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A big announcement here:

Next Tuesday, September 16, is the release date of Justine’s next book, How to Ditch Your Fairy!

How to Ditch Your Fairy is set in a world where everyone has their own personal fairy. These creatures are invisible, but they have a huge effect on your life. Each one has its own special power, so you could have, say, a “good-hair fairy” and your hair would always look amazing, styled by unseen winds. Or a loose-change-finding fairy, and you’d always find a quarter when you needed one.

The protag of the book, Charlie, has a problem, though. Her best friend, Rochelle, has a clothes-shopping fairy, so whenever Rochelle goes into a store, she finds the perfect dress . . . and it’s on sale! Even more annoyingly, Charlie’s worst enemy has an every-boy-will-like-you fairy—and that includes the boy that Charlie likes.

Charlie herself has something much more lame: a parking fairy. Every car she’s in gets a parking space right next to where it’s going. Now, you’d think this would be handy. But it means that since she was a baby, Charlie has been borrowed by friends and family and distant relatives to go to concerts and sporting events and museums and court appearances that she doesn’t want to go to, just because they’ll get a parking place.

By now, she totally hates cars. So the book is about Charlie trying to ditch her fairy, and swap it for a new one. As you can probably tell, it’s a comedy with lots of thrills and spills.

Click here for Justine’s story of how she came up with the idea. And here’s her bio on her flashy new website.

In honor of the release, Justine will be touring for the next few months. Next week, she’ll be in northern California, then doing a couple of dates near home. In October she’ll be in Ohio and Michigan, and in Texas for November. (I’ll be traveling with her some of the time, and maybe popping in to say “hi” in a few places, but this is her tour, not mine. I will be officially appearing at Book People in Austin, though, and I am looking forward to seeing a few of you.)

You can order HTDYF at Powell’s, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble.

Click here for details on all of Justine’s tour dates.

66 thoughts on “Justine’s Tour

  1. OMG I was freaking OUT when I read that she was coming to MY state. I was like ‘NO ONE >>EVER<< COMES HERE!!!”
    My mom thought I was dying ’cause the way I ran up to her!!!
    I hopeeeeeeeeeeee I can go.
    Its going to be amazing.

  2. Guess your book fair gets books in early. OMG, that is so awesome, Ali-wa! If I were ever meantioned in a book, I’d go totally spastic, and probably stay that way for atleast a week. And then go spastic all over again if I reread the part that has to do with me, lol.

  3. I have no idea how or if my school got it early… I mean it was the SCHLASTIC book fair
    Their are about 300 names…
    Amy~la, Tally & Zane- I’m almost positive your in it.
    PrettyxMindedxRust- You might be in it. I’ll check and post later.

  4. You know what I was thinking?
    [No, what?]
    I was thinking that Scott-la should come to Michigan! I think it would be hard for Justine to be husband-missing for three days, ya know what I’m saying? Oh, and did I mention how handsome, and witty and NICE Scott-la is?
    I don’t think I did…But hey [^^] there it is! What do you know? And and and—Michigan people are really really really really nice.
    Yay Michigan people!
    [Sounds like a good idea!!]
    I agree!

  5. Ali-wa: Doubt it, but here’s hoping *crosses fingers so tight it practically cuts off all circulation to them*!
    Jay-wa: Sounds like someone’s laying on the kiss-up butter pretty thick, lol. I’d try to do something like that to persuade Scott-la to come to my hometown–or any where near it!–but it’s the kind of place where you say the name, and most people are like ‘Huh?’, so I wont even bother, lol.

  6. Thought I ought to try!! If he did show, there would be alot alot alot of screaming.
    More than there would be with just Justine.
    I keep telling my mom about it trying to be sly, but shes pretending to be dense… >:S

    Its okay, ’cause I totally live in one of those Middle Of Nowhere towns.

  7. Well, it was definatley a respectable attempt, lol. If he came to my town, there would be a lot of screaming, but the majority of it would be from me! She may not be pretending, unfortunatley parents are oblivious when you want them to be observant, and observant when you wish they were oblivious. Yeah, my town has a pretty decent population and all, it’s just that if you haven’t been in it, or don’t live near it, you’ve never heard of it, guaranteed.

  8. Hey Scott, I know this comment is a bit late, but I just subscribed to your blog through Gmail’s “reader” and am catching up with your posts. This book looks awesome!! It kinda makes me mad that my clock reads 10:10pm and the bookstores are closed. Now, if I could only have a closet that could give me one. 🙂

    I won’t be able to see her on the book tour unless she’s heading to DC, but I will definitely get the book tomorrow!! I need a good comedy. I look forward to the rest of your posts!!

  9. I went to barnesandnobles yesterday and saw this on the new relases I totally bought it! Its like on of my favorite books ever! Besides Midnighters, Uglies and Peeps. It was totally bubby-making!

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