Teen Author Festival

It begins.

This afternoon Justine and I join Holly Black, Cassandra Clare, Alaya Johnson, David Levithan, and Diana Peterfreund at the Juvenilia Smackdown. We’ll be reading from our childhood and teenage writings. (OMG I spent the day looking at them and they are worse than I thought.) The immoderate Libba Bray will be moderating.

Monday, 3/16, 4-6pm, Tompkins Square Park branch of the NYPL, 331 E. 10th Street

We’re also participating in a tribute to Joe Monti on Wedneday, where I’ll be reading from Leviathan for the first time in public. And revealing art!

Wednesday, 3/18, 6pm, Mulberry Street Branch of the NYPL, 10 Jersey Street (Between Lafayette & Mulberry Streets)

And we’ll be at the giant Books of Wonder mass signing on Sunday.

But there’s much more stuff than that.

Here’s the mighty schedule.


Update: For all you Italiano-phones, here’s an interview with me on the Italian Marie Claire website, about Midnighters.

121 thoughts on “Teen Author Festival

  1. HaHa, I remember teen titans…Gah, that sounds majorly suckish. I’m taking AP Bio next year, then Honors Chem. Can’t wait…*sarcasm*…

  2. OH MY GOSH today we started lit circles and Uglies was a choice i nearly fell out of my seat and after everyone explained to my teacher how i was like Uglies biggest follower she let me explain the plot to the class however she wouldnt let me read it. Which is fine because if people in my group didn’t like it i would be extremely offended so its probably better if i dont know

  3. !!!
    my school would never pic something as cool as uglies!!!!

    and the sad part is that all the band keep comeing here and i have no ride and/or tickets

  4. Reagan and Eva-la: I’m totally with you on meeting authors and seeing bands live. Though, there are a few of my bands that I wouldn’t go to a concert for, even if I had tickets. Like Flyleaf, and any other band that screams. It just doesn’t sound the same live.
    But I would really like to see Muse, Paramore, and MCR, and meet Scott, Anthony Horowitz, Kirsten Miller, James Patterson, and Ally Carter. 😀

    Click my name. 😀

  5. Hay guys! We were mentioned on Dazzle-Making in there latest podcast at the end of it!!! How cool is that? Man, at this rate we might actually become famous!!!!! That would be so cool!!!!!

  6. My list of bands to see and authors to meet before I die:
    Panic at the Disco- CHECK! They were amazinggggggggg. I’d LOVE to see them again.
    Escape the Fate
    All Time Low
    The Maine
    30 Seconds to Mars
    (These are the short lists)
    Scott Westerfeld
    Anthony Horowitz
    Holly Black
    Cassandra Clare
    James Patterson

    I can die after I see these people. 🙂

  7. Dahlia, i LOVED Raven! she was soo awesome…
    right, boomerang. so us old folks can still watch our shows from waaay back in the day (five years ago) XD
    ugh…two of my teachers went freaking PSYCHO!!
    they were soo relaxed about everything and then suddenly one went all strict and made us do a bunch of really weird assignments. The other one is making us take Cornell notes…and is deducting points from our notebook if we don’t have straight lines…WHAT THE HECK.

  8. I was paroosing on NYtimes (the website) and I saw this picture that vaguely reminded me of New Pretty Town (it’s my name)(so click it)

    Panic At The Disco would be righteous to see live…T&Z, were they good?

    Your guys’ lists are good, but what about Justine? Or Robin Wasserman? Hello!
    And Death Cab For Cutie!


  9. Panic was AMAZING live. They have the most amazing stage presence ever, I swear. And they did a cover of Shout and it was awesome. They’re just freaking great all around. Ooh yeah, add Justine and Robin to my list too! Can’t believe I forgot! Death Cab would be cool to see, but it wouldn’t kill me if I didn’t. But still, that’d be cool.

  10. OMG! T+Z!!!!!!!!
    the only concert ive ever been to was Lifehouse and that was like 3years ago and was free
    but heres my band list(even tho u covered most of them up there^)

    jack’s manniquin
    the devil wears prada
    and a tonna others

    and u got all the cest authors but i have to add meg cabot
    i just love her!
    o and maybe Melissa De La Cruz(isnt her last name AWESOME?!)

    ttyl my fellow persons

  11. the only concerts i’ve been to were the B52s (in St. Louis, under the Arch) and the Blue Man Group (here in Nashville). I really want to see Taylor Swift!!!!

    I really want to go to a Scott-la book signing, and I also want to see Barbra Meritz (who writes under the name Elizabeth Peters). Barb’s like 100 years old, though, so i don’t think she hits the town much.

  12. Hello People! Just wanted to tell you that I found tickets to the Taylor Swift concert on Aug 28thSun. In this site you can find tickets for other dates too. It’s awesome Taylor and his band performance, this is my third time and I’m still so excited about listening him live! On this page you can see the section where you’re buying the ticket, so it’s very recommended!

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