Leviathan in France/More Behemoth Art

Salut à tous mes fans de France! Merci pour votre visite. Le premier livre de ma nouvelle série, Leviathan, sort en publication aujourd’hui en France. Cette trilogie a des merveilleuses illustrations de Keith Thompson. (Jetez un coup d’oeil ici.) J’espére que cela vous plaira!

Cliquez ici pour gagner une copie gratuite.

Okay, that was a shout-out to my French fans. Leviathan comes out there today, so I wanted to say hi.

But there’s news for you anglophones as well: More art from Behemoth has just been released into the wild! Just check out this post on io9.

In other news, the Miami Book Festival has been added to my tour schedule. So see you Floridians on Sunday, November 21. Also added is Lemuria Books in Jackson, MS on October 13.

Note that tomorrow is fan art Friday, with much awesomeness in store.

And finally, here’s the poster for my Pittsburgh event. See you all Pittsburghian fans in three weeks!

PROOF #2    westerfeld_poster

26 thoughts on “Leviathan in France/More Behemoth Art

  1. I’m in charge of youth literature in the bookstore I work in, and I’ve been following your work since a long time =)
    I read Leviathan a few days ago and I’m delighted, as ever!
    Most of my young customers already know your books, and I’m sure they’ll love this one too… and the others will discover!

  2. Agaspith! New arts! I can’t wait until Behemoth comes out so I can see them in more detail!
    @Amy- Looks like a dead body to me.

  3. Bonjour Scott! (it’s the first time I post a reply here)

    Merci d’avoir pensé à nous ! ^^

    Malheureusement, je ne suis pas en France pour le moment. Mais peut-être que j’achèterai la version anglaise pour m’exercer, qui sait ? 😉

  4. how i wish i could speak french! i guess i’ll have to wait 19 more days like my other fellow americans

    I can’t wait for the art tomorrow!

  5. Holy cow! I love this artwork! I wish I could draw things that awesomely terrific with so much detail! If I did that it’d just look like a bunch of smudges.
    @Amy & Robyn La, actually I think I spy TWO dead bodies. One’s just on the edge being dragged by another guy, but then again, it could just be a hostage or something.

  6. Still not my city, oh well. But… Yay! Art! And Dead Bodies! I am excited! OCTOBER 5TH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 19 days left, not counting today! Thank you for posting more Behemoth, Scott!

  7. yup, definatly dead. slightly disturbing. oh well, don’t judge a book by it’s sneak peeks. 23 more days to go.

  8. Scott, you really didn’t think i would give up on my crusade for justice for your Washingtonian fans, did you? Well, I didn’t. today, I added a Seattle visitor website,


    It doesn’t want to be a link, so you will have to Google it.

    The annoying comments will continue until i get a plausible answer for why you are not coming to Seattle. I apologize to all the blog readers who are also bothered by me, but he is completely ignoring the entire northwest quarter of the united states! and the Vancouver CA thingy is over American thanksgiving! this is an injustice that i feel i must resolve.

  9. oh sure, now it’s a link. you can stop me any time scott. all you have to do is answer my question. I’m not trying to be an annoying attention seeker, i just want an answer. please?

  10. Your still coming to Birmingham, Alabama right??? If your goin to Flordia then you’ll be going right over it!!!!!!

  11. How exciting!
    My roommate studies french, and I showed her the first paragraph of your post. She was A) thrilled she could read it perfectly and B) impressed with your decent french, so good job! She wanted to know if you used a translator, or if you studied french at some point? I didn’t remember you ever mentioning in your blog that you studied french, but I could definitely be wrong.
    Wish I could see you on your tour, Scott. Maybe the for your last book…Ziz, right? Did you decide to stick to the popular trio despite the lack of “awesome oblivion” that Ziz brings?
    Anyway, have a great day!

  12. I live in France but I just resently moved here from America and have read Leviathan. I am SUPER excited for the second book, my friend back in America probably will get it for me and sent it to me. I heard you were going to be in Nantes, are you signing books there???? I would like a signed copy of Behemoth (if I get it in time)!!

  13. haha i just recently read Leviathan and loved it, and since i barely read it, it wont be long now for me to wait for the Behemoth.

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