Forum Meet-Up + Leviathan Fan Art

First thing:
A few months ago we installed a Forum here on the Westerblog, and people have been gradually populating the threads. But it was recently suggested to me that we have a meet-up, where new people can sign on and be guaranteed a big group of online welcomers.

This sounds awesome to me, so I am announcing the first WesterForum Meet-Up. In fact, I’ll be joining in the discussions if possible.

Here are the times and dates, depending on where you are in the world:

(Update: The western US/Canada time was wrong; now it’s right.)

Saturday, January 9th, 2010
7PM Eastern/4PM Western

Sunday, January 10th, 2010
11AM Eastern/8AM Western

Sunday, January 10th, 2010
1AM CET/Midnight UK, GMT

(Okay, I admit that this time sucks for Europe. Next time we’ll do better for the fans there. Sorry.)

The meet-up doesn’t have an end-time, and of course the Forum is always open, so feel free to start a little early, and we’ll see how long it goes.

How do you get there? Click FORUM on the big menu at the top of this site. Then sign up so you can use the forums. It’s EASY!

Hope to see you all there!

Second thing:
I’ve been finding some amazing Leviathan fan art on Deviant Art. Check this out, from Dante-D:


This is wicked cool, seeing Deryn and Tazza hanging out together, and in a style that’s so different from Keith’s, while still capturing the same characters.

And here’s Count Volger, from Konira Thax, also on Deviant Art.


Also a totally different style, but still rocking the character.

A quick request: I don’t have a Deviant Art account, so I couldn’t message these two artistes and tell them I was ganking their stuff. Could someone please forward my thanks, and mention this post? Cheers.

Keep the Leviathan fan art coming, and see you at the Meet-Up!

68 thoughts on “Forum Meet-Up + Leviathan Fan Art

  1. OMG!!!!! ONE WEEK UNTILL MY BIRTHDAY! YAY! That means six months untill I get my temps (lol, that one is totally freaking my parents out)! GA! I CAN’T WAIT! WOOOOOOOOOO!

  2. Ping to Caitlin-la: Huzzah for you! And Happy-Almost-Birthday as well! Mine was this week and I am now officially a TEENAGER! Gah my mom’s totally freakingn out. YES I JUST REALIZED THAT I CAN PLAY ALL THE HALO GAMES!!!! Or can I? I don’t know what they’re rated. Anyway, see you all later!

  3. Ping at me an. My spagbol:
    k let’s face it, the worlds just THAT retarded….
    And lmao I did say I was sorta anti-canadian!
    Lol I even hate hockey : P
    and yea we do have pretty killer landscapes : D

    ping to Caitlin-la:
    : D

    ping at the OTHER tally youngblood:
    : D

    | | |
    that was so skilled….
    : )

  4. Well it didn’t come out the way it was supposed to but still…

    รขโ‚ฌยข )
    hehe cyclops….

  5. Ping to BEli-wa: LOL Thanks. I told my friend about your stories that said stuff about the u.s and what they taught you about us. She claimed that all she knows is that u guys have to pay an extra dollar on EVERYTHING. She also reccomends that you use American sites to buy stuff. Thanks again 4 the awesome cake! In order to do this, I shall do something that aquires a lot less skill:

  6. Yo, I’m sooooooooo excited bout Leviathan! Can’t wait to see what else ya think up in your noggen Scott!

    ps. I totally luved the Clanker/Darwinist contrivercy.

  7. @ Beli-wa,

    Haha, yeah I guess the world is pretty messed up, but that’s what makes everything so interesting!

    Also, here in the state of Minnesota we actually have a lot of the same stereotypes you Canadians have, such as: We live in igloos, we only play hockey, we get eaten by a bears and coyotes, etc.

    I guess that’s what I get for living in a state so FREEZING and so close to you Canadians.

    P.S. If you don’t know where Minnesota is (and I don’t blame you if you don’t) , it is in the middle and northern part of the U.S.

  8. @ Brita,

    WWWWWOOOWW! That was really great. Just wanted to let you know that I think that your drawing was awesome!

  9. damn i missed it!! i fell asleep
    curse you being up early then falling asleep at 7!!! (lol missed canada time)

  10. yeah, i was kinda lost on where minnesota was… how shaming…
    there are some purty out-there stereotypes 4 every state… like how people think ohio is just a bunch of apple farms ( what with Johnny Applesead and all ) and that new mexico/arizona/the whhole southwest is just a row of cactuses ( or is that cacti? ) and that kansas is just a ginormous whirling munchkin filled tornadoes… ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. @ Brita,

    It’s a small world afterall…

    Oh great, now I’m going to have that song stuck in my head.

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