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So, I need a title.

Most of you will remember the anthology I edited about Phillip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy. Since then the same publisher (Teen Libris) has done a number of these collections, including this recent one about Stephenie Meyer’s Twlight series:

Lately, Teen Libris and I have been discussing a similar project for yours truly—a book about the Uglies series.

Of course, this is very different from Bubbly to Bogus, which is a behind-the-scenes guide to Tally’s world, with maps, diagrams, and such. This anthology will be a dozen or so other YA authors writing essays about the series, with subjects like:

“David vs. Zane”
“Shay: Evil Antagonist or Secret Hero?”
“Why do people get plastic surgery?”
“The dangers of technology and conformity”
“Slang and language use in the series”
“Radical Honesty versus being Pretty: are they the same thing?”
“The idea of wilderness in the series”

This is just a random list, but it gives you the idea.

So my question is, What do we call this book? Here are few lame suggestions of mine:

The Color of Cat Vomit
Adventures in Special Circumstances
Facing the Future
Skin Deep
Ugly Truths
Turning Pretty
About Face

Some of these are okay. But we’d really like to have your help this.

So comment away, and give us some good titles!

Note: This book won’t come out until 2009, but Bubbly to Bogus comes out October 23, 2008, and you can pre-order it now from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Powells!

643 thoughts on “Name This Book

  1. Facial Structure. XP

    idk why, just it sort of implies an explanation. And the facial is in there cuz of the series

  2. I like Skin Deep:Price of Perfection: & um so heres mine,

    *Enter the Eyes of Shay (just cause she’s my favorite character I might be alone on that?)

    *Into a Dystopic World

    *How Tally’s world works (I really don’t know just woke up[yea I know i need to get a life])

    *From a Cutters Perspective

    *Cake (yea no i did not come up with that i like it though & then that should end with Extras HA!)

    Also I would like maybe a few little extra medium sized books from Shay and Davids point of view I mean we were never informed alot about how they saw the world so we always saw it from Tally’s eyes.Just a suggestion.

  3. I like “skin deep.”
    “About face” is a little too military.
    Might looks like a manual of arms or something.
    Though, come to think about it, the military is sort of a conformist thing.
    Was that perhaps the thought train behind that one?

  4. “Skin Deep” is a perfect name !

    But how about “The Ugliest Truths”

    Hmm… here’s some more !

    ~ “Dark Truths”


    ~ “Ugly Secrets”

    I know these are not the best, but why not put some titles in !! (:

  5. how about ‘challenging the gods’? did someone already suggest that? :/

    i also like ‘be tricky, be bubbly, stay icy’ or something along those lines…

    or ‘The New System’

    but ‘Skin Deep’ is waaay over used…just my opinion 🙂

    ‘The next time we meet, it might get ugly’ <–baha im a sucker for last lines in books 🙂

    ‘Do i LOOK like a bubblehead?’ <–and i loved that line

    ‘Welcome to Diego…’

    ok i suck. I know. Dont attack me :/

  6. rofl, i like “adventures in special circumstances”: ITS HILARIOUS!!!!!! but i also like “the color of cat vomit”. i can just imagine the look on my moms face when i tell her the new book i want is “the color of cat vomit”. lol

  7. Bubbleheads is genious. Also,the coler of cat vomit,and my idea, How to Crash a Pretty Party.I mean,come on,that`s one of the things tally is known for,and all the fans would totally get it

  8. late comment but watever. ok i have some that i just thought of:
    1. A TYC (Tally Youngblood Circumstance. kinda plays off my name only the last word is different but it still works)
    2. How to Take Whole Cities Down
    3. Bogus, Bubbly, Icy, and Everything in Between.
    4. Double Sided Beauty (dunno if anyone said that. it sounds familiar)
    5. The Art of Betraying Your Friends (Tally does that alot)
    6. What Being Used Feels Like
    7. Beauty=Bubblehead (ok not my greatest idea)
    8. Cut Out Beauty (works with cutting and beauty)
    9. SCARS
    10. Until the Fireworks Burst (wow that felt deep. maybe coz i just read a really deep, sad, and thought provoking book)

  9. what book TYC Leader-la?

    hehe. i agree with 5. tho i dont think its a good title cuz… we dont wanna be MEAN to Tally-wa… tho sometimes i wanted to…

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 😐

  10. Lizzy-wa: the book is the analogy other authors are doing on Uglies. they’ll be answering different questions and stating their opions on the books. also i really didn’t just mean Tally coz Shay sorta betrays her too and Peris coz he just lets there friendship die. soooo ya it’s kinda like all the characters, but mostly Tally coz she does it the most even though she doesn’t mean too.

    Thanx for looking at the titles. sorry for being like a pain bout it. i just wanted to see if my ideas were good enough for other people to like. and i agree the first three were some of the best i came up with especially #1 i just really love that name. and #2 just makes sense for Tally and the Cutters. #3 also works with everything.

    GREEN DAY!!!! <3
    I sit in the state of a day dream.
    With all of ur words flying over my head.
    Even more time gets wasted in the daze
    It should seem obvious to u
    Ur screams and cries are never going to work.
    And all of ur time gets wasted in my daze.

  11. more ideas!!!!!
    1. Brainwashed
    2. A Pretty Ugly Circumstance
    3. SUPER (Special, Ugly, Pretty, Extra, Rusties. ugh.. not my best)
    4. Celtic Swirl (Tally’s flash tatoo. kinda dumb and only obsessive people would get it. like me)
    5. I Had to Hurt You, But I Didn’t Want To (Tally does that to a lot of people. and let’s get this clear Tally is my favorite character but all the titles i think of have to do with her so i’m not dissing her the titles just make sense)

    i have another one but it’s only joking. i seriously wouldn’t want this to be a title of ANY book. ok here it is: S.T.D.Z (sounds like STDS ugh… but it means Shay, Tally, David, and Zane. but when i thought of it i started laughing…ya…my mind is sick sometimes)

    GREEN DAY!!! <3
    Where have all the b*****ds gone?
    The underbellie stacks up ten high.
    THe dummie failed the crash test.
    Collecting unemployment checks.
    The flunkie went in along for the ride.
    Where have all the riots gone?
    As this city’s motto gets pulverized.
    What to love is now in debt.
    On ur birth certificates.
    So strike the f***ing match to light this fuse.

  12. 1. Take Care of the World and What You Do With It
    2. Radical Circumstances
    3. Nanos of Destruction (there are nanos in every book that cause destruction)
    4. The Next Time We Meet
    5. The Ugly Things About Beauty
    6. Cable Cutters (Dr. Cable’s Cutters. sounds better shorter)
    7. Beautiful Destruction (Pretties turn agains the city and the white orchid killed all the crops but it was still beautiful)

    hmmm…maybe i should start using this creativity on something else….huh.

  13. OOH! OOH! OOH! i LOVE number 3 on comment 621 TYC-la!!! SUPER!!! that is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cool!


    HOW FAWESOME IS THAT?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! :mrgreen:

  14. COOL!!!! some people actually looked at my ideas! THANKS!!!! and the comments are nice too. i mean i wasn’t sure how other people would feel about the titles. i wasn’t sure if they were dumb or if they would make u wanna read the book. coz i know some of them were kinda stupid but others…i was just like “BRILLIANT!!! I AM AMAZING!!!” ok so maybe i wasn’t totally that cocky but i thought some of them were good. mostly the ones everyone else thought were good too. all i want to know now is if a title was already chosen or if i’m just wasting creativity on nothing. hmmmm…it’d be really cool if one of my ideas was chosen, but with my luck probably not. *SIGH*

  15. hmmm…it’s fun making up these titles (even though one was probably already chosen,but….watever)
    1. Smokies: Rebels or Heroes in Disguise?
    2. Keep Challenging the Gods
    3. Sayshal
    4. The True Shape of the World (Andrew Simpson Smith learns that the earth is round. and everything else plays with it)
    5. Beyond the Little Men (sounds familiar…hmmm…i dunno. kinda cool though.)

  16. I like 2 and 5! Hehe, beyond the little men…
    Although, I still like the only one I could think of: The Good, the Bad, and the Uglies.
    You should be a professional book-namer or something. c:

  17. Milly-wa: that’s a good title. it makes sense and it’s creative. and uh… THANX!!! for saying i should be a pro book-namer (hopefully that was a compliment coz i took it as one) u made me blush… ok not really but that was nice to say!! 🙂 ya 2 and 5 were good but i liked some of the others i came up with too.

  18. How about something with Brain Damage? like… idk…
    “Enforced Brain Damage”
    “Brain Damage: The Truth Behind Pretty-Making”

    idk… but definately something having to do with that, turning their brains to mush and whatnot… but yeah… i also like “Ugly Truths” and “Turning Pretty”

  19. I also like (this is really long cause im taking about every title in this that i like plus a few i came up with or added to sry…)
    “Mind Rain”
    “The Price of Perfection”
    “Staying Icey”
    “The Extra Special things about being Pretty Ugly”
    “Pretty, Ugly, and Everything In Between”
    “Be Tricky, Get Bubbly, Stay Icy, and Kick It!”
    “Dizzy-Making Truths: Brain Damage” (i added “Brain Damage” but I think there should be a subtitle there Lizzy-wa… hope you dont mind”
    “Two Birds With One Stone”
    “Joy Ride”
    “Tally Youngblood: The Truth, The Lies, The Answers”
    “Beginning of an End”
    “Four Sided Reality” (Tally & Zane? Awsome title… u seemed to think it was lame… but its not)
    “Rusty’s Guide to the Uglies Universe” (no “The”)
    “A Rustie’s Insight into The Not So Perfect Future”
    “The Uglies the Pretties and the Just Plain Special”
    “Best Friends Forever?” (with a question mark… not an exlamation point or no punctuation at all… it needs the ?”
    “Skin Deep: Dizzy-Making Truths and Rustie Revelations”
    “Rustie Revelations”
    “A Rusty Look on Pretties” (i kinda stoleish it from Abigal-wa… hope you dont mind… but i like that idea)
    “Lesions: The Price Of Pretty”
    “When Pretty Gets Ugly”
    “The Side You Despise”
    “Freedom Has a Way of Destroying Things”
    “Rewiring the World”
    “Bubbleheads: A Pretty Ugly Circumstance”
    “Pretty… With a Price”
    “Hey You With the Face!” (just find it amusing… and it definatly fits…)

    So yeah… (btw, yes i did read the entire thingish… i skipped over the conversation part of it and only read the parts about the actual books/titles… but the story intrigued me and i read that… very interesting btw…)

  20. out of the ones lexi-wa mentioned i like:

    “The Price of Perfection”

    “Pretty, Ugly, and Everything In Between”

    “Rusty’s Guide to the Uglies Universe”


    i like some of the other ones too, i just don’t feel like finding and typing them.


  21. thanks Aryll-wa! i kinda killed an afternoon reading everything and putting down the ones that really stood out! but yeah…

  22. Well about Shay… do talk about her!
    Many times I found her more the protagonist.
    She believed in the Smoke, in David, she was against the Pretty operation on her own.
    She didn’t need Tally, Tally needed her.
    Tally always needs Shay.
    Shay’s more genuine.
    Even up to Extras, Tally needs Shay for stability…

    But I like the Colour of Cat Vomit or Pretty Ugly or Mindrain

    can’t wait!!!

  23. i like adventures in special circumstances. it has lots of nice long words in it! when in 09 does this come out?????

  24. Serafina Zane’s idea for “Cake!” Is totally awesome. I also really liked Skin Deep and Under the Knife. Oh, and The Price of Perfection, The Color of Cat Vomit, and The Ugly Truth.
    Also, you should totally write a fifth book. In which Zane is discovered to be miraculously alive and cured. And the he and Tally live happily ever after. Or, you could do that in this book. Like write an epilouge or somethng. With Zane. Alive. Please????

  25. I like, Cutting Through( like from hazy to bubbly or icy,and as in the knife cutting through you


    What the knife holds

    and…. It’s YOUR face

  26. so….does the book have a title yet?
    not so updated but i look forward to
    these books bcuz they’re great. it’s
    pretty creative. btw, i do like some of
    the ideas they have going there. especially
    serifina zane’s own. interesting stuff you
    (the author) have going here!!

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  28. I really like the color of cat vomit.

    PS yes my name is Talie. It’s just spelled different then “Tally”.

    Also maybe another title could be: Life in a Godly World

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