Zeppelin Fever

Airships are in the news today, with a big article in the NY Times about the latest uptick of commercial interest in lighter-than-air transport.

Of course, somebody’s always trying to reanimate Zeppelins, but so far all those attempts have ended in failure (except as tourist attractions). So why would anyone think that this time will be different?

Well, here’s the thing about airships: they float, so you don’t expend energy to keep them in the air. They move much slower than planes, but they eat less fuel per pound carried. As oil becomes more expensive—not to mention destructive to our planet and our foreign policy—that advantage becomes bigger, and bigger, and bigger . . .

So maybe airships aren’t viable right now. But does anyone think that in the long term, oil’s going to get cheaper? Sure! Because the middle east will stabilize, the Chinese will decide they don’t really want cars, and Americans are going to stop wasting fuel at every possible opportunity! But just in case that stuff doesn’t happen, we may find Zeppelins in our future. The French post office is already looking at them for freight transport, as is DARPA, the US military’s mad-scientist group.

There are lots of cool pictures in the article, but one really caught my eye. A French architect named Jean-Marie Massaud has designed a lighter-than-air hotel that looks a bit like a whale. As you might suspect from the title, so does the airship in Leviathan!

I’m still sworn to secrecy on Leviathan art, but here’s Massaud’s vision:

Courtesy Jean-Marie Massaud

Pretty cool, huh?

Here’s the slide show for the article.

Must write now. At 56,717 words, about 20,000 to go!

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    in other futuristic books, like in scott’s Uglies books, the future they describe is better than now. at least in some ways. the last book in the universe describes a future that isn’t so good. much worse, actually.

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  6. UMR-wa I used to be OBBSESSED with Miranda Lambert. I have her first CD. I don’t really like her much anymore, i think she sounds too… nasal, i guess.

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  12. Zeppelins are a romantic idea, but I really don’t believe they will ever be a response to rising fuel prices.

    I can’t image how a zeppelin could ever match the efficiency of a well built train with steel wheels on a steel track. True, a lot of energy is used by planes to hold them up, but there is also a great deal of energy used to push them through the air.

    It takes no energy at all to hold a train up. It just sits on the ground. The loss of energy or expense of moving a train is only the wind resistance and a negligible loss at the wheels.

    So imagine a zeplin big enough to carry the weight of cargo on a train. Now imagine how much energy it would take to push that zeplin along the train tracks. But wait, lets consider another inefficiency… Instead of pushing the train forward by rolling the wheels, you have to use propellers to blow it forward like a Zeplin in the air would use.

    Maybe, the idea of a zeplin is so attractive that journalists will push a story about them being a possible future transport. Maybe there is another agenda at work.

    If you like Zeppelins, have a look at the art work in “The Moon Rock”


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