Leviathan Unshelved!

For the second time, the glorious library comic Unshelved has reviewed one of my novels! This time it is, of course, Leviathan. (Long-time readers of this blog may remember their review of Peeps back in 2006.) It is always an honor to be Unshelved, because all your librarian friends think you’re a rockstar when it happens.

Here’s one panel from the comic/review:

Click here to read the rest.

And this review has a bonus aspect, because the guest blogger who created it, Angela Melick, decided to do a SECOND cartoon!

Click here for the rest.

Double awesomeness! So thanks to both the Unshelved crew, Gene Ambaum and Bill Barnes, and to Angela for their continuing support of my books and of libraries everywhere.

Three other things:

1) Don’t forget that Friday, it’ll be time for our monthly reveal of Goliath artwork, this month with added spoilerization.

2) Sydneysiders, don’t forget the Zombies Versus Unicorns debate this Thursday at Kinokuniya bookstore.

3) The rest of you, come hang out at the Westerforum meet-up on April 9/10.

See you Friday!

22 thoughts on “Leviathan Unshelved!

  1. So will this be a totally new artwork?? Or one of the two that we’ve already seen the edges of?

    (also I learned about Angela Melick from a comment on one of your posts last week and I now love her! I’m an engineer too! Thanks for that connection 🙂

  2. Congrats Scott-la!

    I CANNOT wait until Friday! Eeeekkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!! Gah, I’m such a spazz….

    Have I mentioned how excited I am? Ahhhhhh!!!!

  3. Congragulations. It must truly be an honor to have the beauty of your work recognized like that. Keep up the good work. This series is really unique and different from other works of literature that I have encountered. Leviathan is a wonderful trilogy. (Though I must admit that it reminds me slightly of the movie Mulan, which is a great movie by the way.) I can tell that you are passionate about writing.

  4. Thanks for all your praise!

    Hov at comment 3, it will be a new piece of art, that you have seen none of before. Because that’s BETTER, right?

  5. Aw man, I remember the Peeps one! *feels like an old-time reader even despite probably having read it in the archive in, like, 2008 or so and not actually back in the day*

  6. Unshelved was very funny! Especially the Canadian reference at the end. WILL Canada be referenced in Goliath? That would be nice. 🙂

    So excited for Friday!

  7. Yayy!!!!! Oh the glorious Unshelved-ness!
    Congradulations, Scott-la!!!!!

    Oh, and…..
    FRIDAY MUST COME SOONER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Awesome artwork 😀 Hey, speaking of other countries roles in World War One, what’s happening in Russia during alternate 1914 Scott? After all, WW1 was one of the main reasons for the Russian Revolution…

  9. Since I happen to be Canadian, the first one made me laugh. xD The artwork for both is gorgeous. Love them. So glad to see Leviathan gaining such popularity!

  10. Haha, I remember the Peeps comic from back in the day, and this is hilarious!
    I really should get on reading Behemoth because I’m on spring break, I’m so behind… senior year is a killer, though.

  11. I have to agree with the full ending to the first one. I am guessing that there will be no mention to Canada in Goliath 🙁

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