Portuguese Uglies Trailer Rocks

Just got back from France last night, and have TONS of cool photos and videos to share. But I must get them organized first! Give me a day or two.

In the meantime, there are exactly TWO more events in the not-quite-endless Behemoth tour:

Miami Book Festival
w/Darren Shan and Ellen Hopkins
November 20 1:30PM
Prometeo Theatre
(Building 1, 1st Floor, Room 1101)

Vancouver, Canada
November 24 7:00 PM
West Point Grey United Church Sanctuary
4595 West 8th Ave
Come dressed in a Victorian/Steampunk costume to be eligible to win a signed framed print from Leviathan by illustrator Keith Thompson!
Tickets: $5.00 (goes towards the purchase of a book at the event)
Click here for tickets.

Alas, Justine won’t be at either of these events. But she says hi.

And check out this awesome trailer from the Portuguese publisher of Uglies, Vogais & Companhia:

Also, I like this photo from an interview in the French press. (Mmm . . . French press. Must get coffee now.)


This interview with Suvudu at New York Comic Con is also cool, in that I talk for 17 minutes without saying anything stupid:

NYCC Video Interview: Scott Westerfeld from Suvudu on Vimeo.

21 thoughts on “Portuguese Uglies Trailer Rocks

  1. Agreed, I like our cover better. But hurray forgien covers!
    Is it sad that with my slight spanish skills I could read the Portugese trailer and get the basic point?

  2. Impressive! I for one think that the Portuguese cover is trippy. I like it better than ours! It really sets a certain mood for the book. Most covers don’t do that. The cover makes the book scream, “Read me! (I’m purple!)” It’s very futuristic and dangerous. Who doesn’t love a book with a lot of adventure in it? (I applaud the story’s dangerousness 🙂 )

  3. That Portuguese trailer is awesome. I like the cover too, but agreeing with two other commenters, ours is cooler. That French photo of you reminds me of something…. but I can’t quite put my finger on it….

  4. sorry…but…that cover is my favotite ( please don’t kill me mr.president eek) and what song is that???

  5. You all are sooooo right!!!!! I bet that if the cover here looked like that I wouldn’t have such a hard time getting my friends to read the books…

  6. Cool trailer….but grr, who are they to call me imperfect!? 🙂

    And you look so superior in the picture….sort of like a “I know how Goliath ends and you don’t!” sort of look. 😉

  7. BTW, I think that you look better without a beard than with a beard… not that you don’t look…. well normal with a beard, you look more like “I’m such a cool author and I know how all of my books will begin and end, and oh yeah, if you ever make me mad, I’ll set my book characters on you!!!! Mwhahahahahahaha!!!!!”
    You seriously look like that without the beard…

  8. I just found this cool song that talks about instanbul called well Istanbul by tiny tools any who read this should watch it it’s really good.=) xD

  9. FAWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! That trailer was icy as heck and the purple cover is SWEET! I think our US cover matches the story better. But I like that cover! So Purple and futuristic!

  10. I am a HUGE fan of your Leviathan trilogy, well what is out of it so far. I would LOVE it if you were to make a movie out of the books, under the conditions that you make sure they stick to the actual book for the story line. (Don’t let it become Eragon, great book turned disaster movie.) I have yet to read any of your other books besides the first two of the leviathan trilogy but I will assuredly be going and buying a few more of them, and I will be purchasing Goliath as soon as it hits the shelves. Well there i go being a super-fan. ><

  11. I know I’m late, but I have read the series 2 twice. Specials 3 times going on four….anyway love the cover!!! It’s so cool! Luv the purple!!!!

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