Stack of Leviathan!

I was at Simon & Schuster the other day, and saw this gratifying stack of advanced readers’ copies:


Yes, there are ARCs of Leviathan at large in the world.

Watch this space, for soon the cover will be revealed!

62 thoughts on “Stack of Leviathan!

  1. :DD ZOMGZOMG! exiting stuffs 😉
    and HAPPY BIRTHDAY SCOTT-LA! unless facebook lies… in which case my life is over 😉

  2. the malware thing is gone… yay… i can finally come back on the site without being totally annoyed by warnings every time i switch pages

  3. Yay 🙂 Viruses gone 🙂
    And I really want one of those books. I think I’m salivating…

  4. ANY WAYZ………………….WHY MUST U TEMPT US!? lolz. i cant wait. hmmmmmmmmmmmm…….. i wonder…..ur those books garded at night? ’cause if not……….. then 1 might go missing!!! *evil laugh* ~muwahahahaha!~

  5. Feel free to send one of those ARCs my way and I’ll be sure to review it on my ever so cool teen, tween, and children’s blog.

  6. Ahhhhh! No more with the tempting!!…oh okay, nevermind, keep on with the tempting…

    Congrats! 🙂

  7. I think I am the first person to hyperventilate from seeing ARCs. Thank you, Scott-la.


  8. *drools* *reaches out to pick up copy * and gets hit back by force field. 🙁 i can’t wait til its out!

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