Halloween Scare-tacular!

Some Halloween-related posts:

1) A lot of people have written me about costumes lately, asking questions like, “What do Specials wear?” “How do you do flash tattoos?” and “Would Dess wear this?”

But you guys would know better than me. A lot of you have done excellent face paint jobs, as shown here. Please use this comment space to share your acquired knowledge and new ideas for Westerfeldian costumes.

The power of psycho-kitty commands you!

2) Vampire fans may be interested in this: A teacher in North Carolina is planning to use Peeps (and two other sf books) in her biology class, if she can round up enough money to buy copies. Click here to read more about the project, and donate if you can.

3) I have been roped into a Scare-a-thon! Lauren Myracle, author of the TTYL series and the amazing new Bliss, has challenged a passel of YA authors to face their fears. So between now and October 31, M.T. Anderson, Holly Black, Libba Bray, Meg Cabot, Cassandra Clare, Melissa De La Cruz, John Green, Shannon Hale, Maureen Johnson, Stephenie Meyer, Kirsten Miller, Sarah Mlynowski and I will all be doing something that we’re horribly afraid of.

Will we survive?

Click here to read the challenge. I’ll be revealing my greatest fear on this blog. Be warned!

4) Okay, this is not Halloween-related, but if you live in or near Toronto drop, by Bakka Phoenix Books at 697 Queen Street West. Not only are they a great sf bookshop, but Justine and I just signed lots of stock for them. Go buy it!

Psycho-kitty photo ganked from io9.

65 thoughts on “Halloween Scare-tacular!

  1. That’s so funny–I’m going as a special! I was thinking of a Midnighter, but figured everyone would just think i was a goth/blacksmith. Although it’s annoying, my parents are like “Are you trick or treating this year?” and I’m like “NOOO DUUUUUUUH!” After all, you are never too old to dress up however you want and have no one able to say much about it and to get free candy just for ringing doorbells. And even if you CAN be too old for that, I HIGHLY doubt I’d miss the mark. BTW, cool how every time someone says “Halloween” it’s highlighted in orange :).

    GAAAAH! Does anyone know how to get from Lauren Myracle’s blog page to the posts for the other authors? I like some of those authors (Lauren herself, Meg Cabbot, Melissa De La Cruz, Stephenie Meyer, obviously Scott-la) and reeeeally want to read them!

  2. Wait a minute, none of them are highlighted…oh yeah, I must’ve been thinking about an old Scott blog post I found on google about Halloween a year or so ago and pictures of Scott-la costumes…whoops.

  3. LOVING the cat …

    Halloween 🙂
    I’m not going TorTing, I’m in Oz
    Not too many peoples TorT here … 🙁

  4. Hmmm…Emi-la, I’d say just be friends with him for now. Cuz, when in doubt, a friend is always there for you whereas you can breakup with a boyfriend. Personally, I think that’s a little young for a boy friend, but I’m not one to tell you what to do, since I’m only 14. If I was in that situation, I wouldn’t disobey my Mother. Good luck with it though!

  5. Yeah, Emi-la I agree with Tally&Zane. I’ve had a lot of friends date and then break up and it’s so awkward afterwards. My suggestion would be to at least wait until you’re a little older, and if you still like him decide whether you really think it would work, or if you value his friendship too much to risk losing it. But no matter what you decide I hope it works out for you!

  6. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!When ever I ask my friends they’re just like”OMG STOP TALKING ABOUT HIM!!!!!!” So thank you…..ya i guess I am a little young….:[

  7. dating sounds so awkward-making sometimes …
    i cant date till im 16, family rule
    i sorta agree …
    im 14 atm
    with no interest in dating
    i probably will by the time im 16 tho

  8. Amy-la- Ok, u said ripped jeans and a black tank top? I don’t think so. Specials wear all gray silk!!! I should bonk you on the head for not remembering.

  9. I went as a midnighter… It was really easy, I just used my own stuff, with some extra metal jewelery. It was just SO easy, and I didn’t have to spend any money =] I had my costume on at school, too, because at my school you’re supposed to on Halloween, but I basically looked like me =]

  10. I went as a Special…
    funny, it never even occurred to me to go as midnighter or anything ._.

    i found this random white T-shirt, turned it inside out and slit part of the collar/side/shoulders and laced ribbons trhough instead and added permanent marker random stuff…. with SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES on the back… then used a face crayon thing to do black flash tatts on my face and arm. it was fun. XD

    yeah, grey silk, but i had no grey silk.
    and i was being a cutter special. cutters can just look like normal teens. *shifty look*

    i should go post up a picture of that shirt…or a picture of me wearing it… XD

  11. Hello I was wondering if you or any of the Uglies fans out there would have a plain image of Tally Youngblood’s flash tattoo? As I am a senior in high school this year I really want to do something “Special” for Halloween and what better way than a bubble-head to dress for Halloween as a Special?

    Thanks to anyone that can help!

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