Comic Con Interview

One of the cool things about going to San Diego Comic Con was that Keith was there too. Our work on Leviathan has all been by email, so this was a great chance to meet many awesome people and check out a huge dealers’ room full of art books and toys.

We also sat down for an interview with Suvudu. We were in a crowded hotel lobby, so I recommend headphones, but I think it turned out wonderfully. Because Keith and I haven’t spoken much face to face, it’s still kind of fresh for us to talk about our work.

Click this image to go to the Suvudu page, and check out all three parts if you have the time.


More about Comic Con soon, and thanks for you suggestions!

23 thoughts on “Comic Con Interview

  1. Awesome! Its too bad I missed y’all at comic con, but I look forward to seeing you at another event. I look forward to seeing the two other parts of the interview.

  2. Sounds like you had fun at Comic-Con! I’m still upset I couldn’t make it. But anyway, I loved your Spiderwick reference there. Now I’m upset I never bought the Field Guide. XD And I absolutely can’t wait for Behemoth and Goliath!! <3

  3. Did you have a ton of fun at comi-con? I’m so happy! I jut finished Leviathon and it was great!

  4. Wonderful interview! Thanks for giving us a little look into your work and Comic Con. Sounds like a blast.

  5. Awesome interview! I didn’t know Deryn was taller than Alek. Can’t wait for Behemoth!!!

  6. “The book as an object” (Keith Thompson)

    Yes, that’s what I think would be lost if the covers didn’t match and if the more crowded covers (which are good on the soft covers) were used on the hardcovers now.

    Also, it was really interesting to watch the interview, because I think I learned a lot from hearing about both of your experiences collaborating. There is a lot more interchange back and forth between BOTH of you that I never took into consideration enough. It really is an applicable concept, so I’m glad I saw that!

    @ Bookworm 1000
    I think I most definitely would be a Darwinist Clanker.

  7. @ Cynthia

    Yes, that’s interesting! In fact, I was trying to figure out the original word it came from (sometimes English transliterations get confusing), and when I saw this quote, it dawned on me:

    “Behemoth derives from the Hebrew b’hemoth” (

    Lol, b’hemot means animals, usually domesticated.

  8. @Bookworm 1000
    oooo… That’s a hard question. I love being around animals, but I love working with my hands building stuff. Probably lean more toward Darwinist.

  9. @ Bookworm 1000,
    I was thinking Darwinist since that represents the Allies but I like the Clanker machines too… hmm…uuuh… you know what? I’m gonna be Spain and declare myself neutral. I wonder if Scott-la’s gonna write about the U.S. They’d be Darwinists too right? But they don’t come in till 1917….

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