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Every once in a while, a fan will ask me what kind of music I listen to. This question is in equal parts fraught and shaming, or at least would take too long to answer. But now, inspired by a post at Support Analytics, I’ve figured out how to reveal all.

After a little experimentation, I followed these steps:

1) In iTunes, select View Options under the View menu.
2) Turn off everything but “Artist.”
3) Select all and copy.
4) Search and Replace the word “track” with nothing.
5) Paste the results into the Create page.

And an occurrence-weighted word cloud of favorite musical artistes will appear:

Click the image for a larger version.

A while back, everyone was wordle-ing their novels. But this is really much more fun.

There are bound to be embarrassments, of course, especially for crumblies like me. There’s all that stuff I don’t listen to anymore, looming large. And albums that someone gave you and you hated, still lurking. A quick google reveals some software that weights the artists by play count, but that’s more effort than I’m willing to go to.

Besides, there’s something brutally honest about this. Warts and all.

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