I’m Back!

Hey, everyone! Justine and I are back from the west-coast leg of the How to Ditch Your Fairy tour. (Here are the dates for the rest of the tour, by the way.)

Firstly, I’d like to give my thanks to Robin for her efforts as guest-blogger, and to all of you for being such good hosts in my absence.

Secondly, I’d like to say . . . hoverboard!

This awesome remote-controlled hovertoy was spotted by our own Kenzie-la. It’s from Think Geek—and yes, it actually hovers! You can even control the altitude. (And the attitude, presumably.)

As Kenzie-la pointed out in her email, the only problem is that the “hoverboy” doesn’t come with interchangeable Tally, Shay, David, and Zane figures. Think Geek, are you listening?

(Also, it doesn’t use magnetic levitation, so it’s actually a Special Circumstances hoverboard. But that’s a technical point.)

Stick around, because I’ll be posting frequently this week. There are many interesting revelations just ahead!

75 thoughts on “I’m Back!

  1. @Andrea-la yeah my musics loud too. I tend to make the floor shake at my house but I blame my dad for getting a surround sound stereo.

    I actually play piano. I’m not the best at it but I really like it.

    I pictured the hoverboards different too. More sleek…

  2. yeah… i never watch music videos. i usually just look up the song on youtube and then minimize the box. 🙂

    hey Bran-la have you read Revelation yet??? i’m dying to get it!!! i reread all of the Private Series and i was all ready to read Revelation but then my mom forgot to order it for me and they went on a business trip pretty much all of last week so i couldn’t get it. and then my mom was suppose to pick it up today and she forgot. so she promised that she would get it tomorrow so i could bring it with me to Colorado on friday. 🙂 can’t wait!

  3. ok i am soooooooooooooo excited right now coz in like 1 hour im leave to go to Philly for Justine’s tour. i can’t believe im gonna like see her in person and meet her (hopefully Scott will be there too, i think he said he would). im just soo excited i can’t wait!!!
    thanx to all of u who said the song, “16” by Green Day, was a good choice and a good song. Jay-wa thanx for saying that the song was pretty amazing coz it was by Green Day. no one ever agrees with me that GREEN DAY is a good band. all my friends are like “Ewww… GReen Day!!” of course wat would u expect from a bunch of JoBro lovers (if u don’t know wat JoBro stands for well… u are either out of the loop or, like me, u aren’t a Jonas Brothers fan). i figured though that everyone here would appreciate the song seeing as almost everyone here is musically talented (i play the drums. anyone wanna start a band??)
    as for people being stereotyped as emo, don’t worry i feel ur pain. it’s like u get depressed once for about a week and all ur friends think ur some depressing, dark, scary kid. i mean i get the whole thing about being dark coz i am totallly a pessimist and my thoughts are sometimes sick, but now alot of my friends and family members think it’s funny to joke about me getting depressed(yes they are all cruel, at least to me, except my mom, she loves me) well i don’t think it’s very funny and neither would they if they knew how it felt to be depressed (probably why my mom doesn’t make fun of me) Needless to say u shouldn’t be upset if ur friends stereotype u into being like emo or depressed coz they have no idea wat it’s like (i think there’s some connection all Scott Westerfeld fans have coz i feel the same way some of u do. anyone else think that too??)
    sorry for the long post…again but there’s sooo much to say, you know how it is.


    ugh, I hate being stereotyped as emo. In this day and age, you cannot live unless you are pessimistic. And black is good for the soul. It does not make you automatically emo

  5. I agree with TYC Leader, Haddy-la and lotti-wa on all counts.

    I reckon the only good thing about the Jonas Bros is that Nick Jonas is type 1 diabetic. It’s good to know other people with type 1 diabetes cos I am myself.

    BTW does anyone here know the Living End, they’re a band and they’re AWESOME.

    Oh, hey Andrea-la, I KNOW A MALE OBOIST! (Or is it oboeist?!?!) His name is Gage (yeh yeh weird name but cool guy).

    Anyways, BACK TO THE HOVERBOARD and it is sparkeh! (My new word for awesome, cool, etc is SPARKY or different forms of it). If only they had a lifesize then I could use it and rule the world! MUAHAHAHAHA!
    UH … mad world dominance craving moment over …

  6. I forget who posted it, but “16” by Green Day is perfect for Uglies. Than again, I just love Green Day in general (Why can’t they tour anymore?!), lol.
    The Jonas Brothers? What, they have to polute Scott-la’s blog, too? The minds of half of the teen population isn’t enough?! Lol, dramatic, but they annoy the crap out of me. A lot of Disney things do. They’re a good source of mindless-entertainment, but all their previously devoted viewers are getting older and moving on, and by trying to combat that, I think they’re pushing some farther away. Do they REALLY expect us to believe that JB, Demi Lovato, HM, etc. are talented rock musicians? It just seems like everything on there’s the same.
    Who ever was talking about the emo steriotypes, I totally agree. I wore a black shirt with all these skulls on it ONE DAY and suddenly all these popular chicks were coming up to me to compliment me on my “cool top.” The sugary fake-niceness was enough to put someone into diabetic shock. I mean, so what if some people don’t exactly fit into one exact steriotype? It doesn’t mean that they should be slammed into one the moment they do something that falls under that catergory.
    Oh, and really sick (how can I use this as a positive adjective with a garbage full of used Kleenex next to me?) hoverboard. I disagree though–the only thing wrong with it is that it isn’t LIFESIZE! Now THAT would be sick!

  7. that is sooo cool u all agree with me that GREEN DAY is an amazing band! i also agree that anything disney related should be banned coz it soils the minds of our youth (except Hercules. i like that movie even if it is disney. that movie is wat i watch when i want to get away from the suckiness of our world. i use it to regress.) ya sooo everything disney related EXCEPT Hercules should be banned.

    -PrettyxMindedxRusty: i agree 100%. WHy can’t GREEN DAY tour anymore?? (only i think they might but only smaller venues and u can only buy 2 tix a person. sooo basically that’s not touring. but watever i still love them) also ewwwww with the whole trash can full of used tissues. could that be more disgusting?!?!

  8. I also agree, PrettyxMindedxRusty. Green Day is totally fawesome. In general, Disney music isn’t TERRIABLE- like, when you get to the classics like The Lion King, Mulan, Hercules (I Won’t Say I’m In Love= BEST SONG EVER!) , and Fantasia, you’ll find some great songs. The Mulan OST (Original Sound Track) is amazing, and same for the Lion King. The Circle of Life is an AMAZING song, probably one of my all-time favorite Disney songs. But the new Disney Channel stuff isn’t even close to the stuff from the movies I mentioned.

  9. totally agree with u winter-la! i just watched Hercules yesterday and Sunday and i have one of the songs in my head right now! (i also like I Won’t Say im in Love. i love the that girls voice. it gives me chills.ooooo) i feel like a kid again when i watch Hercules, but when i watch the new show on DC i just feel like im at skool (a really bad day at skool) or like im being totured into watching the same episode with the same BAD acting again and again. that’s why i like to read so then it’s something new every time (unless of course i read one of Scott’s books…again. only they never get old. actually they’re better every time i read them. weird)
    GREEN DAY IS AWESOME!!!!!!! im sooo glad everyone agrees!!! *sigh* if only my friends did. sometimes i wonder why we’re even friends. i mean they always say things that piss me off and they always act different when they’re around other people but when they’re around me they act like themselves (i wonder if they find the whole putting on an image thing tiring?) needless to say my friends bug me sometimes but…hmmmm… i can’t find anything to say… i guess at the end of the day i like them coz they make me laugh and they listen to me rant AND some of them have read Scott’s books and liked them soooo i guess that’s wat our friendships are based on.

  10. Yeah, TYC Leader, I always feel like a kid again when I watch Mulan or The Lion King. But it brings back nice memories, doesn’t it? Watching the Disney classics with your family. That’s why I love Kingdom Hearts- you get to fight alongside your childhood favorites, Mulan, Simba, Ariel, Jack Skellington (one of my new favorites), and Aladin.

  11. Mulan and Fantasia are the most awesome Disney movies eva. I still like watching them 🙂 But I reckon that most of Disney’s work recently has just been speeding downhill.
    Umm … what is diabetic shock? I neva understood what that meant, even being diabetic. Altho I am type 1 and don’t kno much about type 2 so …
    And with all the emo stuff, I love all that stuff but I’m definitely not emo. I just happen to like it.

  12. Green Day! Green Day! Green Day!!!!!!!!

    hahahahaha!!!!!!!!! XD

    I be hypery

    because it be teh last day of term

    can i gets a woot?


    most of Disneys work has been speeding downhill. but Pirates of teh Carribbean is fawesome!!!!! (especially teh third one)

  13. I havent seen P of C. I really want to but i havent been able to yet.

    Yeh last day of term is cool!

    Hey i gotta new Xbox game! 🙂 Ill play it soon 🙂 its hard to get xbox games cos of 360. wish i had a 360, id be able to play halo 3 …

    Neways im goona play 🙂

  14. that has got to be the absolute FAWESOMEST thing i have EVER seen!

    ive gotta start babysitting again so i can have the cash to get one!

    *shuffles away to make babysitting flyers*.

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 😮

  15. TYC:
    I actually quite enjoy a lot of the classic Disney movies. When I was in camp this summer our councelour showed us a REALLY old Disney Channel Movie, and it was actually great. It didn’t feel like they were trying to shield us from the world, so I guess some old disney stuff is good. New stuff? Ew. I didn’t even know they did that much. Two tickets per person? Do they WANT to scare us away?! Lol. By “trashcan”, I don’t mean a fullsized one. I have a tiny one in my room, and even grocery bags are too big for it. As for the tissues part, blame the cold going around my school. Also, bout the friends thing, I know a million girls like that. The ones who have, like, ten different personalities they put on for all these different people. The sad thing is, these are still the girls who seem to come out on top. Karma sucks.

    You better not be thinking what I THINK YOU’RE THINKING with the “I Wont Say I’m In Love” referance, lol.

    Um…actually, I don’t know, lol. I guess I just typed it ’cause I’ve heard it and it seemed fitting. And thank goodness! I was starting to think I was the ONLY person left on the planet who hasn’t seen/ fallen in love with Pirates of the Carribbean

  16. Sonja-
    Couldn’t agree more.

    Don’t worry, I’m not. It’s just a fawesome song. ^^

  17. PrettyxMindedxRusty: ok the smaller trashcan does make the image less disgusting and im sorry about the cold that sucks. the thing about only two tix per person for GREEN DAY sucks too, but it’s better than them not touring at all…i guess. i agree the old disney stuff is good but the new stuff…not soo much except Pirates of the Carribbean those movies are amazing. also i agree with the sucky karma it’s a b**** (except when it works in ur favor which rarely happens for me. *SIGH*)

    I LOVE GREEN DAY!!!!!!!! <3
    (sorry random but i do love them!) <3

  18. I hereby declare you, Sir Scott Westerfield, PSYCHIC. o-o
    *everyone with a brain raises their hand*

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  20. I was wondering, are you going to make a movie about Uglies? and when are the human sized hoverboards coming out in stores?

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