Fan Art Friday Fandango!

I missed a couple of walker Wednesdays there, so here’s a lovely bit of Lego fan art. It’s one of the German scout walkers from Chapter 18 of Leviathan:


Cool, huh? It’s by Jonathen Haney.

It makes me stupidly happy that this piece is roughly the same scale as the Lego Stormwalker I showed you here back in January, because they both use the same-size little Lego peoples! So they could, like, fight each other.

I have much more Leviathan fan art waiting to get shown, so here are a couple of bonus pieces. WARNING, some have been ganked from the internets without permission!

Here’s Deryn, as drawn by Deviant Art’s Comicker Girl:

In terms of composition, these are taken pretty much straight from the book, which makes it kind of interesting to see how the two drawing styles differ. I like how all the clothing details pop in this version.

Here’s Alek and Deryn, by Deviant Art’s Polymath13:
Alek and Deryn

I assume this is Chapter 35, where Alek tells Deryn how his parents met. The funny thing is, Keith and I had considered illustrating this scene. But it got very tricky, emotion-wise, which is why we went with the more abstract pocket watch image. It’s great to see someone draw this sort of missing scene.

And now for you Midnighters fans, this is a lovely piece by giuly chan, a little ariel kissing between Jonathan and Jessica:

Make sure to click here for a bigger version.

27 thoughts on “Fan Art Friday Fandango!

  1. ooo – art totally pretty-making!
    esp. the first Deryn one – I wish I could ink half that well.

    and a german scout walker versus stormwalker lego battle would be epic! someone should create both then go shot by shot. //if only I had a sufficient amount of legos surviving

  2. Those are really cool, the Deryn Sharp one is done prefectly well, as are the others.
    The midnighters picture is also very cool and sweet, they all did an awesome job =)
    Even the lego walker!!

  3. Awwww the johnathan and Jessica thing is really nice. It looks like regular night though and it’s supposed to be like blue moon light but hey.
    Anyways both Deryns are amazinggg!

  4. Wait wait wait-hold it
    YO. The second Deryn is drawn by polymath13 HA. Lmao I heart the user name! High-five!

  5. wow it’s been forever since i’ve been on HI WESTERLIES! and AWESOME fan art…. it makes me proud of fellow fans i WISH i could draw this well and i’m totally inspired to buy some legos. πŸ™‚ way to go!!

  6. Shweet fan art. I can’t do that kind of stuff.

    Scott-la: you spelled arial wrong in the Midnighter’s fan art. Sorry if I’m being nitpicky or if it’s a differentiating spelling between the continents.

  7. Dang, I’m feeling lacking in artistic talent right now. The midnighters pick is awesome; just look at her hair! I could maybe attempt lego’s…
    *Thinks about the mess that would ensue, followed by possibly broken furniture/body parts.*
    Maybe not. I’m just not artistic.

  8. these are the times when i wish i hadn’t lost all of my l e g o ‘ s…
    i love the fan art! especially m i d n i g h t e r s! (i spaced the letter of the words my computer(freed) insists are spelled wrong, apparently it has never read the m i d n i g h t e r s trilogy)

  9. love the midnighters pic! they forgot its the blue hour, though… the moon’s white and boring:(

  10. Hey.. Hi there!! I’m Julia [giuly–chan] the one who painted that artwork about midnighters :D!! I just wanted to say..WOW!! At the moment I’m quite SPEECHLESS..someone noticed me on deviantart..but I couldn’t believe it..even when I opened this blog and saw it with my eyes!! I’s unbelievable, fantastic, I could have never imagined something this incredible happening to me..I can’t find the right words to say how happy I am…so THANK YOU Scott-la, I’ve always known you were, are and will always be the best!!

    Then I also wanted to thank you all, guys, for the comments and to congratulate myself with the other authors..both the ones mentioned here and the others spread all around the world.
    Let’s go on like this!
    [p.s. oh..well..thereÒ€ℒs a reason if I made the moon that way.. I know it had to be BLACK but I made it white to make the picture looks brighter, and yes, the colors had to be more…blue but..then everything would have been too “flat” xD!!]
    However..byebye πŸ˜€

  11. Ping at Juli-A:
    youre really talented!!
    Honestly, all the artwork that gets on here makes me feel so bubbly, but at the same time just twinge of jealousy that I completely suck at drawing ; ]
    lmao jks.
    Anyways your right about the moon thing. A blue moon would have made it more depressing. Maybe a light blue? Hmmm…

  12. Caught up inmy facinating responce about the new and improved Uglies Movie responce, I haven’t stopped by to state how awesome the art is! VERY MUCH! I tried to do a Leviathan one, but alas, the scene with Alek and Deryn was too complicated, (Just like Scott & Keith’s predicament) and has probably long since been hauled on a trip to the recycling plant…
    *sigh* Anyway, I’ll see you all later for those who care! πŸ˜€

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