Much Stuff!

With Leviathan a mere FOUR DAYS AWAY in the US and Canada, there is much stuff to cover.

First: As I mentioned a couple of posts ago, Simon & Schuster are having their annual BlogFest, with many writers answering cool questions. One of my answers went up a few days ago, about the writerly themes and tricks I use all the time. Click here to read my answer and here for more Blogfest stuff.

Second: If you live in Toronto and want to see me, Cassie Clare, and Holly Black on November 6, you will need tickets! I guess the event is going to be wicked huge, so they rented a church, which costs money. Admission is five Canadian bucks, and you can buy the tickets right here. You can also pay at the door, if there’s any room left!

Friday November 6th 7:00PM
Trinity St. Paul’s United Church
427 Bloor Street West

If you don’t live in Toronto, click here for the rest of the tour details.

Third: It’s Steampunk Month at!


I’ll be participating in the Steampunk festivities, which include a host of esteemed guest bloggers (G. D. Falksen, Stefania Forlini, Lev Grossman, Jah’Meia, Jay Lake, George Mann, Joe Monti, Cherie Priest, Ann VanderMeer, and Jeff VanderMeer) original steampunk fiction (from Eileen Gunn & Michael Swanwick and G. D. Falksen) and a rarely-seen comic by Sydney Padua. will also be covering Steamcon, the Brooklyn Indie Market Steampunk II event, and the steampunk exhibit at Oxford’s Museum of the History of Science. (Google this stuff if you want. It’s all very cool.)

There will also be interviews with myself and Leviathan artist Keith Thompson, and Tim Powers. And an absurd amount of giveaways, including books, posters, buttons, costume elements, and gadgets, and wallpapers!

Click here to check out the details. And here to follow along as the month goes by.

Fourth: Part of the reason why Tor has declared October steampunk month is that they’re releasing a fantastic book by Cherie Priest called Boneshaker. Set in Seattle during an alternate, unending Civil War, the novel contains so much steam-tastic goodness that I had to blurb it:

“A steampunk-zombie-airship adventure of rollicking pace and sweeping proportions, full of wonderfully gnarly details. This book is made of irresistible.”
-Scott Westerfeld, author of Leviathan

Yes, you read that right—steampunk-zombie-airship adventure!

Click here to check out Cherie’s site, which includes this wonderful essay-length definition of steampunk.

Here’s Boneshaker‘s lovely cover:


There’s more cool stuff to come, but I am required by law to hold off until tomorrow. Because, frankly, your head would explode.

Oh, except I’ll show you the awesome MondoSpider, because I forgot to post a Walker Wednesday!

I think the MondoSpider is my favorite walker so far. It is the roadster of walkers, and l want one. Click here for more MondoSpider!

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  1. whooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!! 1st commet!!!! ive never gotten this before!!!!!

    that MonoSpider thing is wicked cool!!!!!

  2. 😀 second comment! 😀 If my friend and I can find a way to force our parents to drive us the four or five hours, we’ll most DEFINITELY be there. CAN’T WAIT!

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  4. i so cannot wait for leviathan! =] tuesdayyyyy hopefull ill be able to get it the day it comes out =]

    and oh gosh, i want one of those spider things too…

  5. I was just watching old Vlogbrother videos (not that new ones would result in anything different), so forgive me for this but Boneshaker in my pants. Oh my.

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  8. Urge to move to Canada…overwhelming. Must find some way to keep calm. Maybe I should read a book…crap >_>

  9. Omg I LOVE the spider thing!!!! 🙂 unfortunately my parents won’t get me any new books till I go through all my books and give some to charity. That’s gonna take a whip since I have like 25-30 books… (darn it!) well anyways can’t wait to read leviathon!

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