Fan Art Friday

Check this out:

Deryn and Alek, medium

I actually commissioned this image from Allison B. Thomas, whose work I’ve been following for a while. Since I always refer to Keith’s style in Leviathan as “Victorian manga,” I thought it would be cool to see the characters in a real manga style.

It’s cool how the clothing above (wind-swept, as always in manga) feels almost as detailed as in Keith’s incredibly fine-lined work. It’s a great translation from one style to another, which my favorite thing about fan art. It’s kind of like alternate history, art-style. (Or something like that)

But seriously, go check out Allison’s other work.

Here’s a piece from Haley A., in the great tradition of the Uglies series cover redux:
fan art 1

I love how many people have sent me images of themselves as Tally. It’s an interesting form of character identification—Tally as everygirl.

And finally we have a rare piece of The Last Days fan art from Katja K.:
fan art2


And by the way, if you’ve sent me fan art and it hasn’t appeared, please send it again! Just make sure to use the term “fan art” in the subject line. I seriously get a lot of email and stuff gets buried.

Okay, back to finishing Goliath. More on the tour soon.

35 thoughts on “Fan Art Friday

  1. Gah. I’m so jealous of Allison B. Thomas’ drawing skills. Seriously, that is amazing!

    Also, I just thought I would mention that a while back I started a deviantart group for Midnighters fanart. It wasn’t really very “active” until the last couple of weeks or so, but there has been a lot of art submitted there lately. Not sure if you’ve seen any of it or not, so I thought I’d leave a link, just in case. 🙂

  2. Yayyy <3

    Thanks for putting my face on your blog, Scott. I think I should do some more hand-art soon…More Uglies? probably. Maybe I should try Midnighters or Leviathan next…

    At any rate, thanks for all the art to look at! Very cool.

  3. Wow. again- I’m so jealous of all your artistic skills. I actually drew something this week but I need to fix some stuff so hopefully it’ll be ready this week…

    I love how everyone views themselves as Tally. she’s an awesome character. but I think truly deep down I’d love to be like Shay- just that wild and unruly passion for everything she goes for…

    anyways awesome job Haley, Katja and Allison! Love your artwork!

  4. Awsome art everyone!

    Is it sad that when I saw the Leviathan art I pracially yelled “Yes! Her outfit is brown! That means I can reuse one of my cosplays for Leviathan”
    Yes. I’m a nerd. ^_^

  5. This was kewl. I loved seeing them in manga form, and I too enjoyed the various other fan art you posted.


  6. Great fan art, as usual. The manga is awesome. I’m going to have to reread The Last Days so I can better remember the characters.

    And “back to finishing Goliath”? Hooray!!!

  7. omg, Scott-la, I luvz the Uglies fan art!!! Awesome job, Haley!!! oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!! Goliath!!!! Yay!!! Can October 5th come any quicker?!

  8. yeah, cool art. fan art fridays are my fave.

    and, as usual, scott, why arent you/when are you coming to seattle? this is the third or fourth blog entry i have commented on with this question, so hopefully if i continue for long enough, you will eventually notice and answer me. once again, not selfish, not attention-seeking, i just want to know. i love your books.
    thank you,

  9. I didn’t mean to post that comment. I’m not done commenting yet. Anyways….. OCTOBER 5TH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and uh……

    моментальный файлообменник
    what does your post mean?

    Oh! Happy September 18th everybody!!!!!

  10. K listen Jessi, that post you can translate, but do not translate ANY posts like that because it sends a huge virus to your computer!!!!!!!! (I learned that from…… well I don’t remember who but it was on a previous post.)

  11. Ginya-wa –

    Unfortunately, Scott doesn’t get to pick where he gets to go on his book tours. Which is probably good for him, because otherwise if he went to where all of us wanted him to go, he’d be pretty busy traveling for the next four years. 😀

  12. thank you , haley-rae. i didn’t know that. you are very right. if i had to choose between more tour stops, or goliath actually being finished, i would definitely (gah! i cannot spell that word) pick goliath. it might be the publisher who organizes the tours. hmmmm, wonder?

    i like your uglies cover remakes 🙂

  13. ok, ya’ll, this is super off-topic, but I just remembered to ask, so please don’t get mad at me 🙂
    Does anyone know who the people are on the cover of Pretties? I’ve heard that it’s Shay and Zane, but….why?

  14. Thumbs up to you, Scott, for supporting artists and commissioning!
    Hannah: I always thought it was Tally and David, as the guy didn’t really look pretty enough. Still, why? I don’t know.

  15. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i just finished that series and you nailed it head on way to go u rock major awesomeness to scott and the fan who drew this of them i especially luv minervas look!!!!! w2g (my bff made that up means way to goooo!!!!!!) (theres hand motions to three fingers on forehead then two then point away on go!!!!) luv this pic! :p:. to all u artist like this dude or dudet (haha) plz send those pix cause u will get lots of praise so god bless yall and yalls art (can YALL tell im country) luv u (like a bro or sis) <3

  16. Thanks abby green!! I love the Last Days and even drew and painted this picture on a poster sized piece of paper!

  17. about the uglies covers:
    i always imagined the female model on the covers to be tally, and the guy on the pretties to be zane. i say it’s zane because he doesn’t have a scar in his eyebrow like david does, and his appearance is much prettier than rugged, like david would be. he has symmetry, high cheekbones, shining eyes – definitely a Pretty. must be zane.


  18. Hello this was a great article. I found your blog on yahoo and am glad I did. I was looking for a way to subscribe but couldn’t see one? Thanks for the post, hope to hear back from you. cheers

  19. Hey! Hope you can finish the “Goliath” soon!!! I’m dying to read it!!! LOVE THAT FAN ART!!! I feel jealousish about the art!!! I wish I can draw that well and if any of you peeps need more translation on russian I’m glad to be of service here since I know russian well… KEEP WORKING ON THE BOOK!!! CAN’T WAIT FOR ITS RELEASE!!!

    P.S: What happened to Deryn’s brother??? What’s he doing???

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