Goliath for Shelterbox

So after my lengthy post about the process between first draft and publication, many of you took the opportunity of my mentioning advanced reader’s copies of Goliath to beg for said ARCS. Well, I don’t do my own publicity, thus staying above the fray of people asking for free books, but for once I’ll make an exception . . .

Go donate to @maureenjohnson’s #lastlittleshelterbox campaign on Twitter, or via her blog post here, and you’ll be in the running win a Goliath ARC.

Plus, you’ll be helping get shelter to people who, thanks to mudslides and earthquakes, are sleeping under rainy skies tonight. This is a good thing.

More cool stuff soon.

18 thoughts on “Goliath for Shelterbox

  1. Cool! will do btw when are you going to do fan art i loved the last ones you should do it again that was awesome!

  2. I donated to shelterbox- it’s a great cause. Thanks for donating the ARC! I know I almost definitely won’t win it or anything, but that’s awesome of you.

  3. I donated as well. I’ve never heard of Shelterbox until I read your blog. Thanks. And it’s really cool how you’re donating a ARC. :]

  4. “More cool stuff soon.”
    What type of cool stuff?????
    Awesome stuff?????
    Strange stuff?????
    Facebook stuff?????
    Twitter stuff?????
    Cool stuff that you don’t want to tell anyone but the awesome people who come on here????
    (I’m anxious, if you couldn’t tell.)

  5. Masquerade- I hope you and your family are okay tonight. (Well, you have internets, so my guess if you’re among the lucky ones.)

    Gary – YES I KNOW.

  6. Oh wow. Thank you so much!

    I’m in Christchurch as we speak. It’s my home, and I am one of the lucky ones who has electricity and water (It was touch and go there for awhile, but we live in the outer suburbs away from the epicenter, so everything came back on) . Twas actually in the middle of town on the third story of a building when it happened. Scary stuff. Half of my beloved city is destroyed, and the body count continues to rise.

    Really, it means so much to not only me, but every single one of us when we see stuff like this. All the offers of help we’ve gotten from around the world have been over-whelming. And now I find that some of my favorite authors have been tweeting and doing stuff like this to get money raised!

    Thank you, so much!! I can’t even describe the gratitude.

  7. I wish I could donate!!! But I have no money 🙁 but it’s really great that you’re doing things for good causes; it’s one thing to be a good author, but to be a good person is an ENTIRELY different thing 🙂

  8. Oh, I must thank you for donating the ARC, because I hadn’t been able to convince my parents to donate until you did that! =)

  9. i do believe that because you posted this on my (and Kristinas) birthday, we should get a little sumfting extra!!! no??? okay then… but hopefully the charity gets lots because everyone wants Goli

  10. scott, i’m not sure if you ever mentioned it before but did you name captain hobbes after thomas hobbes, the dude who also wrote a book called leviathan and said that a state should be like a big whale, acting under one mind?


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