UK Trip

Justine and I are back from a lovely tour of Britain, so thanks for not wrecking the US while we were gone. I didn’t do any public events there; sorry about that!

But we did get see lots of beautiful countryside:


And amusingly named towns:


And olde worlde pubs:


And, of course, many wonderful and welcoming schools:


So thanks to everyone at Simon & Schuster UK for having me, and special thanks to all the schools and the Scottish Book Trust. By the way, the tour was for the paperback release of Leviathan, which is out NOW in the United Kingdom, and looks like this:


I love the new look. (Here’s the old one for comparison.) It’s very Victorian wallpaper-ish, and quite close to the hardback USian and Italian covers. It’s been weird seeing how the cover has changed as the book moves across the world.

Speaking of which, I’ll be releasing the Behemoth cover very soon!

Ciao for now.

Deryn Sharp has been nominated as Best Hero in the Indigo Teen Reads Awards! Check it out and cast your vote now. NOTE: Only Canadians are eligible to vote.


47 thoughts on “UK Trip

  1. Giggleswick…*giggles!* Ah that’s funny. I think “ciao” can mean hello and goodbye, Me. Yay Behemoth cover! I want it!

  2. Yay for Bohemoth! (Random Fact: We learned about some philisphe in Global who had a Leviathan theory or something like that? It’s Age of Absolutism, but anyway, I freaked out because I’m that much of an idiot.)

    Looks like Heith Thompson.

  3. Totally voted for Deryn!
    but that reminded me to check into the Maze Runner – heard of it before, maybe here, and it sounds mad-interesting.

  4. Whaddaya know, I’ve been to Giggleswick as well–back in high school, I got be friends with an exchange student from there, and I wound up visiting him when I was in England a few years back. Cute little place, yeah? Yeah.

  5. Well, we were all planning on destroying the country…and then we figured you would be upset, so we decided not to. 🙂

    I want to go to Giggleswick and The Unicorn! Also, that ginourmous poster was amazing! You must have been really happy with that.

    And I think that the people who were upset with the US paperback cover will like this version better. I think I do; it’s more reminiscent of the hardback, but it still has a life of its own.

    I’m SO EXCITED for the Behemoth cover!!!!

  6. oooooh, the UK cover looks great! Nothing has been changed too much but still something new. Please tell me that the computer made a mistake and it really says Keith Thompson…

  7. Wow, giggleswick is such an awesome name for a place, I wonder where the name came from.

  8. Hey Icynotbubbly, your right about “ciao”, but if you look it up on google, you find some weird answers.

  9. I tried voting, but I don’t live in the UK! Therefore, I don’t live in any of the provinces. Therefore, I cannot register…

  10. how come my school never gets visited by famous people? i think the most famous person ever to set foot on the campus was jane schaffer who came up with the jane schaffer writing program, which doesnt even count, really.

  11. So excited for the Behemoth cover! And, of course I voted for Deryn. It was tough to pick between her and Cassel from The Curse Workers, though. 🙂

  12. Wow, you do get some weird answers for the word “ciao.” Movies, magazines, oraganizations. Columbia International Affairs Online. CIAO. Interesting. Very interesting.

  13. wow what beautiful trip the unicorn looks so sweet. Congrats Deryn!! 🙂 it makes me proud…i wish i was canadian so i could vote.

    can’t WAIT for Behemoth cover!!!!!!

  14. Hey Scott, do you have any other pictures from your trip? The three you put up are so cool, especially since one has the word giggleswick in it.

  15. The scenery over yonder is nice! 🙂 It sort of reminds me of northern Wisconsin when I visited there last summer. It’s so beautiflu, but it gets kinda old when my mom stops the car for the billion and first time to hop out of the car to take a picture of MORE TREES! %) But it still is very beautiful.

  16. Haha Giggleswick… I love how they show you the way out.
    I’m glad Deryn was nominated. I heart her.

  17. I care about all of your random things you say the OTHER Tally Youngblood (be afraid…)

    I just finished reading the midnighter series again!!!!!!! SO HAPPY ABOUT THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. What I meant to say is that I just finished the book series. (First time reading them)

  20. Guess what tommorow is……………………….. National Chocolate Pudding Day( for the U.S) Isn’t it such a weird holiday?
    (I know that was random but I’m incredibly bord.)

  21. Really? National Chocolate Pudding day? I ate pudding the other day (chocolate and vanilla). o.o

  22. Yay for Deryn! Too bad I’m not Canadian, I would DEFINETLY vote for her if I were. That sounds like a cool trip Mr. Westerfeld, especially the Gigglewick part. I do have a quetsion, you said you woulod release the Behemoth cover very soon, when is very soon? I’m just dying t see the cover, Leviathan was so good!

  23. Never mind my question, I guess I’ll simply have to wait and find out! (I’m so excited!)

  24. It is now the 26th in the U.S, so happy National Chocolate Pudding Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. That’s so wonderful! I’ve been in the UK for the past week and a half. It’s so lovely here… for the most part. London is hard to get used to for those of my group not used to city life.

    The problem is, I seem to be one of the few who gets annoyed by all the touristy stuff. All my best moments here have been when I get to explore on my own. I’ve meet so many great friends and seen so much. I also stopped by Stratford-Upon-Avon for a few days. (It’s a theatre class so we are doing a lot of Shakespeare related activities, including visiting his birth place) For the first two days, we explore pretty much the whole town. My friend and I noticed that one street was just filled with themed shops and too much people so we turned right back around and never looked back. There’s actually an antique shop we stopped by so much that the lady there knows us by name. Of course, on the last day our Professor made us go to the tourist area and it was the least fun I had there and the most expensive. Luckily, we had time to escape and spent time in the park where I got attacked by geese. It was awesome.

    And I rambled like crazy so I’ll end this post now!

  26. Scott, you ninny! Why can’t you write faster? I am so obsessed with your books! How many books are you planning in writing in the Leviathan series! Oh gosh I love you Scott! Keep writing! I loved Uglies too!

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