Leviathan Is Out

Hello from California! I’m on tour right now and will be for the next three weeks. So posting may be infrequent, or it may just be really weird.

I’ll be out in Santa Monica this afternoon:

Tuesday October 6th, 4:30PM
(with Sarah Rees Brennan)
Santa Monica Public Library Event hosted by Children’s Bookworld
601 Santa Monica Boulevard
Santa Monica, CA 90401

Click here for the rest of my tour info.

And because Leviathan is out TODAY, let’s all enjoy the trailer one more time:

49 thoughts on “Leviathan Is Out

  1. I really hope to get Leviathan as soon as possible, congratulations on your release!
    I know it’ll be fantastic as the rest.
    Ps, Just finished Peeps for the first time.
    Prima 🙂
    ( super, or excellent in german )

  2. do any of u guys have leviathan yet? AHHH! I’M GOING NUTS! I’LL GET MY COPY IN ABOUT 3 HOURS! YEEEEEEEEES!

  3. Sweet I’m really excited. My little brother got it, so I’m reading it after he is finished.
    Good thing he’s a fast reader for a 10 year old. 😀



  6. SOOOOOO EXCITED FOR LEVIATHAN!!!!! It sounds like it’ll be as good as Uglies! I CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. GAHHHHHH. I can’t get Leviathan for, like, another week or two. And I had surgery last Friday, so I’m out of school for a week with nothing to do. I so just want to get it to help keep the brain-numbing boredom from returning. IT’S KILLING ME.

  8. darn it! turrns out I gotz 3 MORE hours to wait until i get leviathan! This is crazy-making! I my bookstore doesn’t have it i’m gonna throttle somebody ( on second thought, no, i won’t, ’cause then i’d b in some bogus juvie and not at the bookstore! ) I’m SO excited! PLease excuse my ranting-ness, I’ve been super hyper all day and haven’t been able to explode until now!

  9. Okay, I haz a few more things, er… pings to say.

    Ping to everbody: gosh, slow comments today. guess your all curled up with your copy of leviathan ( pouts ).

    Ping to Dahlia-wa: pumpkins r FAWESOME! i got a 25 lb. one yesterday! i’ll head over to your blog in a sec.

    Pin to Bailey-wa: happy-making! two bubbly things in ONE DAY!

  10. AHH i was gonna get it but then i forgot to stop at b&n!!!

    maybe ill get it thursday =] yay its out!

  11. omg!!! i can’t believe i completely forgot about this book!!!! i guess i’ve been focusing on other things too much! damn. i gotta get it and probably will soon…i hope! 🙂

    tell me a story into that goodnight…

  12. YAY! Congrats Scott!!! 😀 Enjoy the tour!
    I just got my copy an hour ago and I’m about to read the first page :-P.

    I’ll see you tomorrow for the signing !!

  13. Yay!! Can’t wait to get my hands on a copy… but I just got a new book last week so I think I’ll wait a week or so until I ask for another one. I WILL have a copy by the time you hit Danbury on the 17th 😀 I’m counting the days, literally. There’s 11! I can’t wait to see you Scott. I really am looking forward to meeting you! And I told my cousin I was going to see you and she might come too because she said she’s read some of your books.

  14. get what guys? i just got an email from borders and guess what the subject line says? okay, i’ll tell you : New Scott Westerfeld, coupons, & more yay!!!!!! time for Leviathan

  15. HUH?! I thought I had posted before this Oh well In that case,
    O O
    *0* (my face this morning when I was in the car driving to school and just realized that Leviathan was out).
    weird. I expected more hurrahs and festivities…
    OK BYE! 😀

  16. it’s 7:01 pm my time and my mom still hasn’t taken me to B&N 🙁
    she keeps saying soon… and I’m going crazy!

  17. PING TO THE ALL IMPORTANT SCOTT-LA!: One day, a long time from now when you actually have free time (note I say time since this could take a few hours. Or days. Or months.), you should curl up on the couch in either one of your living areas (Sydney or NYC) with you little Mac book computer laptop thingy and read ALL of the comments located on your “Scott facts sheet” page and read all the post that have accumulated over the past 2 years, 2 months, 10 days, 4 hours, and 29 minutes. And you are betraying your loyal fans as time is tick-tocking away. . . . . . After that, you should make a link called “Scott answers sheet”. And you HAVE to answer them. No matter HOW complicated and weird. Just saying, because you still haven’t answered the most important question. Weather or not you like pie! That, and because you have THOUSANDS of fans who are dropping from you like flys because you won’t answer their wonderful, thought-provoking questions! Think about that why don’t-cha? And I will anxiously await your answer to my statement. 😀

  18. Um I have a question……If we go to one of the places on the tour….do we have to buy a book at that store or can we bring our own

  19. ping @ the OTHER Tally Youngblood – hmm… he’s prob mad busy touring and working on Behemoth. I would love the questions answered too, but…

    oh my – talking to the film agent!!! I want to audition for the uglies film if possible. Even if I was just some random extra – haha, it’d make my life!!!

  20. Very excited about this new book. I’m just hoping that it is out in Australia at the same time as the US because sometimes the publishers are annoying and wait months and months before us lowly Aussies get it.

    Oh, and thanks for writing a new one. I was scared you’d fallen off the face of the planet or become a monk-like hermit or something. and no one was going to drag anything more out of you.

    So, yes. That’s all I have to say about it all. Thanks for leviathan, and hope you continue with other writing, and don’t turn into a hermit.

  21. Went out and bought Leviathan right after school! I had to go all the way upstairs to find it on the shelf because I walked right past the big “NEW RELEASE” display, and its hundreds of copies of Leviathan glory.
    Can’t wait to read it! The art looks great

  22. I have it! It’s mine!!!!!

    So I just got back from Barnes and Nobles and ended up buying more than Leviathan… I bought four books, but technically ten, because on of the books is a beautiful edition of the Chronicles of Narnia – all seven. I couldn’t resist! We have each separately… but I haven’t seen any in years because of moving so many times.

    my facebook status: so, Barnes and Nobles {especially those with a Starbucks} are my candy stores. Of course I didn’t leave with only Leviathan… Three other books, technically nine because one is The Chronicles of Narnia {with all 7} in a beautiful edition including an array of illustrations. This is why I will never have a cell phone… I’d rather spend my money on books ^_^

  23. I’ve got mine 😀
    the display was lacking 🙁
    only 3 books out…….Chapters is lame they will put put a whole display of a book from a good year ago(a certain lame book that rapes mythology on vampires)
    but they wont put a display up for a brand new book that is 100 times better

  24. I got my copy today! I also picked up Liar and the new Buffy trade, so I have lots of readings to be done.

    One thing I noticed that I’m not sure if anyone else has encountered is that in some copies of the book the map at both ends is printed upside down. The first copy I picked up at one of the Indigos near my campus had an upside down map, but it was the only one in the thirty that were on the shelf. Not the worse missprinting to happen, but it’s something people should look out for when they buy the book!

    Other than that, it’s really gorgeous. The cover is even more spectacular in person.

  25. I would have gotten more books but I already have Crashed, Rampant, and re-cycler all stacked up waiting to be read…..and now that I have Levithan recyler will have to go on pause for a while

  26. Totally bummed that I can’t make it to Toronto in Nov.
    Make it to London when you can? We have this huge convention center.

    Ps. It’s so cool that you actually post back 🙂

  27. Hello peoples! I know, it’s been live FOREVER since I’ve posted a comment! Or read any… but I have still been checking the blog regularly. So cool that Leviathan is out, but it’s just not like… connecting to me. I think it’s because I just have this thing about history… I don’t like it for some reason. I just don’t like things that are about historical events… but anyways Kristina-la I totally know what you’re talking about! Like at HEB Plus in the books/magazines section they have a whole big fancy display complete with a little flat-screen with the movie playing of book-that-must-not-be-named (Yes that’s a harry potter refrence!) and like in the back they have the House of Night series!!! Every time I see that I get so mad!!! Seriously, one of these days I’m going to go in there and remove every stinkin book in that blasted series and put all of the HoN books in their place! Lol that would be awsome!

  28. hey my name is Deilyn Guzman. I just want to say that the book midnighters is the best book i have ever read in my hole life, iam only on the second one but it stiiiiilllllll the best i have ever readdddd. I was wondering if Scott Westerfels will ever do a movie about it. I think it would sell a lot if you he does a movie.

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