Still on Tour . . .

ALERT! Behemoth is out NOW in Australia. Enjoy!

I’m heading off to Texas, but I wanted to share some cool reviews, interviews, and images from the Behemoth tour so far. In no particular order:

You can now download Behemoth, read by the awesome Alan Cumming, as an audio book! Click to download from Audible or iTunes.

Check out this guest post I did for Figment, about the art of the Leviathan series.

And here’s another post I did for the Steamed blog, which is cool for all things steampunk.

Here’s an interview with me at Eve’s Fan Garden.

And here’s a slightly spoilery review of Behemoth at Boing Boing.


But I’m also on tour, so if you live in . . .
Austin, TX
New Orleans, LA
Alpharetta or Decatur, GA
Raleigh, NC
Cincinnati, OH
Ft. Thomas, KY
Naperville, IL
Novi or Ann Arbor, MI
Provo, UT
Nantes or Paris, France
Miami, FL
or Vancouver, Canada . . .
Then please check out my Appearances page for when I’ll be near you.

Right now, there are exactly a hundred comments on the Behemoth spoiler thread. Maybe we should keep going there for book discussion, and use this thread to talk about the interviews or whatever.

And now, because I missed Fan Art Friday, here are some fan art images from the tour!

First, a great life-size version of Alek, which greeted me at River Dell Middle School.


And here’s Deryn, me, and the artists! (Sorry I forgot your names!)


And the drawing on the left was given to me at a signing in Pennsylvania by Patrick. It’s modeled on a real WWI propaganda poster, but changed to show Clanker sensibilities!

IMG_0039 copy

49 thoughts on “Still on Tour . . .

  1. I laughed so hard at the bottom propoganda. I love that someone did this, my World History class had a discussion about it and lets just say things got…odd. XD
    Now I want to draw fanart…darn it.

  2. Ahhh! Explosion of behemoth! SO awesome. I’m glad the tour is going splendidly. <3 Victorian manga! I love seeing the different styles between clankers and darwinists in the drawings.
    Love the interviews too! (team shay and team zane forevverr)

    And artists of life-size Alek and Deryn WAY TO GO. reallly cool.

    keep having fun out on tour! and thanks for sharing with us

  3. I want to read the interviews, but i’m afraid of pesky spoilers! i feel bad, having only just got the book and having not started it yet! i will read the interviews though when i am sure they won’t ruin the story for me!

  4. This is fabulous! I wish Scott would come to Las Vegas! I feel so alone out here because most authors and publishers don’t view Las Vegas as a type of place where a lot of people value reading, books, and literature (which is sadly true. Not even my friends read a lot. I mostly get laughed at for reading. And being clumsy…) I, too, love fan art because it really depicts how other readers imagine the characters to look. Everyone has a different idea of how a character looks, so it’s really cool when people express their ideas!

  5. That Alek and Deryn are awesome! Scott, come to MY school!!!!! If you do we’ll have tons of awesome stuff for you!!!! (Yea, sorry again that I can’t actually tell you what my school is….)

  6. Uhhhggg!!!! I bought me a copy of Behehmoth Saturday and so far I’ve got food on it and left it my friends locker!!!!! I wouln’t have it to read tonight!!!!! I am like soooo unorganized and forgetfull!!!!! πŸ™

  7. YES!!!!! Yes yes yes yes! Birmingham is back on the schedule! Re-submitting my formerly un-submitted submittal for vacation from work as soon as I hit submit.

  8. πŸ™‚ can’t wait to get it now its finally here!!! (I have to wait till the weekend) but im hoping my mum will get it for me sometime while im at school.
    P.S the gray beard looks awesome

  9. @ Books Before Boys
    Love your name!!!!!!!!!!
    I just got home from talent show audtitions!!!! So nervous about if I’m getting in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Hi. I did the propaganda poster at the bottom. I couldn’t stop smiling when I saw that it was posted. Yes, I really did it! I gave it to Mr. Westerfeld in a Ziploc bag after asking about the reason Newkirk was created.

  11. hey scott,
    on tour will you be able to sign books that we bring? like if i wanted to bring my books from your other series would you have time to sign them?

  12. Yes! I cannot wait to meet you tomorrow! (psst! my name is Lauren, so you know how to spell it) Will Justine be there? and how many signatures can you do? (I own eight of your books)

  13. I went to see you in Houston!
    Sadly I didn’t get any books signed because I already have all of them and the bookstore said we needed to buy one to get a signature. Oh well.
    I really want to read thes tory about the Demon in space that solves crimes. XD

  14. As a poor college student who left Austin to go to school, I am kind of astounded at how much happens once I leave. So many author, so many bands! Clearly, the answer is to pack up all my stuff in black garbage bags and move back home, right? Right?!

    stupid college.

  15. Ahhhhh!!!!! Behemoth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I have the song airplanes stuck in my head.

  16. I saw you in Allen last night! I didn’t get anything signed because I already own ten of your books, but it was still very awesome to get to hear you talk about how Leviathan and Behemoth came to be!

  17. Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  18. ah, havent been on here in forever. so much homework this year. i havent read leviathan yet, but i want to. i have a question though. scott, will you ever write a fifth Uglies book?

  19. YAY!(: Alpharetta, here i come! With my dumb friend who hasn’t even read leviathan OR behemoth…but wants to come cause shes read the Uglies series and, OF COURSE, loved it(:

  20. Scott,
    I is going to be in Alpharetta, is their a limit to how many books can be signed or anything like that?

  21. -floats through the internet- Lilit DOES rule, as is now written in my book! -floats out-

    -pokes head back in- And….and…NaNoWriMo… Now… now you should do NaNoWriMo so when I forget and ask about it again I won’t sound like a Dummkopf… -back out-

    -back in- Thanks for coming to Austin! Austin loves you! So you should come here more often! We don’t even have a proper winter, so it’s decent all year round! -out for good-

  22. @bookworm 1000

    Thank you for the compliment! Actually, during the summer, I made my first comment on this blog and and I used the username Bookworm. I had no clue that it was yours and you gave me a comment not to use the name bookworm. I’m a bit of a shy frady cat (sometimes), so I didn’t comment. Then I changed it! πŸ™‚

    I really wish I could buy Behemoth, but I can’t because on my last book haul, I got so many books that my mom said “no more for a while”. Man… I wonder if it’s been a while yet…..

  23. Mr Westerfeld i’m sorry to say but Behemoth is actually not yet out in Australia πŸ™ I’m so depressed, I’ve been waiting forever!!!

  24. AUSTIN LOVES YOU! (But so does San Antonio, so come check us out sometime =D Book signing and presentation were awesome, btw!)

  25. oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh Scott-la your beard is awesome! B) any *UGLIES MOVIE* news?????

    (please please have Uglies news!!!)

  26. My Bestfriendiversary is tomorrow, and I still am not done with my scrapbook!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What am I to do????

  27. The 10/11 episode of Castle (Punked) is about Stem-punk! It doesn’t show up until the middle of the show, but the costumes and the world they created is so cool! You all should watch it just for that part.
    Warning: It’s a detective show so there is a dead body and little blood. Not much. Just where the guy was shot.

    I hope you see this, Scott

  28. Hi Scott. I LOVED meeting you again. I was the one in the red hat with the weird name(: You met me in Pittsburgh and last year in DC! I really need to send you some art. It would make my day-no wait-my WEEK if you posted it!

    Thank you for patiently signing my 11 books.

    Behemoth was wonderful by the way and I am having trouble waiting for the next book!

    And don’t worry, I’ll see you on tour next year too. I’ll make sure of that.

    Now I really need to stop procrastinating and do my math homework.

  29. @marygenla
    haha you made him sign 11 books!! lol poor scotts hand must be so sore…
    P.S still waiting for my copy of Behemoth to arrive… it’s killing me!!

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