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  1. Hi Scott! I’ve never commented here before, but I couldn’t resist after seeing that plate of food. See, when I was really young (maybe 7?), some neighbors of mine went to Turkey and brought back “candy” which they then gave to me and my sister. I remembered it had a really funny taste that I’d never experienced before. I wasn’t sure if I liked it. Twenty or so years later, I suddenly got a craving for this candy, and started researching Turkish food. Everyone thought maybe it was Turkish Delight, but on seeing/tasting it, I vetoed that. It wasn’t until two years ago that I realized they were apricots (possibly candied, I’m not sure).

    Ironically, I’d been getting dried apricots for my kids for years, but I’d never connected the two ideas in my head. The “candy” I’d had from my neighbors had been far stiffer than the limp dried fruit that I gave to my boys. I’m not a particular fan of dried fruit (probably why the neighbors told me it was candy when I was a kid), but on a flight home from Palestine, they served me a meal with stiff, dried apricots on the side. That’s when I made the connection. I tried one out, and while it didn’t taste quite the same as it did when I was a kid – I wouldn’t expect it to – it did taste close enough to know that it was definitely an apricot of some kind that they’d fed me.

    So…yeah. Seeing your picture above that includes dried apricots (as well as the one on Justine’s page) just adds an extra layer of confirmation for me. And now I’ll go away and stop babbling about my childhood in your comments section. πŸ™‚


  2. Hehehehe. It’s Istanbul, not Constantinople y’know Scott?

    …how did Constantinople get the works? It’s nobody’s business but the Turk’s!

  3. Ooohh, minarets~~ They look so fairyland to me… *__* Lucky you being able to be there and actually see these things in person. Istanbul’s on my looooong list of places to visit someday. Seeing these pics is making me bump it up a few spots. ^^ Please keep posting pics while you’re on your lovely vaca–that is, research trip! πŸ˜‰

  4. Wow. That looks beautiful. And yes, I’m talking about the food as well as the buildings. And may the research pay off and Behemoth be fabulous!!! (I have no doubts about this happening). And I’m in the same boat as Cy and I want to see all of the amazing pictures. So go ahead and amaze us!!!

  5. oops I ment to say wow iv never even been out of the US before!!! One day I want to go to Germany thats were all of my dads side of the family are from!!! Have fun Scott-la!!!

  6. wow thats absolutely gorgeous. it looks like a painting from a fairytale.
    and that food looks delish makes me hungry!

  7. Mmm. Everything looked so good on Justine’s site. *melts with a sigh* I love exotic foods, especially if it’s spicy. And some of those desserts? Wow, talk about delectable!

    Now I don’t want to eat any boring American food. *pouts* Wish I could travel somewhere fun and eat amazing foods. Guess I’ll have to get rich.

  8. That’s amazing. O_O : D So, we’re reading All Quiet on the Western Front in my English class. (brilliant book, in my opinion) We had a test on the background information a while back, and the teacher asked us when giving us information for notes if anyone knew one of the major causes of WWI. I was like ASSASSINATION OF ARCHDUKE FERDINAND OF AUSTRIA-HUNGARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I was the only one that knew. Thankyou Scott for Leviathan!!! XD

  9. You really loved my country… Yeah,here is great… There are a lot of historical places. Even my school ( Ä°stanbul Lisesi ) is a historical building. Have fun and come again…=)

  10. Wheehee… The sights in Istanbul is so beautiful and so rich in history, I would love to return there someday.

    However, I’m not a big fan of the food. Maybe I just don’t happen to like really sweet things, and even though those pastries with pistachio tastes so yummy (I did try them), I felt that the syrup kind of drowned out the delectableness after a while.

  11. Sorry for double posting, but I just saw from your twitter (I don’t have twitter) that you’re in SG, so I want to tell you Welcome and enjoy your stay here!

  12. i’ve always wanted to see the haggia sophia especially because of it’s changing religious history…wow…really
    as for the food – the colours are just inspiring πŸ™‚

  13. the title of this post reminds me of my school’s play. we did the lion the witch and the wardrobe and could never find or make turkish delight for edmund. we ended up using candy corn.

  14. The Haggia Sophia is absolutely gorgeous! I’ll have to add it to my list of “Places I Must See Before I Die”. πŸ™‚

  15. Gosh, now I want some Turkish food πŸ™ And by the way, I do not know how I will survive the second book. That stupid song keeps popping up in my head.

    Istanbul was Constantinople
    Now it’s Istanbul, not Constantinople
    Been a long time gone, Constantinople
    Why did Constantinople get the works
    That’s nobody’s business but the Turks

  16. also, abby-wa………………..that song is stuck my head too!!!!!!!!!!! i really like they might be giants…………………

  17. Hey Scott.
    I have an old lantern slide of what I believe, now, is the Haggia Sophia. I bought it at a tag sale, and never knew what it was, just that it looked cool.

    I really enjoyed Leviathan, I got for Christmas, on CD. Can’t wait to read the next book.


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