Brisbane! (etc.)

Four Five things to talk about here, starting with an appearance! (UPDATE!)

Thing One
Leviathan has been nominated for an Aurealis Award, so Justine and I are headed up to Brisbane this weekend for the ceremony. We’ll also be doing an appearance at Pulp Fiction Books on Saturday at 11:30AM.

But it’s not just us. A whole crew of SF and fantasy writers will be descending that day. Check out this list:

Pulp Fiction
Shops 28-29
Anzac Square Arcade265-269 Edward St
Brisbane QLD 4000 (map)
(07) 3236 2750รขโ‚ฌลฝ

Saturday, January 23, 2010
Trudi Canavan and Kaaron Warren, 10:30-11:30
Justine Larbalestier, Scott Westerfeld and Sean Williams, 11:30-12:30
Karen Miller and Glenda Larke, 12:30-1:30
Pamela Freeman and Katie Taylor, 2:30-3:30

It’s all very informal. Just come by and say hello. Brings books to be signed or buy them in the store. (You can also buy tickets to the award ceremony that night.)

Thing Two
I haz a wine:


My lovely Oz publisher, Penguin Australia, gave this to me. It’s a Barolo Valley Shiraz, if you’re interested.

Thing Three
Keith Thompson, illustrator of Leviathan, haz a sketchbook for iPhone, which you can buy at the iTunes Store. It looks like this:


None of these images are from Leviathan, but they are in color. It’s a nifty little collector’s item.

Thing Four
Congrats to everyone who took home Printz and Newberry Honors yesterday!

Special congrats go to Libba Bray, who won the Michael L. Printz Award for 2009’s Best YA, for Going Bovine. And Rebecca Stead, who won the Newberry for When You Reach Me.

Let the w00ting commence!

Thing Five
For all you non-monoglots out there, here’s an interview with me in Spanish.

Another, in Italian, is coming soon.

49 thoughts on “Brisbane! (etc.)

  1. Congratulations on your nomination ๐Ÿ™‚ I am now rearranging everything I can to be in Bris on Saturday. I’ll see you at Pulp Fiction.

  2. YAY, FIRST POST!!!! xD

    Anyway, cool wine bottle, lol you can see u taking the pic of it on the bottle. And the Book of the Dead picture is actually pretty cool. Glad for Libba Bray, I’m a fan of her writing.
    Have fun at your appearance =)

  3. Aww I wish I could make it but I’m in Canada right now ):
    anyways I’m rooting for you Scott!!!!!

    lmao the wine bottle is soo killer

    I want sketchbook.

  4. Awesome Wine bottle I don’t drink but it looks so cool!!!!

    and that book of the dead sketchbook pic looks awesome!!!

  5. NICE, send me some. Just kidding, I don’t drink. Or do I…

    I can see you in the bottle taking a picture! Nice apartment, or whatever it is. Ooh I’macreep.

    Sorry, I’m in a REALLY weird mood.

  6. Yay for your nomination Scott!! And the wine is cool, but i’m just 13 so I couldn’t even imagine seeing whats it tastes like. But I don’t even know if it’s for sale!! Lol

  7. Anyways. . This is awesome Scott-la. .I absolutely loved Leviathan. It was awesome. . . So sad i missed you on the meet up the other night on the forum. You should have another one some time!!!

  8. Wow, the wine is so cool, but I can’t drink yet. Beside my parents love wine, so I’m already tired of it, but I keep the bottles. lol, I’d LOVE that one in my room! ๐Ÿ˜›

    Hey, I’ve got 2 things to ask. number one, Whatever happened to the whole Uglies movie thing? I guess I could look somewhere else, but I’m too lazy. But I mean, it sorta got all swept up by this whole Leviathan thing (not that I don’t like Leviathan, I LOVE it), and we haven’t heard diddly about it. Give us at least an update? Please?

    And the second thing is will there be a spoiler page for Leviathan soon? Cause there have been a few so far, but I still know some of my friends haven’t gotten to read it yet, although I don’t know why. Anyway, just wondering. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Congrats!! Thats fawsome! Lol, nice wine.
    Pretty please, will you stop over in Melbourne??? We’d love to have you!

  10. sweet wine bottle…jealous. i got a pretty sweet one in my room…even tho i can’t drink…but it’s vampire wine so i wanted it haha.

    ping to Caitlin-la: i’ve been wondering the same thing but i guess unlike you i wasn’t lazy ๐Ÿ™‚ haha jk but anyway…that movie is suppose to come out in 2011…next year! that’s what i saw but it’s changed alot so idk. i just hope if it does come out that the cast doesn’t suck…that would suck. i think we can all agree tho that nothing will match the book’s epicness!

    speaking of books to movies coming out in 2011…THE HUNGER GAMES is going to be made into a movie…rumor has it. that would be freaking awesome!! i ripped thru the Hunger Games and then went and bought Catching Fire the next day…i honestly don’t know if i’ll be able to wait for the next book….they’re sooooooo amazing. if you don’t believe me..READ THEM!! and if you do believe me READ THEM ANYWAY…and if you’ve already read them..READ THEM AGAIN!!! my advice and i usually give good advice ๐Ÿ™‚ even after you put the book down (you won’t wanna trust me) but if you do you will continue to think about it…it will consume your mind (k..that sounded creepy) but if you like the Uglies series this is like that but there’s a bigger twist…i wanted to cry at some points, laugh at others…it’s totally mind-blowing!! so read them, enjoy them, and if you don’t…your loss:)

    OH!!! also for all you GREEN DAY fans! AMERICAN IDIOT is coming to BROADWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! previews start on March 24, opening night is April 20…all the info that’s available right now is on…so yeah i’m excited…you all should be too! ๐Ÿ™‚

    GREEN DAY ROCKS!!!!!!!! <3

  11. GO SCOTT!!!! a wine really?? thats an awesome idea! nobody would ever think of making a book cover a wine label!

  12. Your possibly the most adorable person in the world scott. Your like.. Words can’t describe cause your super cute

  13. hiya scott. do you know when you’ll be in Melbourne again, by any chance? I would so love to go to another signing.

  14. ping to random: OOHH! I LOVED the hunger games. Though I’m extremely mad because of the ending in Catching Fire. Just another cliff hanger I will have to painfully wait on…

    Ping to Catlin-la: Long time no see! I feel the same way about the movie.

    G2G! the school bell’s about to ring! ๐Ÿ˜€

  15. Now that I think about it, Hunger Games is actually a lot like Uglies in a series of ways. Both take place in the future where the U.S. government changed to keep order and control its citizens. Both have main characters that are forced into a bad situation, where the end up defying the government that had put them in that situation. Also, both start a huge rebellion across the globe, where others followed.

    Though of course both book series have completely different authors with completely different writing styles.

    Just a curious observation, though I must make way to many of those!

  16. hey since many of us are under the drinking age, (including myself) why don’t we just get Leviathan related Coke bottles? The glass kind that no one will mistake for trash and throw away because I know I would’t want that to happen to my Leviathan. Oh did I say my? I meant Scott-la’s.
    BYE! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Wait, Team Toshi Banana, Scott-la’s announced his third book title?!

  17. EEEEEEEEEEEEPPPPPPP! 15 15 15! YAY! I’M FINALLY 15! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! ๐Ÿ˜€ I’M SO SO HAPPY! Except many of my bffs didn’t remember. I gotta give them a talkin to! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    kk, ttyl. I just wanted to let y’all know that. heehee. BYE-BYE!

  18. Hey Scott,
    I came to this site to find more information about Leviathan…and then proceeded to read your entire interview in Spanish. Just wondering, do you speak Spanish or was it translated?

  19. I would like to mention that I have finished the extravagent book of Leviathan. I know, I know, it took me long enough, right?

    I would also like to state that I appreciate Westerfeld’s writing a lot more than some other teen fiction authors (ones that shall not be named). I say this because I have noticed that most teen authors tend to base their stories off of romance, boys, and so on.

    I always recieve a breath of fresh air while reading Westerfeld’s books. For I have always appreciated his ability to sneak a romance into his writings, while not letting those romances consume the novel, and making that book into another teen love story (like we don’t have too many of those already).

    Westerfeld’s books always seem to have an honorable purpose and meaning, and that purpose (very fortunately) is not just to hype up teenage girls with a fictional romance and boy.

    So, in conclusion, I absolutely adore Leviathan, and I am now forever anticipating the next inventive and witty book Scott will whip up.

  20. id be willing to kill my pretty little brain cells to drink that wine. XD nine kinds of fawesome, scott-la.

    congrats to you for your nom. leviathan = LOVE.
    *is not going to get a good night’s sleep until Behemoth is out and in my hands*

  21. haha we can see ur reflection thingy!
    i absolutely love the wine bottle. icy ๐Ÿ˜€
    whew im glad this weeks finally over cause its been a long one…
    oh and happy late bday Caitlin-la(: hope ya had a good one

  22. Hey Mr Scott-la, I was wondering if there is any news on the Uglies movie??
    Also any chance of coming back to Texas? Didn’t get a chance to go the last time =(
    Oh well, lol can’t wait til the movie comes out =)

  23. GUESS WHAT GUYS?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
    Kso I went to chapters today and bought Midnighters finally!!!!!!
    I feel so good.
    Cause remember I said that I still haven’t read it cause I owed a dine at the library?
    Well I finally found it while having enough money to buy it!!!!
    So in going to start reading now although its already 11:15 pm over here
    ohwell :]

  24. Oops I mean I owed a FINE at the library, not a dine!
    Silly me always typing fast :p
    oh look now it’s 11:16
    kso Ima go read now

  25. Wow…I’m so proud of myself. I actually understood that entire interview! My Spanish teachers were actually effective….

    Scott-la: Can you actually speak Spanish, or were the questions/answers translated?

    And also, you said that Leviathan is sort of like Romeo and Juliet, forbidden love and all, and I agree, but I actually think that it’s a ton more similar to Twelfth Night, in which Viola, posing as a boy, falls in love with someone oblivious to the fact that she is a girl. I love that play…

  26. Scott and Justine and Trudi Canavan at the same event? O.O! Someone slap me, I think I’m going to faint… Also partially because I live too far from Brisbane to go. D=

    The Leviathan Wine thing is really cool too!

  27. ping to Me and My Spagbol: first off LOVE the name! ๐Ÿ™‚ and yes the Hunger Games and Uglies is very similar i noticed that while reading Hunger Games but at the same time…they aren’t. Hunger Games is a worse image of how our society may turn out and for some reason i think the Uglies series will have a happier outcome than the Hunger Games trilogy…but i don’t know. there’s definitely more death in the Hunger Games…but both series really made me think about the future and kept me lying awake at night wondering what the hell is going to happen to us? but that’s me.

    ping to the OTHER tally youngblood: yes Catching Fire left us with a MASSIVE cliff hanger!!! i was extremely upset but that’s probably what ultimately made it such a kick ass book. i’m also painfully waiting for the third and final book since apparently it will just be a trilogy (Uglies was also supposed to be just a trilogy but we all saw what happened with that! i’m keeping my fingers crossed for the HUnger Games too). also i agree that since a lot of us can’t drink (or at least shouldn’t be drinking) then glass Leviathan coke bottles is obviously the next best idea! it would be perfect…limited addition collectors coke bottles…i think they’d sell ๐Ÿ™‚ at least i’d buy one…

    GREEN DAY ROCKS!!!!!!!! <3

  28. Aggghh I want the sequel to Catching Fire to come out!!!!

    If you guys are looking for any more addictive books while we wait for the last book in the Hunger Games series and for Behemoth, check out Wake by Lisa McMann. The last book comes out next month, and those books are amazing! I read the first two each in one sitting.

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