Back at Last

Hey, sorry for not blogging for a while there. There was travel, research, and lots of writing (on Behemoth) to do.

But now I am back in the blog-saddle, so it’s time for some fan art!

First, for you Midnighters fans, I present the Midnighters Fingerpuppet Five!


What’s cool is that you can tell who’s who. I could have totally used these while writing the book for, like, acting out scenes.

These were made by Chloe Wiccith, who also created this awesome mindcaster symbol pumpkin:


That’s some mighty fine carving.

And for you Uglies fans, check out this remix of Extras with a self portrait by Zheng Xiao, doing his best emo-manga-head impersonation.


Any more fan art out there that needs to see the light of day? Sent it over.

94 thoughts on “Back at Last

  1. omg actually the cover for the extras (forgot the dudes name already:P) is kinda cool wicked eye grapic skills

  2. @ Me and My Spagbol– I haven’t looked into this, but you’re saying that Tally was taller than David in both cases and rode on opposite sides, but for the same reasoning? Then, I don’t know…
    But… about Tally being tall for a Pretty, I was trying to see if it could relate somehow to the situation that I gave an example for with Zane. I mean, since she was a bit tall, and she was definitely Special Circumstances material, maybe they were saving the trait, like they had Zane all ready to go…?


    @ Me and My Spagbol, Elizabeth-la, and Team Toshi Banana

    Soooo… how’s this?

    Tally was shorter than David as an Ugly, so she stood in front of him. Then, she may have grown some, like most people do and / or she was made taller in the operation, which may possibly (and also may possibly not) have to do with for-stated reasoning. Then, as a Pretty, she was taller, and stood in back.
    How does that sound?

  4. Ping at team yoshi banana:
    just read mind-rain…..
    The essay by robin wasserman was mind bending!!!!
    It was about how tally sucks and Shay rocks : D

    ping to sarah ayelet:
    I never noticed that before!!!!
    Gosh I think that was just a mistake on Scott-la’s part…..(no offence Scott)

    geez I’m going to tell my friend this!!!!
    I got her hooked on the series ; )
    I told her to come on the blog but I think she’s shy : P
    but maybe one day shell come listed as Aimee-la or Bess
    or something along those lines…..

  5. Sorry to butt into the conversation so late into it but it’s really interesting.

    Frankly I think it was a mistake. According to those two original quotes, she was taller than pretty average before the operation but still shorter than David, and afterward she has now been shrunk but is taller than David. And that does NOT make sense.

    I think she rode in front that first time because she didn’t really know what she was doing, and I guess it’s easier to ride in front for a beginner? But that sounds hard for David to see…..

    So….inconsistency! But you find those in lots of books. 🙂

  6. Ping to Beli-wa,
    I know, I loved the Best Friends For Never essay…
    And the one about David vs. Zane… that was really creative!
    I think they should publish a series of essays on Uglies written by the readers! (Not other published authors, I mean) Wouldn’t that be icy!
    Tell your friend that Team Toshi Banana says to stay icy! 😀 But yeah, I was too shy to comment here for a loooooong time, I just read the posts! Tell her to just read the blog posts, and she’ll want to comment!

  7. @ Sarah Ayelet,
    I got to be thinking about what you had said about Zane, and about how he was destined to be Special as a Pretty. I was also wondering why Tally wouldn’t be made shorter through the operation considering the fact that she was taller than an average Pretty while being ugly, and that the Pretty Committee probably wanted to make Tally the same as any other Pretty.

    Those two ideas got me to be thinking that MAYBE, Tally was made even taller through the operation because she was also destined to be Special, and as we know Specials are always made to be very frighteningly tall for Dr. Cable’s own purposes. So, that could be the case, but what do you think?

  8. @ Kailey-wa,
    I think that inconsistency may also be the answer to my tedious questioning, I mean, you never know!

    But you could also take a look at the last comment I sent to Sarah Ayelet, I would like to see what you think 🙂

    Also, even though any of these answers could be possibly right, I think that the only way we all would ever know the “right” answer would have to come from Scott.

    Though I highly doubt Scott would ever start writing down replies!!! 😉

  9. @ Team Toshi Banana,
    I’m wondering the same exact thing!!!

    Though right now I feel like I just gave Scott a really witty cover story if he ever was actually just being inconsistent while writing the books!

    Sometimes I feel like I just read to far into the stories, but maybe Scott had intended for all of his readers to “read between the lines.”

    But whether Scott had intended it or not, he is still a genius writer!!!

  10. @ Sarah Ayelet,
    Sorry, I just read back your last post and I realized that you had come up with the same idea!

    So maybe it is the explanation we have all been looking for!!!

    …and then again, maybe not… 🙁

  11. aww, jonathan looks so isolated from the four other fingers! and melissa actually kinda looks cool, in a emo-goth way! dessie’s amazing and jessica looks like the happy person she is 🙂 great job on them and the pumpkin, chloe!

  12. Wow. Well, I guess it WOULD make you inconsistent by just a spiff if you stayed up till (insert a time that you would NOT want to stay up till) writin g about a alternate future. (But right now, if you watch the news, things aren’t looking too cheery @ the moment. Like the terrorist that put explosives IN HIS PANTS! I laughed so flippin hard at that. I don’t think he’ll ever be able to use the restroom ever again!!!) *shudders at mental picture*
    Anyway, G2G!
    I’m not tryinh to get all relegious or anything, but I have to go through something at the doctor tomorrow and if you guys could pray for me that would be great! (No offence to any non-believers in God or anything)
    Okay, G@G! 😀

  13. Ping to the OTHER tally young blood:
    Ima make a special prayer for you!!
    : D

    ping at team yoshi banana:
    yay! It was my favourite essay of all time(ALL TIME!!)
    lol kanye west moment : )
    ok anyways, you are so smart!!!
    I would have never thought of fan made essays! I would actually work to make one!
    And I’ll be sure to tell my friend that 🙂
    she just finished Specials over the holidays abd I’m so glad she shared my pain about Zane-la!!
    Awww I miss him: (

    Team Zane!!!!!!!!

    Oh and now I’m thinking maybe Scott did do the height thing on purpose
    I mean it’s not like all pretties were the exact same
    like it’s an AVERAGE pretty afterall, not all of them just the average of them
    : P

  14. Lol, it seems you guys managed to understand some of my rambling… congrats! Sometimes I even have a hard time with that, lol.

    Well, anyway, I think many times writers put in nice little innuendos in their writing and sometimes the readers find unintentional innuendos in the writing, and to me, I think both are basically just as legit as each other. Every piece of written work means something else to each person, but once people share their ideas, like we do here on the blog, everyone’s horizons get expanded, even just a little bit, and even might I dare add, for the writer him/her self. In fact, for a really nice example, look at the blog analyzing Scott’s Halloween short story. That was mind bending. (In fact, I now am no longer sure where I stand on that and think I may possibly have totally switched sides on the gender thing, lol)

    If anyone is interested in this idea, you should read the story “A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings,” written by Marquez, who supposedly wrote the story after being fed up with the critics just to stump them, because they were assuming they could dissect and define his works.

  15. @Me and My SpagBol

    I think either way works! And….we should ask him on the boards on the ninth! 🙂

  16. scott-la out of curiosity why did you choose your cover for EXTRAS to be aya-chan? i love the cover but i couldnt help but to think why didnt you put an extra on the cover? although if you think about it aya-chan was an extra in the means of being not important until Hiro became important and Frizz was seen with her. i just want to know your take on this.
    ps. anyone ive got a seriously hard bookreport to do and ineed help with some awesome quotes descibing the characters of Hunter and Jen in So Yesterday. if youve got any be sure to hit me up on the forums (just message me please).

  17. @ Kailey-wa,
    That’s a great idea! Too bad I won’t be able to go on the boards on the 9th though…

    Could I count on one of you guys to ask for me anyways?

    Goodness Gracious! I don’t know why I really should care how tall Tally was as an Ugly and Pretty, but it is just like a little thought gnawing at my mind that I cannot get rid of until I find the true answer, only if there is one, of course…

  18. @ Sarah Ayelet,

    Wow, well said, well said…I couldn’t have put it any better.

    Also, I’ll look into the book that you recommended, it sounds really interesting!

  19. WOOHOO! I’m okay after my surgery! Just feel a little tipsy. And kind of of like a new pretty because now my teeth will be on their way to almost straightness! At least I can type in coherent sentences. Oh, and I feel like a new pretty because I got to go to one of those stalls at the mall where they use strings to shape up your eyebrows! It was very odd, but now my browz look great! I guess that’s all I gots 2 say. Oh and thanks 4 the prayer Beli-wa! 😀

  20. Awwww anytime the OTHER tally youngblood!!
    Lol so your teeth are nice now then?
    I’m totally jealous my parent don’t really want to get me braces cause they would love if I was a total plain Jane (like in extras)
    but Ive convinced them:)
    lol I dunno if I could ever get my eyebrows done :s
    I’ll miss their norm. Shape
    yesh I am a nerd….

  21. @ Me and My Spagbol:

    Why thank you 🙂
    It is an interesting story; I had to read it for school once. But, if you’re anything like me, your reaction at the end might be something like: “… Ummm… What?”
    But, I guess that WAS the point, lol.

  22. Ping 2 Beli-wa:They aren’t quite straight yet. I still need them for a year or so. Ha I’ma nerd as well. A band nerd. I’m no good @ computers and average @ video games. (Mario is my fave) Even my school friends got that quote from Sonny w/ a chance (though I really wish they would call the show So Random because no one knows what ur talking about if u refer to it as Sonny) about “Loser Force Four” I should so add that as a Facebook group or something! That would be so highlarious! Bye now! 😀

    Ping to Kailey-wa: Oh the lady manning (manning as in being in charge and not looking like a man. u know what I mean) said it hurt the most the 1st time. And she had decent enough looking eyebrows so I could trust her to get the job done right. She did but I wouldn’t recommend doing it unless you look like…*thinks of something that has bad eyebrows* a caveman. All in all, I just might do it again. 😀

    PEACE 😀

  23. Ping at the OTHER Tally youngblood:
    well still your lucky
    and uhhhh I don’t watch disney shows so I wouldn’t know…..

  24. hey scott you should really make a movie i’m like dieing for one of the uglies series their better than the twilight saga and i was i love at first sight with that ! i’m serious this would like be better than titantic and romeo and juliet ! i sure hope ur reading this cause i’m not a reader and this caught my eye and rite now i’m working on extras ! and also keep going with the series plzplzplzplzplzplzplzpolzplzplzpzlpzlzplzplzpolzplzplzpz!SCOTT PLEASE AND ALSO MAKE A MOVIE WITH THE UGLIES PRETTIES SPEACIALS EXTRAS PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE

  25. ping to beli-wa : doyou no anybody else at ur skool that are reading this series ? every body thinks there stupid and i’m like wat the h*** and there like well they do look really stupid and by the way my real name is taylor just call me tally ok? and by the way how old r u ?
    OMG!did you read that part when zane died ?
    that was so sad rite i cryed at that part it was so sad 🙁
    and now that david and tally are together i’m like wat has she been waiting on ? ping me later ok?

  26. ping to beli-wa:HEY!BELI-WA reply plz!i just finshed extras it was so good
    omg i am on zanes side even though hes dead me and my frind jeanie are addicted 2 the series and i can’t wait 2 read bogus to bubbly!
    ping me later ok?

  27. Yo, Scott. Leviathan was amazing. The whole Darwinist/ Clanker contravercy was ingenious!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait to see what the next book’ll be like.

    By the way, I’m a total beast lover the machines are seriously cool but, hey, ya cant blame someone for like’n the lupines and elephantines over a walker!

  28. Why didn’t Scott Westerfeild use Tally Youngblood again in Extras? I started reading Uglies then I loved it so much I read Pretties and Specials and now i’m starting Extras. I loved Uglies and Pretties and Specials but so far I just like Extras i’m not a big fan of Aya.

  29. Ok the fan art is nice and all but scott really i thought i read all your books, well i was wrong. YOU are my FAVORITE author stephanie meyer is nice: but she can go crawl in a corner as far as your concerned. Some of your books are really hard to find though, but you really need to write more books, i bet im not the only one who thinks so. Your either really disturbed or a genious, i no it’s not your thing but i would love to see what you have to offer about vampires. You are a wonderful writer and really should think about picking up your writing pace but thanks for writing period!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. OMG……Leviathan is Amazing, but i can not ,can not, belive that Deryn did not tell Alek that she was not a he!!!!! REALLY, i cant wait for Behemoth…. Peeps that was my first book i ever read by Scott Westerfeld. And when i read at the back that most of it was real, i nearly passed out! So yea love the books wish i could find more of them but o well.

  31. Very late reply.
    I think a fifth book would be awesome. But from Tally’s point of view. Include Dr. Cable, we want to know what happened to her. What about all of the other specials? I didn’t like Aya, she was kind of a brat. Tally is so much more interesting. And we want to know about her relationship with David.

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