France Is Next

I’ll be in France the next couple of weeks, so here’s my schedule there:

Utopiales Festival
Nantes, France

Jeudi 11 Novembre
13 h 00 pm : conférence : Littérature adulte et Littérature jeunesse : Quelles frontières
14 h 00 pm: dédicace

Vendredi 12 Novembre
10 h 00 am : conférence avec les jeunes lecteurs
11 h 15 am : interview en anglais par des adolescents
16 h 30-18 h 00 pm : Conférence
18 h 00 pm : Dédicace

Dimanche 14 Novembre
11 h 30 am: conférence : L’Uchronie : un genre européen ?
13 h 30 pm : Rencontre
après-midi : dédicaces

Apparition Publique à Paris, France
Mardi le 16 Novembre
16 h-18 h
Virgin Megastore
Centre commercial des Quatre Temps
92 La Défense
Métro: Grande Arche de la Défense

Also, So Yesterday is out in Italian now, under the awesome title Fashion Killers.


That’s the busiest cover for SY in a while, but it’s kind of cool.

And here’s a video review in Italian:

Ganked from here

Can anyone translate this? To do so would make me happy.

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  1. Vous parlez français? Or are you speaking English at a French festival?

    Wish I could translate the review for ya, but my Italian only extends as far as “baigno? grazie.” ^_^

  2. I know for sure “libro” means “book”
    bonne chance en france
    and qualcuno sa tutte le parole piu in quel video?

  3. Aww, this just lowered my self esteem. I know italian but she talks way too fast for me to catch anything with my slow foreign ears 🙁

  4. wow. all of those places have such pretty fancy names. much better than ‘jamestown’ or ‘hollywood’. love the cover, much more people would probably buy that here if it were that. maybe. also i just could NOT stop giggling when that italian lady jumps on the screen with her headphones speaking (at least to me) complete gibberish. oh how my cheeks hurt now!

  5. Ohw! It’s stupid you’re in France while I have school in Belgium!
    I would have come if it was possible.

    So yesterday is unfountable in Belgium, Do you know if I can buy somewhere else? Thank you! 🙂

  6. I wish I lived in France, then I could get to see you… oh well, there will hopefully be more chances!
    If you want the video translated you could just write down the words then put them into Google translate…

  7. My friend’s friend from pre-school lives in France! Dang it, I wish I knew her… I could spontaneously visit while you’re there if I had the money…

  8. Bookworm-how would he translate it, u can barely her wat she’s saying
    EPIC PONE SUPER MEGA FOXY AWESOME HOT cover, I’d buy that 4 sure…and the Fashion Killers so true!!!

    Italian III is not preparing me for this.
    All I got was that it was “Book Hour”, she talked about a few other books your wrote, gave the summary. She talked about the plot a lot. And she liked it.
    …Yeah. I’m never gonna be a translator.

  10. Hahah lol I do know Italian but she talks so fast and it takes me along time to process Italian into English in my brain. sorry cant help you (wish I could)

  11. Weird. Last night, my time, I tried three times to post my digest of the Italian vid, but it wouldn’t post.
    The lady, who says she’s had the pleasure and honor of meeting you before – and has emailed some questions in hopes of a written interview – likes your lively and incisive style (quoting from memory this morning!), that pervades all your books regardless of genre. And yes, she gives a rather detailed plot outline (I’m not saying spoilers).
    As far as I’m concerned, I’ll gladly bring my audiobooks -and be living proof you have readers in your own age range- if your Paris appearance includes a signing.

  12. It must be amazing to have a chance to go to a foreign country, see foreign land, eat foreign food, see foreign cultures, etc. I wish I could be just as fortunate! I’d be lucky to get a even little bit closer to the border of another place.

    Have you studied any foreign cultures from any of the places that you’ve visited? That would very interesting to hear about!

  13. @Madi-La
    Well I said that before I watched the video, but if you were like Artemis Fowl, you could slow it down and then type the words into Google translate it… but if you were Artemis Fowl you would understand the video… mwhahahahahahahaha!

  14. Hi!
    This is my translation of the video.

    Hi everyone, my friends, good afternoon and welcome to our usual meeting with “Book Hour”. As I preannounced in the episode of “Mybookshelftour” that I have published this morning, I want to present a novel that I have just read and that is out since short time in our book stores, from an author that we already had the honour and, I add, the pleasure, to read and know in other pubblications. I’m talking about Scott Wèsterfeld (or Westèrfeld) with Fashion Killers, a book inserted in Lain series, a series for young adults.
    This novel costs 18,50 euro, for 268 pages. The author, in Fashion killers, takes the distance from paranormal and urban fantasy, for giving to us a new story, but, in the same time, he keeps his fresh and incisive style, that caracteryze him, with that irony sometime-sweet sometime-sharp that makes everything more tasty.
    It talks about cool hunters, trend setters, consumers, troublemakers and innovators, in a world where the trends don’t born from thereselfs and where they follow precise rules, where everything is settled, and where we, common mortal beings, became trend setters of some trends that spread like epidemic, that became the styles of the century, of the year or of the moment.
    The protagonist of this novel has the job to bring to light possible new trends and way of being, starting from things like a simple pair of shoes laced in a particular way and weared by a girl that looks like an innovator.
    But it takes a good sense of sight, a good instinct, a lot of attention and a lot of courage, because investing in a new style takes a lot of risks.
    Hunter, that’s the name of the protagonist, has all the requirements for being a good hunter. However, the boss (she’s a woman) of this secret association of cool hunters , suddendly and misteriously disappears. A lot of serious problems start for Hunter, beacuse he gets caught in a situation more big than him, and he (probably) misunderstands a lot of things, and the story became more complicated, however (I don’t want to reveal something) in the ending he discovers the truth.
    I liked a lot the way to combine varoius situations, thousands of different scenes, and (I repeat) I found the author that I used to know, that has thrilled me whit his novels, whit his narrative style. With this novel, he doesn’t contradict himself. Scott Westerfeld is a guarantee.
    I sended a mail to Scott asking for a written interview (not for a video) and now I’m hopefully waiting for an answer. I’m hoping for a positive answer.
    Now I conclude this video review that ( I admit) is very indefinite, but this novel is so special that it doesn’t need too much details. Let the curiosity capture you and run to the book store, flip through the pages and decide. If you read this book, write to me your impressions!
    I say hello to everyone, it’s all for now, see you again with my video reviews, I hope that you will pass a good evening.
    Bye bye friends, bye bye!

  15. I am in Nantes at thé moment in a electonics store not so far way from thé convention! Seein you soon!!!!

  16. ‘So Yesterday’ is the only book of yours I haven’t read yet. I’m actually commenting on this post because it’s at the top of the page and I just had to think that maybe, just maybe, I could actually send my words to you. I have to say that you are absolutely brilliant! I am almost 32 years old. Omg I’m so much older than the rest of your commenters. 😉

    It all started with an audio book review of ‘Uglies’ last year. I was intrigued and downloaded it from iTunes. Talk about hooked. I was so grateful I could move right on through the series, as long as money permitted.

    For some reason I kept balking on ‘Leviathan’. Maybe because the description sounded more adult? Even though I’m in my thirties, your books are perfect for me. I got terribly disgusted by all the adult themes in the books written more for my age. Where am I going with this?

    I downloaded ‘Leviathan’ after I noticed that the follow up had just been released. Ah, so it is a series. As soon as ‘Leviathan’ was done, I downloaded ‘Behemoth’. Wow!!! Just wow. Last night I googled you and found this site and this morning I read through quite a few of the comments on the ‘Behemoth’ spoiler thread. I got misty reading the things your readers are saying. I love how well they write. I love how they talk about how they must study but just had to read.

    In this day and age, a lot of teen issues are scary making. However, this site has allowed me to see that good teens really do still exist. I’m so glad they have an author such as yourself to fall in love with, not only reading a fantastic tale, but getting history too. Even lessons in parasitology. 😉

    I was also happy to figure out the spelling for Deryn and Alek. Did I get Deryn right? Since I’m blind and listen to audio books, spelling is never clear.

    I just love your work. I’m so glad to have discovered you so I could move away from adult books. I never thought I’d find anything better than ‘Harry Potter’ but alas, I have. When ‘Behemoth’ was over I went right back and started ‘Leviathan’ again.

    You are barking awesome! Thank you!!

    Oh and Giovanni, awesome translation, thank you!

  17. Ro, being at least 15 years older than Scott’s other fans isn’t as “weird” as this one fan of Angie Sage’s who’s 62…. but awesome for you, at least you know you’re reading good books!!!

  18. Yeah Angie Sage wrote the Septimus Heap book series, it’s a lot like Harry Potter bu waaaaaaaayyyy better!!!

  19. Ooooh I’m gonna have to check that out. Maybe they have it on iTunes. I need something to fill the time between now and October haha!

  20. jillian is right if your going to but something on the www talk slow-ly
    i talk about as fast as that sometimes but if it’s recorded i make sure it slower

  21. nooooo! no evil laughs!
    I can’t get on!
    this is driving me crazy!
    Am I the only one?
    or is everyone having this proble?

    who is the one we should pester to fix it?….Im missing our 100 page party! >:(

  22. To Ro: I’m 43 and I *love* Leviathan+Behemoth. I was just talked into reading the Uglies series. I’d been a bit worried that I (being who I am) I might find the whole sophistication theme a bit boring, but from what I heard today, my inner Beauty and the Beast* fan may well totally relate to it, on the contrary.
    *(the recurrent theme, not the Disney thing)
    Oh, I almost forgot my primary reason for visiting this page again: to thank Mr. Westerfeld for his appearance and talk (I may be awkward IRL, but I was pleased and honored, just like the Italian lady said in her vid!).

  23. Thanks a lot, Scott, for the interview last monday afternoon in Paris. It was a great moment to meet you. I was really intimidated ( I have forgotten to introduce me to you when I arrived and all the english’s grammaticals rules ! ). I hope that your trip in France is now a nice memory and you feel like coming again 🙂
    Thanks for all.

  24. Claire, I came back here to see if Scott hahd replied, tee hee! I’m glad I’m not the only “non teen” who loves Scott. I just re-read Leviathan and Behemoth again after finishing for the first time and now I feel lost. Think I might go check out Justine’s stuff. 😉

    That’s the nice thing about relying on audio books, instant gratification! 🙂

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