Gustav and Librarian DOA

Two things:

Those of you who’ve bought merchandise at Wearable Extras, the online store of all things Westerfeldian, should pat yourselves on the back today. As I mentioned back when Wearable Extras opened, I don’t get any money, but one dollar of each purchase goes to Katrina relief.

Now a horrible admission: I suck at administrative details, and hadn’t totaled up the sales or found a charity to send the money to. But that turns out to have been a good thing, in a way. With Hurricane Gustov roaring through the Gulf, I’ve buckled down and finally figured out how to collect from Spreadshirts. So $531, representing 531 of your T-shirts, went to the Red Cross yesterday to aid victims of Gustov.

All best of luck to anyone who got evacuated or otherwise soaked. Our thoughts are with you.

Secondly, Librarian DOA just sent me this cartoon review of the Uglies series.

The cool thing is that it was made with Toonlet, a cartoon-producing tool for those of us who are drawing impaired. (Which very much includes me.)

Click here to see it full size.

86 thoughts on “Gustav and Librarian DOA

  1. Haha. My stomach just made a funny sound.

    I always wish i had a pen-pal type thing. I always thought it would be cool. I mean you dont know the person and you dont know what they look like. Your only talking to them for who they REALLY are. Always saounded neat.

  2. Well, I don’t know what YOU look like and you don’t know what *I* look like…I can’t remember what half the people I see everyday look like, though…

  3. I bought a flame-bringer T-shirt because we all know Flame-Bringers are the best. Ok Dess Quit Laughing. Melissa what did you just whisper to Rex? Well at least Jonathen likes me. Right Jonathen? Jonathen? He went to get a ice-cream!? (Sigh)

  4. Hey, Scott, I had a question for you.

    I ordered an older version of the first Midnighters on Amazon from a used book vendor, and I got sent an advanced reader’s copy that says ‘do not sell’ on the cover. Were they in violation of some laws by selling it to me? (I’m assuming they were, but since the book’s been out for awhile I wanted to run it by you since I’m not very familiar with the laws on these things). I love the idea of having it, but I found it disconcerting that I didn’t order that version and that you wouldn’t be getting any money (however small) for it.

  5. wow. lol. that does make me feel a little better! i hope her “aunt’s”grandma’s okay though!

    today i was playing 1st and the catcher through a really crappy throw and i streched for it and it bounced and hit me in the cheek/jaw popping my jaw out. hurts to eat.

    well i gotta go take pictures at the football game. laters.

  6. Some girl on a Twilight forum just wrote “Oh, there’s this great book called Peeps, but i don’t remmember who wrote it..”
    I completely freaked out and wrote back: “Criminal!! How can you possibly forget the name of the best author ever?!?!!1!”
    And we started a whole discussion about how much we liked Peeps=)
    I just wanted to share that.

  7. When I read the charity part I called my friend and told her “hug Uglies for me.”
    She did.
    I’m wierd, I know..

  8. So, my friends and I are addicted to your books. Is it weird to be loved and stalked by thousands of teenage girls? Teenage girls who love you so much that I’d be worried? (See number 57, one of my friends. I’m so sorry. I’ve tried to stop her, but I completely understand about the restraining order. How many miles away must she stay?)

  9. December 12 is right, I guess I am stalking you in a way. 😛

    That is so cool about the t-shirt money and all. I did buy a t-shirt.
    Yay for Extras!

  10. Netta-la: That is a good point. I dont know what you look like. And if you happen to know what i look like…well…thats just a little creepy.

  11. i am such a procrastinator. all day i’ve been meaning to write my story for my school newspaper.. cuz it’s due tomorrow but i just can’t seem to get it started. and i have a feeling it’s going to be dry. that it won’t be interesting enough. 🙁 it’s about how our local McDonald’s is closed for rebuilding and how that affects the students who work there. ughh… i can’t decide how to start it.

  12. why did i ever even volunteer to write this story? silly me. i should stick to what i’m good at: photography.

  13. grr. i only have 2 paragraphs. i keep getting distracted… ughh. how do i make myself focus?? plus after i finally finish writting my story i still have math homework, biology homework and studying for my biology test.. homework sucks! grrr…

  14. Homework does suck. I just finished mine, argh. Um, I’d tell you what to do to not get distracted but I’d be a hypocrite cuz I’m extremely distractable. Good luck!

  15. My school has a newspaper but there aren’t really any “articles”, and it only comes out like every 2 or 3 months.

    That also reminds me that I have to study for an Algebra 2 test tonight 🙁

  16. i hate homework, too….i always have the feeling that i’ve forgotten something or didn’t do it right….it’s annoying. it’s like…a pathalogical fear or something….idk.

  17. i aaaaaaaaaaaaaalways procrastinate! it’s…a very bad habit or mine. sigh. idk. idk. idk. idkidkidkidkidkidkidkidkidkidk.
    kay that’s like kid over and over again.
    sry that was random. i had to do that. yipes. ignore me.
    srsly. it won’t do you any good to read this. it’ll only hurt your mind’s stability. i’m just that deranged in the head.
    what’s deranged mean?!

  18. My pen pal and I agreed to take an OCD test online
    51-100 meant it was likely you had it
    I got a 65 and she got a 68

  19. i finished all my homework last night… it took me until freaking 1:30 a.m. but i got it done. and my schools newspaper is awesome. we publish once a month. and i take most all the photos. i don’t like writting stories as you can tell.. i think my McDonald’s story lacked meaning… like it didn’t have any deep emotional conection or anything so it was kind of dry. i don’t know. i think i’m gonna add a bunch more quotes and stuff and spice it up.

    i am so mad at my friend. softball practice got over at 5:15 and i was ready to go… she decided that she was gonna give me her bag and have me wait in the locker room while she ran over to the football field (which is like 100 ft from the school) and told her cheer coach that she wasn’t going to cheer because there wasn’t much time left in the game anyways. so this whole time i’m waiting in the girls locker room and my mom is ferious because she’s had to wait for 30 minutes for me to come out and everyone else had already left and she had a 5:30 appointment and it was now 5:45… so she left me and told me she’d call dad to come get me and my friend. so then my friend calls me and says she’s gonna stay for the game and that she doesn’t need a ride. so now i’m pissed because i waited for 30 freaking minutes for her and i have all her crap so i just left it. and when i got out to the parking lot i had to wait for another 15 minutes for my dad to get there. so practice was over at 5:15 and i didn’t even get home till 6 o’clock, that would be understandable if i were out at the fields but i was at the school cuz the fields were too wet so we practiced in the gym and the school is like 5 blocks from my house. ugghhh….. and if our roles were switched her mom would have chewed my a$$ off. but my mom is too nice to do that… she probably won’t mention it to my friend and she’ll just be mad at me for it. ughhhhhhh… sorry for the rant. it’s just been way too long of a day on not enough sleep.

  20. I personally find the cartoon a bit…odd, but that’s just me. It’s so nice that Scott-la donated money to the Red Cross from his tee-shirt sales. I really want one, but hate shopping online. Plus my friends already think I’m a tad obsessed with Scott Westerfeld’s books. I don’t even want to think about the kind of stares I’d get if I wore one of them to school–it’d be funny to find out, though, lol.

  21. cartoon was cool. looked at shop, neat stuff. so awesome that money’s donated to charity. that gives me an excuse to buy it. haha!

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