Real-Life Extras

Hey, dudes, sorry for my lack of postage lately. Still working hard on Leviathan, which passed 40,000 words this week. More than halfway there!

Justine and I are headed to the mountains this week, for my niece’s graduation and a short writing holiday. Have a fun long weekend (and beginning of summer).

In the meantime, there’s an article in the NY Times this weekend that seems to come right from the world of Extras. It’s a memoir by a young blogger about being briefly internet-famous, being slammed, having your life over-exposed, and ultimately falling apart.

It’s pretty long, and not happy-making. But it’s also incredibly interesting. You can read it here.

Many of the zillions of (often nasty) commenters point out that the best cure for over-exposure might not be further self-disclosure in the NY Times. But there’s something slightly hollow about that argument. There are different kinds of writing about yourself, after all. Long-form essays in a newspaper aren’t really the same as posting every minute on a gossip blog. In any case, the article has a lot of interesting things to say about the risks of celebrity, and of putting too much of yourself online.

So what about you guys? Have you ever blogged something you shouldn’t have? Or has a friend ever broken a trust, revealing something private about you online?

In short: has the internet ever come back to bite you?

516 thoughts on “Real-Life Extras

  1. wow1 it is so hard for me to find time to cme and see all of the news now days. i can’t wait for Leviathan!!!!! i hope it is good, but iknow it will be. well, how is everyone? i have been grounded! wooo! so ya. finally i am ungrounded so ya! talk to me!


  2. I finished Midnighters 1! finally…even though it only took me like…a day. It was soooo good.

  3. hi i love the uglies seres please tell me if another book for them and if not start a new one hehee what is Leviathan goneing to about

  4. grah…i MUST find some other series to read…i’m out of stuff to read…OOH! i will go read midnighters.
    I got tons of borders gift cards for my birthday…MUST GO RAID BORDERS NEXT WEEKEND!!
    woot school’s almost out for me!! just finals from tuesday to thursday next week (ekk…must study for them…>.<)

  5. Haley~Hyperness is BUBBLY!, you should save them (or at least some) for the fawesome new book…. duh lol. unless you’ve never read Uglies series. Then I tell you to go buy thte entire series. it’s fawesome. oh ya.

  6. hmm…then maybe i should go read twilight and satisfy all my friend’s pleadings that i “MUST MUST READ THE SERIES!”
    anyways, what’s leviathan about? i haven’t heard much about it other than everyone’s REALLY impatient waiting for its release…:-)

  7. i love him… but not in that way. i really love being his friends and honestly hes almost the only thing that makes me happy…. if i didnt talk to him i wouldnt be happy anymore

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