Liar Is Out!

We are only one week away from the release of Leviathan. But the big news at Casa Larbfeld today is the release of Justine’s new novel Liar!


As you might guess, Liar is about a girl who doesn’t always tell the truth—not even to the reader. It’s one of those books in which the whole story (indeed, the whole world) gets flipped upside down in your hands every few chapters or so.

Of course, it would seem uxorious and self-serving to heap praise upon my wife’s novel, so instead I will direct you to its three starred reviews:

“Dark, gripping . . . an engrossing story of teenage life on the margins.”
—Kirkus (starred review)

“Readers will get chills paging through Larbalestier’s suspenseful novel . . . with a masterfully constructed unreliable narrator [they] will be guessing and theorizing long after they’ve finished this gripping story.”
—Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“The chilling story . . . will have readers’ hearts racing. In the end readers will delve into the psyche of a troubled teen and decide for themselves the truths and lies.”
—School Library Journal (starred review)

Want to know more? Click here for more reviews, here to read an excerpt, and here for more info from the author.

Also out today is the paperback edition of Justine’s previous book, How to Ditch Your Fairy, with this amazing new cover:


Hammers! We loves them!

Note that Liar is a slightly older book than How to Ditch Your Fairy. It’s officially for 14-up.

In addition, you may wish to note that Leviathan has also received three starred reviews. So, like, nyeh.

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