Last Day-ish

Behemoth comes out this Tuesday in the US, and next Tuesday (Oct 12) in Australia!

When it comes out, I’ll be putting up a Spoiler Comments Thread. The actual post won’t have spoilers, but do NOT click the comments unless (a) you’ve already read Behemoth or (b) you want your brain to explode.

Don’t believe me? Just ask the people who accidentally read the Specials spoiler thread. (Mwah-hah-hah.) And no, this doesn’t mean that anyone is necessarily going to DIE or anything in Behemoth. But stuff happens, you know?

In other news, shortly after the book comes out in the US, this countdown timer will start counting down again to a date in early November. “But what is the significance of this date?” you ask.

That is currently a secret. But it will be FUN.

Just click “SHARE” and the “COPY” to put the embed code on your clipboard.

55 thoughts on “Last Day-ish

  1. omg leviathan was soooooooooooo awesome!!! i cant wait till i can read behemoth. yo scott-la, were DID u get inspiration for it? i could NEVER think up something that amazingly awesome. You rock!

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