Pass the Book


One of the cool things I found out on the Leviathan tour was that the libraries of Howard County in Maryland are doing a little experiment called Pass the Book.

Here’s how Pass the Book works:

Step One: Obtain six hundred copies of Midnighters.

Step Two: Tag each one with its own unique tracking number.

Step Three: Release them into the wild!

Step Four: Let people read the books, register them online, and pass them on as they see fit.

Step Five: Monitor them using the internets!

That’s right, six hundred copies of Midnighters: The Secret Hour are being given away free and are traveling across the country right now. They look like regular copies, except for this sticker:


There’s also a page inside with detailed instructions on how to register the book online. To check out where the registered copies are right now, just click here.

I was given one of these books at my appearance in Baltimore. To be precise, it was Midnighters number 130, a multiple of 13! It flew with me to Los Angeles that very night, where I gave it to a bookseller. So hopefully it will appear on the map soon.

If you find number 130, let me know! There are also three other copies that I autographed, all of which are multiples of thirteen.

Click here to read more about Pass the Book.

Touring Update: Justine will be in Philly tomorrow, Thursday, to talk about her new book Liar. I’ll probably come along to say hi, so maybe see you there.

Thursday, 29 October, 7:00 pm
Justine Larbalestier
Big Blue Marble Books
551 Carpenter Ln
Philadelphia, PA

Click here for the rest of Justine’s appearances. And here for my remaining tour details, including Canada. And click here to buy my new book, Leviathan!

In other news, it’s time for a special Halloween Walker Wednesday!

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She began to unlock the chains, looked lovingly at her son, “Fortunately, no injuries!” Li Shiying breathed a sigh of relief, and then fetched a basin of water, wash hands to his son, mother and son then hand in hand to go outside through breathability. Mother to do so is to prevent self-mutilation Huang Jie told reporters, the brother tied by chains, got strange diseases since the age of 3, irritability, saw many doctors are unable to find the cause,louboutin. Until August 2009, was the Xinqiao Hospital, diagnosed with psychomotor and growth retardation and tic. Recent years, although in medicine, Huang Xing’s illness is getting heavier and heavier, mental disorders, self-mutilation often, not only with a wooden stick, fist banging the head, but also like to use teeth to bite things, not only tearing the quilts and clothing , but also bite their own hands. “You see, his hand is often bloody bite,ポロラルフローレン.” Li Shiying showed Huang Xing hands, scarred its tender on the back of the hand, miserable. Usually home only Huang Xing,mulberry outlet, continue to self-mutilation in order to prevent the end of 2009, Li Shiying no choice but to give him wear an iron chain, leaving only around quilts and clothing. “The son do not want to wear, avoiding the and shouted ‘mother, sets, Mom, do not set ……'” said Li Shiying tears, “do not wear it, he would self-mutilation.” Her heartache like a knife cut hopes that he can understand her efforts. Even if the in this way, the or a real accident occur frequently. Neighbor Miss Xiao said, the beginning of this year, Huang Xing, a bamboo block is pressed down from the bed, knocked on the head in a hole,バーバリー, two stitches; Last month, he broke the chains, the home a piece of raw bacon. Huang Jie said that every time he saw the self-mutilation brother, mother heartache could not eat, try a variety of ways, had chained protect his younger brother from harm. For her reading and medical treatment to his brother,ラルフローレン, had a frail mother,mulberry, one person working two jobs. Do heavy work to sell scrap life difficult Li Shiying husband Huang Chao-fat face reluctantly told reporters, his work from time to time, at home thanks to his wife, she returned to when the sanitation workers, community residents clear away the garbage every day from dawn to dusk, the two working together, can earn 1,000 yuan a month. Li Shiying loves her two children, daughter admitted to graduate school, she was happy while sweeping, singing, we have never seen her so happy, but the thought of her son,louboutin pas cher, she became preoccupied. “Masangxi the community deputy director Fangdong Ning told reporters, Li Shiying body burden is even heavier, to make a living, in addition to her two jobs, but also to pick up sold as scrap. Li Shiying life is very thrifty,abercrombie, eat two meals a day, her husband was not at home at noon, she often boiled noodles, usually to buy some meat to his son to eat, but do not want to eat neighbor Liu Huairong said. Reporter see Li Shiying home beams hanging from a piece of bacon, she said, the Spring Festival relatives sent, and now can not eat, have to wait for my daughter to go home next month and then eat together. Parties voice neighbors: should unlock the chains timely hospital interview, the crowd of neighbors talking about, a middle-aged man found a defect in the Li Shiying approach,hollister, he said, the child was sick, in chains for a long time , watching pity, cause great harm to the child’s physical and mental, should unlock the chains, leaving an adult to take care of him at home,abercrombie france, or sent to a mental hospital in a timely manner. Ping Shiyou Li Shiying fellow, more familiar with the situation of his family,mulberry, he explained, in order to cure his son, Li Shiying traveled to the city’s major hospitals, also sent to a mental hospital, but the result is not satisfactory, her daughter to school, son to cure the couple leave one at home to take care of his son, the family in the economy can not sustain a tied with chains refused to concede defeat. Family: I hope good people to help us in order to reduce the burden on the family, sensible Huang Jie rarely asked his parents for living expenses, leaving more money to treat his brother, and now she out as a tutor, a month can earn three or four hundred, plus on the graduate student living allowance, and can basically self-sufficient. “Mom loves his brother, Every day she finished work non-stop to get home to unlock the chains, go out to relax with his brother,hollister.” Huang Jie said, “brother completely out of control, the effort very large, mothers caring more he to the more difficult, I really do not know how to do, want the good people of the community to help us. “Huang Jie said that the only thing she wanted to do now, is to work hard in school, with the knowledge to change the fate of the family, her work, physical exertion The mother can take a break from her to earn money to treat his brother. Lawyer: The practice is not illegal, but improper Li Shiying son with chains tied at home, the legality of this practice In this regard, the law firm in Chongqing Jin Young (Jiangbei) Panxing Wang lawyers said that due to the to Huang Xing insane, often self-mutilation, is not a normal person, Li Shiying as guardian, in good faith, tied with chains at home to protect him from harm, subjective does not constitute abuse, this practice is not illegal. However, this approach is not conducive to the patient’s condition improved, if economic conditions permit, let the children receiving regular treatment, will be removed as soon as possible the child’s body chains. Reporter intern Han Zheng Zhu Yan Related articles: Male junior middle school students with a lighter Man with camera test driving test traffic rules ch 8030 yuan received no corpse-owned corpse after a car accide

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