BookPeople = SmartQuestions

Justine and I are in Texas this week at NCTE (National Council of Teachers of English), and we did a joint appearance in Austin on Wednesday night. The questions were written down by audience members and read to us by the host. It was kind of fun and extra classy that way, and had one added benefit—after we ran out of time, we still had all the unanswered questions!

So this morning, for all those of you who didn’t get a live answer, Justine and I answered them on her blog.

Click here for the Q & A.

And here for Justine’s account of the event.

And we’ll be seeing all you lovely teachers, librarians, etc., at NCTE/ALAN soon.

270 thoughts on “BookPeople = SmartQuestions

  1. no, but my BFF Keri-la and i r workin on it!!!! our videos r soooo stupid, but they were fun 2 shoot&pretty funny 2 watch(my fav. is our olympics or the red carpet walk!!!)

  2. cool, just know that we shot those like 2 years ago!!we haven’t done any recant ones!!!!any ideas?????(nothing 2 do w/books, because she isn’t really into the Uglies series because it is really all i talk about)…….she only talks about Edward from twilight, so why am i the annoying 1???well….laytah!!!=D

  3. lolz, uglies is WAAYYY better than twilight ( even though i havnt reed twilight…) and i personally think u shuld make 1 about cannible chearleeders cuz ther awsome….. and on you tube u shul look up sara, heavenly and inna on steroids, it reely random

  4. me tried 2 be serious about this 1 movie we made and it was supposed 2 b scary, but it is hillarious!!!!!we would also have 2 edit our stuff before we out it in you tube(take out the parts where we were having troubles w/ the camera)

  5. so i tried really hard 2 get Keri-la 2 read the Uglis series because i was tird of her not knowing what i was talking about and her calling me annoying!!!she started it and LOVED it, but then we had 2 do our book reports and return the books….she never finished, never even got 2 David, or mentioning the Smoke, or even dr.cable!!!!!OMG so, i ended up writing a summary about how it all went down(which i was happy 2 do)she isn’t even going 2 try 2 read it again!!!!UGH

  6. she only got 2 the part where Shay was randomly mad because Tally was doin that thing on the wall screen where u c what u look like as a pretty!!!=D

  7. wow, her book judgement is not very gud….. no offence…

    i havnt red twilight yet though, so 4 all i no it culd b amaziong

  8. OMG yesterday when i was @dance, this girl told me that she thought Specials was reaaallly boring& stupid!!!! maybe she didn’t read the 1st 2 or something, but i don’t know what her problem is!!!!those books r great &Specials was the best one!!!!!

  9. Twilight is super amazing!!! But in my opinion it is tied with Scott-la’s books. Right now i am soooo obsessed with it it’s not even funny. Practically all I talk about is Twilight and Uglies. And almost any song I hear I make some sort of connection to one of them. I know, I’m weird.

  10. Hannah-la: u r completely not alone there, i 2 make connections w/ songs& Uglies!the Uglies series is the only thing i talk& think about!! i think once u read Uglies Scott-la puts a lesion in your brain so u buy the rest of the series& never stop talking about it!!(nah, he’s not that evil)=D

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