to be quieter. so anyways it was a very crappy nights sleep then today we went shopping and i found this perfect photoalbum to fill up with pictures and suprise my mom with and my aunt bought it and was going to bring it over tonight while my parents were out to eat but i fell asleep from like 5 to 10 so i missed the call. and now my parents are home. and so i don’t know how i’m gonna sneek it. i guess i’ll just have to find a way.

    and the other thing… we went to target today and i was in the book section (big shocker there) and was begging my mom to buy twilight for me and she kept saying no and wasn’t giving me a reason (besides the reason she gave me the 1st time about not wanting to get it for me b/c it was about vampires) but was like well how about this book and i was like nooooo i want this one. and so it went on for like 10 minutes then she finally let out that she got it for my birthday which is just a few days away. and she really wanted it to be a suprise. ahh i felt so crappy. lol.

  6. I was accepted to Alpha!!!!

    Not that anyone cares or anything, just thought I’d say that, haha.

    I’m super excited 😀

  7. Scott, there is a restaurant called Scott’s Hamburgers in Bixby, apparently~ How amazingly awesome is that?

  8. Um please say omj instead. Jk say what ever you want. Whenever any1 says omg infront of my friend she freaks out and tells them that it is omj for oh my jonas. She is kind of oppsessed eith the Jonas Brothers. She also says that she is jonased instead of pisse dor you son of a jonas. Sometimes she freaks me out olike when we went to the zoo she got all excited when we saw the emus and I asked her why and she said that it was close to emo. I think that she has some issues sometimes. But she’s my buddy no matter what… Well unless she is like talking about me and how she hates me than I don’t think I would really want to hang around her then.

    I love Superman/Tom Welling!!!!

  9. Hey Scott, since there are no books coming out this year, when will Uglies guide come out? Im so excited for it please tell us when!!

  10. idk where u can buy it. i just thought it said it was out. i thought i read it somewhere on this site. what is it gonna have in it neway?

  11. I think it’s very cool that you’re writing short stories. There aren’t enough of them — the really good, totally adventurous genre stories — around anymore.

    All the best,

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