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My Ustream chat is over. But if you missed it, you can watch a recording of it here:


Click here to watch.

And I believe I spaced on one question, about my favorite historical hero from this period. Having thought about it, I would have to say Hugo Eckener. He was the airship captain who flew the Graf Zeppelin around the world in 1929, and who used his national fame to oppose the Nazis while they were in power.

Thanks to everyone who watched and asked questions. Sorry to all of you whose questions I didn’t get to. I tried!

30 thoughts on “Watch the Chat (recorded)

  1. What modern city ended up being the Rusty Ruins in Uglies?

    Who is an author you admire or is your favorite?

  2. When you were writing Leviathan and Behemoth how much information did you actually research and how much of it did you just write off the top of your head?

  3. When you write do you do a lot of research or do you prefer to wing it? (I’m trying to be more general here!)

  4. It is so surreal that he answered my question XD it’s like hearing a celebrity say your name, but better

  5. Thanks for chatting with us Scott!!!!
    my final question was:
    why could all your books/series be twilight zone episodes?

  6. A-are you serious? I don’t even get home till 3:30, Pacific time…
    I hate being three hours behind the rest of the world. /sob

  7. Wow, it’s not even the third over here…
    When I got on here today at school when I could, this post wasn’t up, and when I just got on I almost hypervenilated from excitement!!!
    I really wish I could have seen your chat but I didn’t want to make my mom think that I was obbsessed with your books and stuff, because she has thought that before. I mean I love reading and going to authors blogs and such, but my mom is starting to think she might have to keep me away from books. Which of course is something most parants will never have to do with their kid, so sometimes my mom asks herself, “Why me???”
    Hahahahahahahaha Hehehehehehehehehehe Hahahahahaha!!!!

  8. Zombie apocolypse mode????? Seroiously???????? And how can you not like jeans????? Do you know hos many times I laoughed during that video chat????? My little sister watched like the first 9 minutes with me then she walked out of the room because she did’t understand why I kept laughing and saying random things she didn’t understand…
    That was sooooo awesome and now I noticed something, alomst and theoreticallly all of your book sereis are trilogies… don’t you fond that kinda strange????
    I want to hear the story of how Justime proposed to you… that sounds awesome!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  9. Can’t wait 2 watch it and c u Scottsters!!! I’ve got stupid Pacific time… So I wuz still in school *bursts into uncontrollable sobs* but don’t fell 2 bad cuz I also missed Glee…

  10. it is the best book i’ve read so far but i havent read much only on page 132 and can’t wait to get to the end if you havent read it read it its very important peace lol

  11. Hey Scott –

    Thanks so much for chatting with us! It was excellent to see the “person” side of the only author whose entire volume of work is on my “favorite books” list. I love your style, your ideas, and what your stories stand for. You’ve done more than a little to fuel my writing dreams.

    As a fellow author, I was encouraged by your answer to my question about new vs. original ideas. I think you’re right that people don’t really want “new” ideas, just new tellings of old tales. What you’ve done with the idea of illustrated books is a brilliantly original-yet-classic spin on literature, and it’s sparked some original ideas for me. So thanks again.

    Amanda C. Thompson

    P.S. You really should get Miyazaki to make the Leviathan books into movies! He keeps saying he’s done making movies but I bet you could convince him… you two seem like kindred spirits.

  12. Oh…. The social stuff just to ask questions… oh well. But I wtached this recorded thing, It was cool! Almost as good as it would have been watching it the first time! (I would assume.)

  13. if the leviathan reaches Japan will the charecters get to eat anything raw/tasty e.i. odon,tempura,sashimi ect.? SQUEE!

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