Leviathan Cover!

In celebration of my birthday, I give you the US cover of Leviathan . . .


Frequently asked questions:

What? This is the first book of my next series, which will include three novels and one full-color guidebook, The Manual of Aeronautics.

When? Book 1 comes out October 6, 2009. The other two novels come out in October of 2010 and 2011.

Where? It will be published (almost) simultaneously in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. No waiting! We’ve also sold rights to France and Taiwan, so far.

Who? It’s by me, silly. But it also includes 50 awesome illustrations by the artist Keith Thompson, most of them full page! This amazing cover is also by him. I’ll be posting samples here every month, and they will astonish you.

Why? Why is it illustrated? Because back in 1914, almost all books were illustrated, and I wanted it to look and feel like a book from that period. Plus, there are so many weird animals and machines in the world of Leviathan that I wanted to show them.*

WTF? Okay, Leviathan is set in an alternate world in which Charles Darwin discovered biotechnology. So the British Empire was built on the backs of strange, fabricated beasties. Living airships! Fighting kraken! Message lizards!

Um, but what’s that thing on the cover? That’s a Clanker contraption. You see, the Germans and Austrians in my world use machines instead of beasties. Cool walking machines!

Aren’t you sick of answering all these questions? Yes, and it’s my birthday. So enjoy the cover. I’m out of here.

Can’t I ask one more question?
Sure, but that was it. Ciao for now!

*Also, I wanted an excuse to go to Comic-Con

133 thoughts on “Leviathan Cover!

  1. Happy Birthday!!!

    The book looks so amazing! Seriously giddy-extreme!!!

    I hope by comic-con, you’re not meaning the San Diego Comic-Con… I had to refund my tickets so I can afford my first apartment. Stupid independence. 🙁

  2. oi…there’s ANOTHER fire in my town. and it’s starting to burn houses now.
    this is the FOURTH in two years, two summers ago, last summer, in october, and now another one.
    we need RAIN!!!
    also doesn’t help that it was 100 degrees today…

  3. Happy Birthday Mr. Westerfeld!

    That cover makes me jealous… Your books make me jealous. Going to Comic-Con makes me jealous. I WANT TO BE YOU!!

    Okay, now that my jealousy and envy have subsided. That cover looks like complete and utter awesomeness! Also, have fun at Comic-Con.

  4. it’s really weird that someone in this town found out about the fire…from someone in NORTH CAROLINA. that just doesn’t make sense.
    i know some people who were evacuated…good thing we live far-ish away from it. my school is the evacuation site, it’s really weird to walk past the gym and see cots and sleeping bags in it.
    STUPID WIND it’s making the fire get bigger!!

  5. i really enjoyed the uglies series. i was kinda mad when i got done with the 4th book and there were no more lolz. but i look forward to reading this series and so on.

  6. Haley-Sensei~TOP NINJA: I’m glad you’re okay! Do you live in California? (I’m not so good with the paying-attention-to-the-news thing)

    Laura-wa: Your Birthday will definitely be happy then!

    Hello, Babygirl, who are you?

  7. Wait, your a fan of comics? O_O I should have known! You’re officially now more awesome than you were before.

    And I can’t wait to read this!

  8. omg dude i was like wheres my comment and then i was like maybe i didnt comment on this one and then i found it!!!!!!!!!!! happines!!!!!

  9. Dude, this series looks and sounds really cool! I’m so excited to read them! And thanks Scott for doing illustrations! It’s so much easier to see what sci fi writers are talking about when they’ve created a whole new world 🙂
    And happy belated birthday Scott!

  10. Totally reminded me of Miyazaki’s Howl’s Moving Castle. I’m loving the art and the story already sounds kick-ass. Can’t wait!!

  11. That’s weird. Who found out from North Carolina??? I hope everything’s okay though!

  12. Jay-wa: i live in the adjacent town to where the fire is. i’m close, but not evacuation-warning close.
    i hope it doesn’t jump highway 154…some houses and stuff have been burned, a park and botanical gardens have been burned!
    a lot of my friends have been evacuated. sad stuff. it’s 10% contained now.
    i really need aya’s feed technology, so i can actually know what’s going on…

  13. I agree with dame-orchid and the first post etc.
    Im really excited for it to come out, although I am rather sad that the uglies series ended, hopefully one day another book will come out after extras.
    me too, happy belated birthday.
    It does remind me of Hayao Miyazaki’s works, which are so dear to me.

    Things I love the most are Miyazaki’s Movies, Scott Westerfeld books, animes, mangas, Studio Ghibli Movies, ummmm and i guess music.
    No specific order 🙂

  14. I love Keith’s picture, but I still wonder what it’d look like in mangaaaa form *-*, uglies series too 🙂

  15. That cover is so cool! I absolutely can’t wait for the book. It’s going to be amazing!

    Make it come faster!


  16. Oooh goody, I love the release dates. October birthdays and the capability to convince parents to give birthday presents early FTW.

  17. happy birthday! 🙂 well late birthday actually… anyways… AWESOME cover! can’t wait for it to come out! and you said the setting was in austria?!? i’m born there! 😛 sweet! LOL

  18. ahahahaha noobs I got this before it came out froma very nice lady at the book store and the book was uncorrected proof! the AUS cover is sooooo much better than the crappy us one (no offense)

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