Back in Sydney

I haven’t been posting as much lately. But as you probably have noticed, Justine and I have been in Istanbul the last week or so, me doing research for the next book in the Leviathan series, and her mostly eating.

We also got to meet with some of our Turkish publishers: Epsilon, who will bring out Leviathan next year; and Artemis, who publish the Midnighters books and will soon be releasing Justine’s latest, Liar. We didn’t get to meet with Tudum, who publish the Uglies series (which apparently tanked in Turkey). But thanks to everyone for their tremendous hospitality.

Here are the Turkish covers for the first two Midnighters books:


Kind of a goth/gypsy vibe going on here. From what my editor at Artemis said, the books didn’t sell well at first, but more recently these new covers (and a post-Twilight wave of paranormal readers) have made them a hit.

And for your vicarious tourist enjoyment, here is the emperor Justinian’s amazing cistern, which supplied water to Istanbul from 352AD onward:


Pretty cool, huh? It’s a really huge and beautiful cavern, with very little signage and tourist stuff to distract from simply hanging out there. Plus, they play awesome music. Click here to read more.

And now, readers of Leviathan, please enjoy Walker Wednesday. Today’s walker is made by paper engineering genius Theo Jansen:

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  1. Ping to the OTHER Tally Youngblood: Alrighty 🙂 I’ll just say…I’m not 😛 xD

    Ps-Sorry it took me so long 😛

  2. cool vid……………………i’m gonna shorten evryting now cuz i wanna be sorta aussie too……..hehehe……..but whuts with the lapt (short 4 laptop) in the bacround??

  3. my God, i thought you were going to chip in with some decisive insght at the end there, not leave it with ‘we allow you to decide’.

  4. Well, I live in Turkey. And in my opinion, the book covers are not oh-so-great. Maybe it’s something about never being satisfied. Or whatever… I adore the books though. :] But, it takes too much time for a book to be out here in Turkey. :/ Which is like, “doof”. -.- Well, I only read Extras in English. (Couldn’t wait for it to be out :/-sorry for my English, it sucks I know-Unfortunately the other books were out of stock! Christmas time and everything…) Which was great in my opinion. The ending was so different. I was expecting another war I guess. LOL Is that place “Yerebatan Sarnıcı”? If it is, well… That place is scary… O.O Huge fishes and everything…

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