Stuff x 3

1) Thanks to everyone who came to the Toronto event, especially those who made special T-shirts:

Kelly, whose shirt features one tridecalogism each for Extras (extraordinary), So Yesterday (consumeristic), Midnighters (numerological), Uglies (beautifulness), and Peeps (zombification)!

And Katie, whose shirt speaks for itself. (Though she confided to me that she actually had done her homework before coming.)

Justine was voice-missing from too much touring, and let me do the talking. But I had lots of great, and tricky, questions. Thanks again!

2) If you’ve been following YA for Obama, you know about the Action Hero prizes. Well, tomorrow’s prize is a signed copy of Bogus to Bubbly. Go here to find out how to win.

3) Watch this space carefully, because in a couple of days you will all have the chance to participate in a PhD thesis about online fandom. Because you must be studied! (Dissection optional.)

56 thoughts on “Stuff x 3

  1. I wish i could say “forget homework”…really badly. I don’t want to write a journal on Catcher in the Rye…

  2. OMG Katie and Kelly you guys are so special!! lol

    and that’s not an unfortunate pic of you Kelly…I’ve seen worse (of me!)

    love the shirts!!! <3 <3

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